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This Week at the Brennans’

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Brennan family in front of brickwall
Easter Sunday at church.

Hi friends! Happy belated Easter!

Here’s what happened this past week:

We got our oven got replaced! When we first moved into our apartment, we didn’t notice that our oven wasn’t working because the stove top and microwave were working just fine! But one morning after I whipped up some cookie dough, I realized the oven wasn’t getting hot. Fast forward to a few days ago, the landlord decided it would be cheaper to just get a whole new stove than try to pay someone to fix it. So eureka! We have a working oven.

Also arriving this week: our couch! I ordered it  3 1/2 weeks ago and it finally arrived. It’s called the Greyleigh Coffee Sectional and we got it in color Conversation Ivory (more of a light grey than ivory). We really like it and the price was right for us. I shared photos on instagram stories and lot of you thought it was a white couch but it’s actually light grey. We’re hoping the ‘no food’ rule on the new couch really remains in force and will keep it looking lovely. Haha! We love it so far. It’s just the right amount of firm and soft. I think in about a month it’ll get broken in enough to be the couch of our dreams.

Blake Brooke and Eddie posing for the camera
Making resurrection rolls with Grandma early Sunday morning.

The weather in the city has been so warm earlier this week that I’ve been dropping my two oldest off at school and then immediately walking over to central park doing laps around the great lawn. I’ve only done this a handful of times, but its an easy and nice way to get in an extra 2 miles per day. Anything to keep my body moving and this pregnancy healthy! I really love doing this and Eddie loves seeing all the dogs in central park. 

Speaking of pregnancy, I am 19 weeks pregnant with baby boy! Uncomfortable here and there mostly with round ligament pain from my growing belly. Its not terrible, but I do notice it mostly in the evenings when I’ve been on my feet all day and also through the night as I try to readjust myself. I think this eventually goes away once my body eventually gives up on trying to hold this little baby in. Haha! I’ll be sure to do a blog post in the next few weeks, documenting this little boy! We sure do love him.

Kids and Gordon looking for eggs
Hunting for eggs.

This week, I’ve been keeping up with my new posting schedule. Here are the posts you’ve missed: How to cook Bacon in the Oven, Maple Glazed Carrots, Our Disney Cruise and Bahamas vacation and my last This Week at the Brennans’

But I think the biggest news this week is that we flew to Oregon to visit Gordon’s family! We haven’t been back to Oregon since Eddie was 6 months old, so it was about time. We were on the fence for the longest time and decided against it initially, but as Easter approached, we bit the bullet and bought our flights just a few days ago! Surprise!

Brooke and friend standing in front of brick wall
Brooke reuniting with one of her BFF’s since she was two! Such cute girls!!

It’s been so nice to be back here and see how far we have come. See this post for more information incase you don’t know our background. All three of our kids have been in heaven playing with all their Brennan cousins and Gordon and I have loved the low-key quietness that comes in a small town. Also, the multiple kid-free dates!!

Easter was spent going to church, napping (hallelujah for naps!), egg hunts, resurrection rolls, ham, funeral potatoes and lots of candy. Again, my kids are in heaven here! We’re on Spring Break, so we have the whole week to enjoy a taste of our old life. We do love it, but we are grateful for the new life we’ve created in New York and are grateful for the opportunities that have come our way.

Products I mentioned on instagram stories that I’ve been getting asked about: Cetaphil Scrub (love love love this inexpensive, mild exfoliant) and the Peter Thomas Roth Peeling gel (really brightens up the skin by gently removing the very top layer of skin). I use the peeling gel first, followed up by the scrub and it really makes a big difference in the overall texture and clarity of my skin. Things have been touch and go this pregnancy and have loved using these two together every 3 days or so. It’s my magical formula for keeping my skin under control this pregnancy. (I follow up this regiment with Cetaphil lotion. I am a Cetaphil junkie.)

Lauren and Gordon with ice cream
Date night out with this good looking man.
Here’s what is coming up this next week:

More Oregon fun with family! Gordon needs to fly back to New York on Wednesday morning because he has to work, but I’ll be here a few days more with my three littles. I’m hoping to take them back to our Oregon house aka our first house we bought that we fixed up that we brought both boys home to. It was a good one. *sigh*

Maybe catch up with a few friends in Portland and hopefully get some Salt & Straw!

And then fly back home to New York on Saturday.

Hope you all have a great week!!

Any finding an egg
I spy an egg in that tree!

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  1. Lena Boyd

    Oh I’m so pleased you are feeling so well and energetic and enjoying your trip back to Oregon. The children seem to be having a wonderful time and will never forget this vacation and such good times with the cousins.
    Take good care and safe trip home..