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This Week at the Brennans’

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Blake with face paint on

Another one for the books!

Here’s what happened this past week:

I was able to head out to dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a few months! She had lost 25 pound and I had gained probably the same amount! Ha! It was fun to catch up and her to see my baby belly and me to be surprised at how fit and little she was. Hope for the future after baby. Ha!

We went to a restaurant called The Ribbon and it was fabulous! The buffalo cauliflower was the real winner, along with the fried chicken and key lime pie. Everything we ordered was delicious. I think I’ll have to take Gordon out one time this week to try it. So so yummy.

The beginning of the week started with me being sick and by Wednesday I was definitely feeling better, but Saturday night I started getting worse again and woke up Sunday (Mother’s Day) pretty rotten. But I’ll get to that in a hot minute.

A plate of food on a table
Buffalo Cauliflower! SO tasty.
A piece of cake and ice cream on a plate
Key lime pie from The Ribbon. AMAZING.

Friday was filled with lots of errands and running around for Blake’s birthday party on Saturday. I dropped off my two older kiddos at school, went on my 3-mile walk around the park, then headed up to Trader Joes, a party store, Michaels, Chipotle (sustenance), Home Goods and CVS. By the time I reached Chipotle, I felt a few mild contractions which have been happening here and there this past week. After I got some food and water in me and sat down with Ed for a good 30 minutes, things were back to normal and we were ready to finish up our errands.

I can’t tell whether the lifestyle associated with living in New York (aka all the walking) is to blame or just my body giving out on me. I mean, this is my 4th baby I’m carrying and maybe my body is just like “ugh, whatever.” I did notify my doctor, so not much to report there because I can sort of control them with rest, food and drink. Probably just my body telling me to take it easy…which I am.

Speaking of baby, I’m 22 weeks along 🙂 Yay!

Gordon and the kids walking to church in the rain

Blake’s birthday party was a HUGE success with all the kids arriving and leaving with smiles! The bounce house was a hit, but my favorite part was the face painter. Money well spent, lemme tell you. The parents picking up all the kids were so impressed at how professional it looked. I originally saw this face painter at a different birthday party, got her contact info and have been keeping it saved on my phone for 2 years, knowing eventually I would use her. Will totally be hiring her once Eddie gets a little older.

I also made my chocolate cake cupcakes, frosted them with this chocolate frosting and had the kids decorate with other candies after we sang happy birthday to Blake. It was a great way to kill 30 minutes at a 2 hour party and get the kids all hopped up on sugar right before the parents show up to take their kids home. Haha….oops?!

Lauren Eddie and Blake sitting at the table eating

Like I said above, Sunday morning I woke up feeling pretty rotten. I ended up getting up with the kids since Gordon was still dead to the world beside me in bed. I fed the kids breakfast, got my boys bathed for church and started a few loads of laundry. Even though its mother’s day, the chores still need to get done. Even though I was bummed Gordon slept in on Mother’s Day, I had to remind myself that he literally lets me sleep as long as possible every other day of the year. So after a few hours of being ticked off, I got over it and we went to church in the rain.

That evening, I was able to rest, watch the Great British Baking Show and snuggle with my boys in bed while Brooke and Gordon cooked dinner and set up a whole restaurant experience. It was so fun to have them as servers and give us the options they had prepared. Even though I was in pajamas and still coughing, it was very memorable and sweet.

Eddie with face paint on

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Still cooking and baking up a storm, trying to get ahead on my schedule before baby comes. Things are getting delicious up in here.

My two best friends, Amy and Amy are coming into town to visit! YAY! I have seen one Amy here and the other Amy there, but I don’t think we’ve been together since 2011 when we went to a taping of Oprah (which was amazing, by the way).

Man, it’s going to be a party! Hope I’m not coughing anymore by Friday.

Have a great week, friends! xo

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8 Responses
  1. Marilyn Brennan

    So they’re coming this Friday?? I am so happy for you. With your new apartment you can find space for some extra bodies now and then! And the face painting is really professional-looking. The boys look fabulous! Hope you have been feeling better. Take care of yourself!

  2. Gina B.

    Listen to your body and take care. Love the face painting so professional. You are busy I do not know how you do it all. Keep giving us up dates, love hearing from you


    1. Lauren

      After the kids go home. We requested no gifts, but people brought some anyways. Didn’t want those who didn’t bring anything to feel bad.

  3. Brenda Glidewell

    Hi, Lauren I just want comment on your 2 little boys the one in the cat mask is so cute, and your youngest little boy looks like my youngest grandson who is 2 and a here old. Congratulations on the new baby

  4. Lena Boyd

    Hi, hoping you are feeling better. All the walking and it seems you are busy from early morning to night, perhaps you need yo listen to your body and take it just a bit easier, Dr probably will say the same. The party sounds like a real winner.
    Take good care, thanks for the update, love hearing from you.