This Week at the Brennans’

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Family riding bicycles on a path

The last week before summer break has been a nonstop busy-fest for me. I CAN SEE THE LIGHT.

Here’s what happened this past week:

Eddie graduated preschool! This past year, a group of mom friends and I got together, hired a preschool teacher and just rotated through hosting at each of our apartments. We had a cute little ceremony for him and his schoolmates and then had brunch at my house. One more year of school and then we will get him enrolled in elementary school for the pre-k program they offer! He will be SO ready to go by then.

I attended the Summer Solstice Yoga in times square on Friday! Its a free event in the city, you just need to get tickets when they become available. I went last year and it was great! This year was a bit more challenging because I couldn’t do half of the moves, or do modified versions of the same moves. Glad I went and met up with friends though 🙂 Still a fun (free) event!

Eddie with his teacher holding a preschool diploma

Different mornings and afternoons this week, Eddie and I got all sorts of shopping done. He has turned into the best shopping buddy and turns into Mr.Independent when I ask him to help me pick out this or that. Typical Eddie. He is turning more and more into a ham and while sometimes its SO frustrating, most of the time its so stinking cute!

Ultrasound for baby! I got to see my little boy on screen…again! Not sure why I keep getting ultrasounds here, but I do and things are all fine and well. Baby is measuring 2 lbs 11 oz, with his head measuring around 30 weeks. (I just passed the 28 week mark.) He also flipped and is now head down! Hoping he stays just like that until delivery. His weight is certainly picking up steam, so his squirming room is shrinking on him. I also got my rhogam shot because I’m O-negative and Gordon is O-positive. The first three babies all inherited Gordon’s blood type, so I’m curious to see if this little guy follows suit. I’m also borderline anemic, so I need to take MORE iron. I usually always have low iron not being pregnant, so its no surprise that I need to double up on my supplements. Other then that there is nothing to report. Little boy is growing and healthy and for that I am grateful. See the more thorough baby post here I just wrote.

I finally FINALLY got around to getting my hair cut and colored. Eureka, I’m blonde again and it feels so good.

I took my boys grocery shopping on Friday after school while Brooke was at a playdate because Saturday we went to Governor’s Island! Gordon had the day off, so we wanted to do something we all would enjoy. So we took the ferry over to Governor’s Island and rented bikes to ride all around the island. It was AMAZING! We loved it. No cars, tons of bike paths and hardly busy when we got there late morning. We biked over two hours and had a picnic. It was really such a fun thing to do all together. The main reason we wanted to rent bikes was to size Brooke up on a bike and see which size would be best for her (since we will be purchasing bikes in the near future) and to get Blake used to pedaling. We’re hoping when we go to Canada to visit my parents, Blake will learn how to ride a two wheeler. That’s our hope, so we’ll see if we get the weather for it.

Gordon and the kids looking out a window

Once we got back to Manhattan, I took Eddie to a little birthday party and then that night, Gordon and I hosted a small game night for a few couples we wanted to get to know a little better. Making friends slowly!

Sunday evening, my little sister Chelsea showed up ready to party it up! She flew into New York to hang out and see all the things to see here. Also on Sunday evening, Gordon left for Asia! He got a work assignment that sent him out of the country for 8 days, so off he went. We haven’t been apart for quite a while and I forget how much I don’t like being without him. I kinda like that guy 😉

Lauren Blake and Gordon riding bicycles

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

My kids’ last day of school. FINALLY summer vacation is here!

My older sister (in Arizona) is flying her three oldest kids to me here in New York and will be hanging out a few days with us before going to Canada with my parents for two weeks of fun, Brooke included! I’ll be home with the boys while Brooke is partying it up with cousins in Canada and then we’ll drive up to get her in July.

Gordon will be on his way home by the end of the week! Hallelujah!

And I’m just hanging out, trying to stay cool and not go crazy while growing another human…basically what I’ll be doing for the next 2 1/2 months. Hope these last 12 weeks fly by!

Lauren pointing taking a selfie
Blonde hair!

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18 Responses
  1. Susan Crawford

    Love your blonde, it always feels so good to freshen up your hair cut and color. Your family is the cutest.

  2. Beth Dericco

    Your hair looks gorgeous! Glad to see you doing something for yourself. You are such a wonderful mother and your kids are so lucky to have you! Enjoy the rest of your busy summer!


      Glad you got to do some hings as a family brfore he had to leave, Eddie is so cute with his certificate, his big blue eyes just mesmorize me, I see you are taking good care of yourself and soon we will have another little one to follow,

      1. Diane McCormick

        Your hair looks really good. You a truly a blonde and a very smart one! The pics of your family are great. Enjoy your kids while they are young, teens are not nearly as much fun. Mine are all grown now and I find myself yearning for years past from time to time. I apologize for falling behind on your emails. Hurricane Michael destroyed my house last October 10th and finding a place to stay until the insurance pays was a nightmare. However,I found a 5th wheel RV and am living in it in my front yard. I don’t live like a sardine very well but I try to remain calm while we climb around each other. It’s really not too bad and there are hundreds living in tent cities but I managed to not become one of them and for that I am truly grateful. God still knows where I am and He will take care of me and mine. I’ll get my house built sooner or later but the new house will be about half the size of old house. I’m not very happy about that but when the insurance paid, a small house was all I could afford. So, now we wait. With me living on Soc Sec, there is no way to put it into the house. It takes every dime to just live. I know I sound really grumpy but I’m not, not really. I’m sitting here in my air conditioned sardine can with a tiny little pantry mostly full of canned goods. There are many who don’t have anything overhead and wonder everyday where their next meal is coming from. I’m truly blessed and for this I am grateful. Until next time! Di..

  3. Lena Boyd

    So good hearing everything is going smoothly and the little guy has turned bottoms up.
    You look so great, blonde hair always cheers me up and you look spiffy.
    Enjoy all these activities, summer is so short..

  4. Carolyn Hinkelman

    You have a beautiful family, so glad you are having fun with them this summer. The trip sounds like a lot of fun and much more “family” fun.

    1. Deb Wacker

      I don’t think blood types are that simple. I am O negative (hooray for being a universal donor!) and my husband is B + and our son is O negative.
      Rh Positive (Rh+) and Negative (Rh-) Blood Types

      The Rh (+/-) factor is inherited separately from the ABO blood types. Similarly to the masking effect of the Ogene in ABO blood types, the Rh negative (Rh-) gene is also masked by the presence of a Rh positive (Rh+)genotype. Therefore, a person may have a Rh + blood type and can still have an Rh – gene (See the chart below).Furthermore, 2 parents with Rh + blood types can have a child with Rh – blood type.

      Genotype (DNA) Blood Type
      (+ , -) or (+ , +) Rh +
      (- , -) Rh –