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This Week at the Brennans’

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Laura Eddie Eddie and Blake sitting on a bench

Never a dull moment at our house!

Here’s what happened this past week:

We finally had the last day of school (HALLELUJAH) for Brooke and Blake. I love when they are in school because of the schedule and predictability the school year provides but this year in particular seemed to drag on and on. Pretty sure this is how I feel every year come June (haha!). But so glad it’s over. Except now it’s summer and I need to figure out what to do with these rascals every day. What a double edged sword summer break is.

Like I mentioned in last week’s update, Gordon left for Asia for work. So this whole week has been happening sans daddy. I’m grateful it was a busy week because it kept my mind off the fact that I was pulling everything off solo. Busy weeks do have their perks.

On Tuesday, my Mom came into town with three of my nieces and nephews (who flew here from Arizona) and took in a few NYC sites before taking said nieces and nephews plus Brooke back to Canada for a few fun weeks with just Grandma and Grandpa. They are getting spoiled like crazy, getting taken to water parks, amusement parks, shopping trips and more every single day. I tried to FaceTime Brooke a few times and she didn’t want to talk to me because she didn’t want to miss out playing with her cousins. Can’t blame the girl. She is getting the royal treatment.

Before they left for Canada, I was able to take them all biking in Central Park. We rented some bikes and away we went. It basically just got me super excited to buy our own bikes! We have been renting bikes here and there to size Brooke up and figure out what would be best for our boys. We will most likely buy our bikes in Canada once we are there visiting. Brooke also went to a broadway show with her cousins, went to shake shack, showed them times square, columbus circle and Lincoln center. (It’s still amazing to me that all these sites are our normal.) They all had fun but when asking the Arizona cousins if they’d like to live in New York with us, they all were definite no’s. Haha! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Not even our cup of tea at times, but we are certainly getting used to it and loving our time here more and more.

I ended up signing Brooke and one of her cousins up for morning swim lessons while she’s there in Canada since they do daily swim sessions for two weeks at a time. Way better (and cheaper!) than here in the city. I’d love to get Blake into a swim class, but that didn’t end up happening this year. Poor Blake is still not a fan of water in his face. I’m hoping goggles with the nose plug thing will do the trick for him. I swear 95% of parenting is making educated guess after educated guess.

I’ve tried calling and Facetiming Brooke, but she doesn’t really want to talk to me on the phone because she feels she will miss out of all the cousin fun. I miss her a lot and to my surprise, Blake and Eddie both have mentioned how they miss Brooke too. By golly, they DO love each other! Our family dynamic is certainly different without her.

Last Day of 4th Grade for my beautiful girl!

Oh! AND! My little sister flew into town on the same day Gordon left and stayed with me almost the exact number of days my husband was gone which was a definite perk. She was a little under the weather a few of those days which explains the lack of photos, but man was it nice to have her here!

On Thursday and Friday, we packed lunches and snacks and I took my boys to two different splash pads and sweat like crazy. It was super fun for the boys and I found some nice shady spots where I could just sit and continue sweating like crazy. They were staying nice and cool in the water and at one point I went over and ran through the fountains myself because it was necessary based on how much the backs of my knees were sweating. Blake either got brave or so fed up of the heat that he started dumping small cups of water on his head. Considering how much he HATES getting water in his face, this was SHOCKING for me to witness. So, again, I will be taking him swimming with goggles in Canada and HE WILL LIKE IT.

A group of people riding bicycles

Since I’m pregnant, sweating and fed up 81% of every day, we have been getting our fair share of ice cream. Since Wednesday, we’ve been to 5 different spots in the city because I need something to keep me sane, plus its a good bribe for the boys. Whatever it takes to get me through summer.

Baby boy continues to wiggle and push his way around my insides which is both amazing and also super annoying. One day he’s up in my lungs and I can’t breathe and other times he is way down low that I waddle. He’s getting to the point where he’s big enough to do both, so that’s GREAT. Something else to look forward to. Ugh! Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant, especially with a sweet, healthy and thriving little boy, but man is it a great feeling to get this baby out of me and regain full lung capacity. My first few breaths after giving birth are almost as glorious as the baby’s.

Brooke and a friend
Brooke and her cousin Olivia.

And finally, I have somehow found the time and energy to test and retest a few brand new recipes for my 2019 Christmas e-magazine. I did one back in 2017 and really loved how it all turned out that I’ve decided to do another one because life isn’t busy enough. Ha! As long as I get it all done by the time baby shows up!

Blake and Eddie on the couch
Resting on a Sunday afternoon because MAMA TIRED.
German pancakes with raspberries and powdered sugar
A German Pancake or “Dutch Baby” for my Christmas e-magazine! Wheee!

Here’s what is coming up this next week

My part time nanny starts this week! Hooray for fun adventures she will take my kids on this summer! She’s only working 2 days per week, so nothing crazy, but very much needed in order for me to feel like I’m getting ahead.

4th of July! We are doing lots of fun festivities with friends and I’ll be baking up a few tasty treats too! Gordon even has the day off of work. Wheeee!

I’ll be filming a few recipe videos on Friday, so hopefully in the near future that project will be done and I can spill the beans on what I’ve been cooking up these past few months.


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  1. Cynthia Kroll

    Im leaving a comment to go back n leave a comment for the giveaway. I would like to say on this blog post, you have gorgeous teeth! I hope thats okay!

  2. Kelly Tharp

    You certainly keep life moving. The experiences are great reads. It is really special your family and friends are popping in to visit. I can barely wait till August. I will be in NYC for the weekend! Please keep sharing!

  3. Lena Boyd

    Hello you busy, happy family. Sounds as if summer is off to a running start in your house, it goes so quickly and in a few weeks your precious baby. It surly will be a summer to remember.
    Thanks for your updates, I do enjoy so much.