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This Week at the Brennans’

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Brennan Family

Our last vacation for the summer in the books!

Here’s what happened this past week:

The week started with another baby appointment that went well. The doctor measured everything with the baby and everything is spot on, with the baby possibly on the larger side. Larger as in I’m expecting this one to be high 7’s low 8’s poundage wise with a large head. Blake was our heaviest baby at 8 pounds 2 ounces with a whopping head measurement that the nurses commented on. Based on the billion ultrasounds I’ve had, this one is expected to be similar to Blake. Whether he is blonde or brunette, time will tell.

The past two weeks have been filled with random pokes and kicks in my lungs (normal), a hard time breathing (to be expected) and severe pain in my pelvis (new to me). Apparently I have pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (or symphysis pubis dysfunction) thanks to relaxin, the hormone that is raging through my veins, loosening up all my ligaments to give birth. It’s doing TOO good of a job, causing me pain whenever I walk, turn over in bed, try to get dressed or undressed and basically anytime I move my legs. It is not the best. My first three pregnancies were cake with a little round ligament pain to complain about but this kind of pain is completely new. This 4th baby is really killing me. The first two trimesters were WONDERFUL but this last one is starting to take me out. God bless all of you pregnant ladies who are also trying to survive pregnancy related aches and pains in August. I’m right there with you!!

Brennan Family at a NY Yankees game
Yankees game!

On Wednesday, we all went to a Yankees game. This has been on our bucket list since we moved to the city and finally we were able to get great tickets and find a great time to go. It was a hot and humid day and for the first few innings, we were in direct sunlight. Not the best. But after 4 innings, cloud cover and a light breeze showed up, as did the ice cold soda and hot dogs so everything got significantly better.  We weren’t planning on staying for ALL the innings (because in my opinion, baseball is a bit of a snoozefest) so after being there for 6 innings we headed home. There was rain and our boys were getting a little too tired (read:cranky) for us so we jumped on the subway and made our way home. See this post for more fun pictures and details.

Since Gordon had two days he was “working from home” (aka days he had off, thanks to his boss) we were able to grab a day date in and head to the One World Trade Center Observatory. Gordon has been wanting to take me there for quite some time but we never could figure out a good time to go, but the stars aligned and voila! Off we went on Thursday afternoon. While I still think Top of the Rock has the best view of the city, this is a close second. Plus, there were lots of delicious restaurants nearby that we got to try after our trip up the tower. I sure love spending time with that husband of mine.

Lauren and Blake at the beach
34 weeks!

For a nice, long weekend trip, we took our little crew to Maine! This was our last planned vacation for summer before the baby comes and man oh man was Maine a great decision! The cooler, non-humid temperatures were so wonderful (and were such a nice break for my tired, pregnant body). We were only there four days, but we packed a lot of fun in! We went to the beach, played in the waves, went to a lobster bake and all the kids tried lobster, went blueberry picking, swam for HOURS at the hotel pool, stayed up late, slept in, explored nearby towns, saw a few lighthouses, explored lots of rocky shores, ordered room service and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Blake continued to surprise us with how much he begged to go swimming. Blake and Brooke probably spent about 10 hours swimming at the hotel pool during our long weekend. As long as Blake had his goggles, he was swimming all around the pool willingly, sticking his face in the water consistently with (and even without his goggles). It’s been amazing to see how comfortable he has become. We even convinced him to start jumping into the deep end of the pool, submerging his entire head in water before popping right back up to the surface again. Next summer, I think I’ll spend a month at my parents’ house to get my three older kids in swim lessons! They do swim lessons every day for two weeks, so the kids pick up swimming FAST plus they are GREAT (and not to mention 90% cheaper than lessons here in the city. Literally. 90% cheaper.)

The kids standing on a rock with a light house in the background
At Nubble lighthouse.

Eddie was definitely afraid to let the puddle jumper do its job and let him float in the pool, but after letting go of him without him noticing a few times, he let his guard down and was totally kicking around the pool all on his own. Ed does NOT want anything to do with goggles but by the third day of swimming, I’d reach out to help him move from point A to point B and he’d tell us forcefully “no, stop! let go!” He definitely has gotten significantly more comfortable in the water and he can kick to where he wants to go. Still can’t let him swim with as much freedom as we can with the older two, but we’re getting there.

Later this week, there will be a big long post about our whole vacation, so be on the lookout for that! I hate that we don’t really have anything else planned for the rest of the summer (because I worry the days of my uncomfortableness will just drag on) but they can’t last forever, right? RIGHT? 6 weeks left.

Blake eating lobster
Blake did NOT like the lobster.

Lauren and Brooke sitting and eating

Gordon and Eddie cuddling in bed
Eddie and Gordon fell asleep at the hotel. Notice the double arms around his neck! SO sweet.
The kids sitting on a bench with lobster plushies
The kids are showing off their souvenirs. The boys got stuffed lobsters and Brooke chose a sweatshirt.

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Work for me! I have lots of stuff on my to do list that I’m still working away at…trying to get it done before baby! It’s definitely a race to the finish.

Hot and muggy weather back in New York. I’ll try to stay inside but it’s hard to do with three kids! Ah!

I’m transitioning my office into the baby’s nursery. The mini crib even arrived today! Even though it seems like this pregnancy will last forever, little baby items showing up at my door make it seem a little more REAL. So thank goodness for that. I have some fun removable wall paper hopefully showing up real soon too. 🙂

Never miss a week!

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5 Responses
  1. Kayla Teahon

    Love following you for your recipes but I also love following along with your sweet family! I started following when Eddie was a newborn 🙂

  2. MaryJo

    Maine is such a great place. The Nubble is one of my favorite lighthouses. If you have the time there are lights in the area that you can tour. We live in northern Massachusetts, so we’ve been frequently. Hope your pain subsides soon.

  3. Lena Boyd

    Your time away sounds as if it was just what you needed. Someday you all will look at these pictures, remembering it was six weeks before baby was born and how special it was.
    Take it as slow and easy as you can mama, time is passing so quickly.

  4. Phyllis Zimmerman

    Love reading your adventures. Praying for less pain for you in the coming weeks. But it will be so worth in the end when you hold that precious little baby.

  5. Courtney

    Glad you guys got to get away, plus Blake putting his head in the water will be one of your victories of the summer. Other than growing another human when its the hottest it could be out. Love that pic of Gordon and Eddie, so adorable. Did the Brooke and Eddie like the lobster?