This Week at the Brennans’

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Brooke Eddie and Blake walking a dog

Our entire family is re-entered back into the real world after our vacation to Maine and man was it a hard, boring week. Can’t wait until school starts again.

Here’s what happened this past week:

When we got back from Maine, we had the mini crib waiting for us! So we got that all set up and ready. Just missing the baby now! I also got sheets, a diaper bag, a few different kinds of pacifiers (because you just never know which one will be preferred) and a white blessing outfit. All the clothes are folded and organized and I even have a coming home outfit for the little guy too! 5 more weeks! Eek!

I’m doing weekly doctors appointments now and have them all scheduled until baby’s arrival.

Like I mentioned last week, I’ve had some pretty severe pain with pregnancy that I’m trying to live with. It is not easy!! My doctor says its totally normal and it will go away after I deliver the baby, so there’s that saving grace, but I hate that I’m uncomfortable with every movement I have. I wish I could enjoy these last few weeks as much as I enjoyed the first six months, but it is so challenging. I don’t know how people can live with chronic pain in their lives. So, I am counting the days, basically. But it’s been really fun to go back and read the baby updates I wrote when I was pregnant with Blake and Eddie. I’ve had this blog for a long time and am so grateful I have these little glimpses.

On Sunday, we went picnicking with friends in Central Park. We almost didn’t go because walking makes me really sore, but I decided to just bite the bullet and go. So glad we did! We ended up staying 3 hours talking, playing and exploring. Gordon worked the whole weekend, so it was just me and the kids, but glad there was a decent turn out to keep my little ones occupied.

I posted some pretty tasty recipes this week! Amazing Cherry Pie, super delicious chicken salad and bakery-style blueberry muffins. I’ve also instituted a recipe of the day on instagram! I like going into my archives and finding old recipes that you never knew existed 🙂 I have 1400 recipes!! Bringing a few back from the dead is always a good thing!

Eddie at central park with Rosco the stuffed dog

Since being enormously pregnant in August isn’t torturous enough, we’ve decided to do a no technology rule until school starts. Our kids are so much happier without screens in front of their faces. The first few days are rough, but beyond that, things get better and their minds and imaginations start working again. It’s been hard for me to compartmentalize my work so that I’m not staring at my phone during the day as frequently, but I’m getting used to it.

Gordon is back to shift work! For a good long stretch, he had a consistent schedule, but we knew it wouldn’t last forever and here we are again, back to shift work. I think this will be super helpful once the baby arrives but until then I’m a bit annoyed with it. There are definitely pros and cons to both schedules and I can complain about both for sure (haha!) but am mostly just so grateful that he still loves his job.

Brooke got her hair cut a few days ago! I love being able to braid her hair, but she wanted it short for school, so we chopped it. She loves it right at her shoulders, so there it will stay. One more thing off my to do list!

Blake dressed as a shark in a store

And finally, we are dog sitting this week! Our little pal, Brady, showed up a few days ago and the kids are in heaven. Certainly makes the no technology rule more bearable for my kids. The first night, he was barking and whining a bunch which was terrible but things have gotten significantly better since then and this little dog is over the moon happy to have kids wake up and play with him ALL.DAY.LONG. Brooke is especially pushing for a dog of her own, but I keep reminding her that she’s getting another brother instead 😉 Haha! Poor girl doesn’t like that answer.

Since Gordon is doing some shift work, we were all able to go to HomeGoods and pick up a few things for the apartment and baby’s room. Gordon wanted to get this shark outfit for Eddie but he refused to wear it, but Blake certainly tried it on! These boys are so fun. So glad we’re getting another one in our family soon.

Brooke giving Eddie a piggyback ride
Catching a ride on our way home from grocery shopping. Notice his big smile!
A brown dog with its mouth open
Our little pal, Brady.

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Another doctors appointment for the little nugget. Assuming all will be well 🙂 Still in pain, but apparently that’s all normal. Down to weekly appointments now!

More dog sitting 🙂

Hopefully doing a little painting in the baby’s room/office…still transitioning things over. 5 weeks left!

Never Miss a Week!

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7 Responses
  1. Catherine Matthews

    All the very best dear Lauren. I had four pregnancies too and my three boys weighed in at a sensible 7 pound 10 ounces and my girl, the last one was a big fat 9 pound 4 ounces. Had many aches and pains but each time I held my babies, they all disappeared. You are doing a wonderful job with your kids.

    Catherine from Sydney, Australia

  2. Jen

    I’ve had severe SPD with both my pregnancies – during my first pregnancy there was a week it was so bad I couldn’t walk or get down the stairs of our 2nd floor Manhattan walk-up.. Aside from physical therapy and just waiting it out, my doctor had me wear a pelvic support belt. Since your ligaments are literally making your pelvic joints too loose and unstable, you’re supposed to wear the belt as tight as you can over your hips. It didn’t make it go away but helped a bit for walking.

  3. Lena Boyd

    Lauren, I had the pain you are referring to and it is painful. Hurt when I walked, Dr continued to tell me it was normal, I suffered with it thru the ninth month until birth. My second pregnancy not at all, was a breeze, no explanation, just no problems. Hoping the sweet babe arrives on time and you can hold him in your arms at last, best wishes my dear..

  4. Jan

    I’m so happy for you and your family! Wish I could take away your pain though! I’ve followed your posts now in 3 states and just can’t wait to read and see your pictures! I truly can not believe how fast Eddie has changed, it was fast in my eyes!

  5. Kelly

    Poor Brooke on the another Brother and Dog situation. I feel her pain, Brothers ugh lol. My husband did the shift change schedule also. He was able to do the morning feedings for a few weeks at a time or the late night. It worked out pretty good. Gave him quiet time with the baby. Benefit to both Daddy and Baby. Hope the pain lessens soon.