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This Week at the Brennans’

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Eddie looking up

A whole lot of the more of the same!

Here’s what happened this past week:

Well, folks, not much to report over here. We are coming to the end of the summer and that means not a whole lot planned. Our vacations are all over (though I am itching to get the heck out of town at least one more time) and I am in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, so I purposely have planned zero things. Maybe a few playdates for the kids?

Our school supplies are all bought and ready to go. The nursery is mostly up, but not running yet (no baby, obvs) and I am slowly gaining ground on the work I am trying to get ahead on before baby arrives. I’m thinking I will get a TON done in that first full week of school right before I have the baby when ALL MY KIDS are at school! It’ll be a nice week. Ha!

We finished dog-sitting a few days ago and Brooke and Blake got paid quite the pretty penny for a week of fun work. Suddenly all the chores I pay $0.50 for doesn’t seem worth it to them anymore. Ha! I still made them magic erase all the marks on my white walls and swiffer all the dog hair away. Not sure if that was me just sick of living in filth or the nesting thing kicking in. Regardless, we had a very clean apartment for about 24 hours.

Gordon and kids sitting on statue

Gordon had Saturday off (which has been uncommon as of late) so we took full advantage and went to the park and grocery shopping. By the time we got to the park, I was beat, so I basically sat on a bench and watched the kids play with their Dad. These last few weeks of pregnancy sure are magical. Ha! Are you sick of me complaining yet? Man, I forgot how miserable and slow this last month is.

At my doctor’s appointment, I got a DTaP vaccine and got my blood drawn to check my iron since it’s notoriously low in all my pregnancies. Turns out all the iron supplements I’m taking are working! My numbers were up. Hooray! But, my platelets were down to which I was like “that’s nice” because I’m not a doctor and that means nothing to me. But then they said that low platelets could mean no epidural when d-day comes and I was like “HOLD UP, SISTER. WHAT?”

They said it was very VERY unlikely because although my platelets were low, they were not *that* low, but still! Way to stress a mother out. So, that’s a fun thing to think about. Anyone know how to increase their platelets? Yes, if push came to shove I could probably handle the pain but I choose not to because modern medicine is the freaking bomb.

Blake and Eddie walking a dog

Gordon continues to pick up my slack and is doing amazing! The kids just love him fiercely and I am so excited to have him home for his paternity leave. It won’t be long, but I will savor every hour.

We renewed our membership to the museum of natural history and Gordon took the kiddos out to see an imax movie there about oceans. Eddie was pretty serious about wearing his 3D glasses! Ha! That boy is so cute. We’re going back again to the museum this week so Blake can buy a few dinosaur toys with his dog sitting money and see the T-Rex exhibit. Brooke wants to go to Staples and get ingredients for slime. Haha! I thought she’d be past this phase by now, but it’s still here.

The kids hugging Gordon

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

More doctor’s appointments…hoping the doctor can talk me down from this natural childbirth ledge.

A girls weekend in Westchester! I’m taking Brooke and my friend Anne out for the weekend to do lots of clothes shopping for school, but also for the last minute baby stuff we’ll need. There’s a pool for Brooke and a Cheesecake Factory (and full size Target) for me! Just a little excited.

More work for me and Gordon (and hopefully a few more naps too…back to being tired all the time!)

Blake and Eddie sitting in a movie theater

Never miss a week!

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10 Responses
  1. Jenny Ledford

    I just love your little family! Though getting bigger every day, I know you’ll be glad when the pregnancy is all over and
    you have that new sweet little one in your arms. Eddie is just the cutest with his big blue eyes and sense of wonder.
    Not sure if I would get the stuff for slime, looks really messy to me! Get some rest with Gordon being there and
    have a blissful Labor Day.

  2. Lindsay Cook

    Have you shared what kind of baby crib or bassinet you found? I am looking for more minimalist pieces for my fourth as I don’t have any baby items left and there are so many more choices (vs. ten years ago). Thanks!

  3. Margi

    So I googled platelets (insatiable curiosity) and found the following – Lean meats such as fish, chicken and turkey are rich in protein, zinc and Vitamin B12, all of which help increase the blood platelet count. Beans contain Vitamin B9 or folate which greatly helps boost the blood platelet count. Some other foods rich in B9 are spinach, asparagus, and oranges. So maybe just some diet changes for a couple of weeks would help. As to “natural” childbirth my doc in the early 60’s was an advocate for natural as he believed it was better for the mom and baby. It really wasn’t too bad and one of my urchins was a 9 pounder. Good luck and I am going to be gone for a while so I’m sure I’ll come back to a baby by then.

  4. Courtney

    Love that you can still get the boys to wear matching clothes. So cute. Also those hippos are adorable. Good luck clothes shopping with Brooke. Should be a fun time, especially with a Cheesecake Factory nearby. Their vanilla bean cheesecake is my absolute favorite. Loving Eddie in those 3D glasses so cute. Can’t believe your only a few weeks away from another baby Brennan. Seems like only yesterday you were pregnant with Eddie.

  5. Jan

    Love reading the weekly posts! Your kids are so darn cute, I can’t wait to meet your next little boy🥰. I was surprised to read your platelets were low as you are the best person posting healthy recipes that have the Vitamins K, D, C, B12….prayer for you and your son to have another healthy delivery…

  6. Lena Boyd

    The last month is a true tester and than wham, time done, off you go for the labor of love.
    Eddie is so cute wearing his glasses. Cannot wait to see them with the new baby, Enjoy the last few weeks mama..