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This Week at the Brennans’

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Blake wearing a helmet and riding a bicycle

School is right around the corner! Eek!

Here’s what happened this past week:

We got the kids bikes this week! We have been going back and forth about which kind of bikes we should get for which person, which would make the most sense, which could we store, which could we schlep around the city, etc.. We kept going back and forth between cargo bikes, bucket bikes and normal bikes and decided on the latter. We want our kids to be able to ride bikes, not be the riders. Also, we didn’t want to have to store a bucket bike with a few regular bikes and configure ourselves between x number of bikes. We just want everyone to ride freely. If we need to add a baby seat to one of our bikes or even a trailer, then that would work just fine. But the most economical  and space saving option was everyone getting their own bike. (I also looked up the age range of when little ones can start riding in baby seats and they said 9 months!! I’m SO excited! Thats the beginning of the summer in 2020! Perfect timing for this little one!)

Brooke loves her bike, Blake is getting antsy to get out and practice more because he really just wants to get his training wheels off and Eddie wants nothing to do with pedaling his little boy bike. I have a feeling when he decides he wants to ride a bike, then he will. Typical Eddie.

Brooke has been really spending a lot of time with friends before summer is REALLY over. She had two sleepovers and two playdates this past week. That girl has made such good friends here, it does my heart good.

I got emailed Brooke and Blake’s classroom assignments and they both have a few friends in their new classes for this next school year which I’m excited about, as are they. Our school assigns us letters (Brooke got 5B and Blake got 1B) so we only find out who their teachers are on the first day of school when we show up. Its a weird way to do it and they both are nervous, but we are all excited for sure! School starts this Thursday (finally).

Eddie playing with play food
Eddie at his new preschool, loving life.

Wednesday night, Gordon and I were able to sneak away to a meet the teacher night at Eddie’s preschool which was so fun! His teacher seems wonderful and we really do love this little preschool. Thursday morning, I took Eddie to meet his teacher and introduce him to the classroom. He did so well and didn’t want to leave! The granola bar and juice box certainly helped, as did all the animal toys and pretend food. I was a little nervous for him for the first day of school but feel like he will do just fine! What a sweet boy he has turned out to be.

I took my boys to grab some Magnolia Bakery red velvet banana pudding (a new flavor!) and it totally was not as good as I had hoped. I love their banana pudding, especially the original and the pumpkin gingersnap, but this one was not good at all. Totally bummed, but a nice little outing for the day. I definitely met my quota for walking that day, came home and rested with a little extra tylenol in my system. Cannot wait until this little one is in my arms and not wreaking havoc on my body.

Stroller and the boys in front of Magnolia Bakery
Just a little sunny. Haha!

We had big plans for the labor day weekend, but they all fell through, so we stayed put and its a good thing we did! On Sunday afternoon, I started getting a bad headache, nausea and felt really dizzy…so dizzy that I couldn’t get up to walk without holding onto something. I didn’t eat much dinner and went to bed early because of how awful I felt. I thought I’d sleep it off. The next morning I woke up feeling fine, but after breakfast and a shower, all those symptoms came back but a little worse. After calling the doctor, she was concerned that I might have preeclampsia and wanted me to head to the hospital to get my urine and blood pressure checked. So, off I went around 11am to the hospital.

After running all the tests and getting poked and prodded for five hours, baby boy looks perfect and I just was dehydrated. Everything else checked out fine. While I’m thankful I didn’t have preeclampsia, I was really bummed I didn’t get induced. This baby already feels huge to me, but that might be the pains I’m constantly feeling that has nothing to do with how heavy the baby is. So, I left the hospital without a baby, but like the nurses said, the next time I leave the hospital, I’ll most likely have my baby! So hooray for that!

I’m definitely frustrated with being this hugely pregnant. I do recall always feeling like this with all my pregnancies, but I am reminded once again that the last two weeks are killer. Slow going and lasting forever. I’m hoping that things will fly right by because two weeks isn’t really THAT long of a time, but when you’re right to the end, it seems like forever.

Kids swinging

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Back to school for Eddie (Wednesday) and Brooke and Blake (Thursday).

I have a work event I’ll be attending with Ed as soon as I drop Brooke and Blake off at school Thursday morning. Big day, that Thursday 😉

A doctor’s appointment for me! An already scheduled appointment that will also act like a follow-up to my quick hospital stint.

I think that’s just about it.

Have a great week, friends!

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5 Responses
  1. Pamela

    I’m the one who leaves the ‘ EDDIE!!! ‘ comments on facebook! 🙂
    I can’t get enough of his fabulous Paul Newman baby blue eyes. All of your kids are so cute but those eyes and big smile on Eddie warms my heart because he was a baby when I started following your recipes and look at him now! Too cute! ❤

  2. Ruth Briggs l

    Your family is so sweet, but Eddie has such a wonderful smile, it warms my heart! He looks so happy and fun, and has grown up fast. Seems like he was just a baby, and now preschool, oh he will have a great time.

  3. Susan Crawford

    So close! Exciting!!! Bikes…how glorious! School starting
    ..you’ll have plenty of time with new baby …hugs and snuggles… devine ….hang in there two weeks will go by so fast. You’ve got this!!!