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This Week at the Brennans’

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Parents holding their baby in front of a building

It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks!

Here’s what happened these past two weeks:

Well, besides not sleeping a whole lot, there have been a lot of adjustments going on! Ah, life with a new baby.

My adjusting has been having to just go with the flow, sleep when I can and get breastfeeding down. Happy to report the baby is a big-time eater and generally is a happy, content baby! I feel so tired, but grateful for the help I’ve gotten from friends and family. I can sleep a lot in the day and have lots of available arms to watch and care for the sleeping baby so I can truly sleep uninterrupted for a few hours. I probably should take more naps, but it’s so hard! I do get at least 1 in a day, so that’s good.

Gordon has been home since the baby was born on Paternity leave, worked last week while his parents were here helping out and has another week off before he goes back to work next week. I’m trying so hard to not count the days until he’s back at work. SAY IT ISN’T SO! I love having him home and he loves being home and just relaxing and working out when he can. SO jealous of the people who get months and months of Paternity leave. I think Gordon is pretty exhausted too, but I’m confident its not as exhausted as me 😉

Brooke, Blake and Eddie have been keeping up with their school schedules in the midst of this new whirlwind of a newborn. Brooke always wants to hold the baby, Blake and Eddie sometimes ask to hold Porter too, but generally, they all keep to themselves and things haven’t changed a whole lot.

Porter has been back to the pediatrician a few times, mainly to make sure he’s growing. Happy to report he is almost 10 pounds (if not 10 pounds already!). He lost a few ounces upon leaving the hospital, but after two weeks and my milk coming in with a vengeance, he gained 20 ounces. The doctor was so pleasantly surprised. Excited to bring him back and be officially over 10 pounds! Bring on the chunky babies!! I figure if he weighs more, he will sleep for longer stretches at night. Not sure there’s any science to that, but that’s what I’m hoping.

Also, the older Porter gets, the more vocal and opinionated he becomes. Mainly just about diaper changes, but nonetheless, opinionated. 😉

He also has these random spells where he stays awake for hours on end and refuses to sleep. That’s REAL fun, especially when it happens between the hours of 12 and 5am. Thankfully, it only seems to happen every other day, so I get one decent night of rest between the madness.

Last Sunday, we blessed Porter at church and had my in-laws here, along with my Mom and Gordon’s brother. It was such a lovely day and Gordon gave him such a beautiful blessing. A lot of these pictures are from that day…I cracked out my nice camera for these!

Also, there were plenty of friends’ birthday parties and days off of school these past two weeks…it was a little nuts. Thank goodness I had help! The struggle for me at this point and moving forward is getting up early in the morning getting kids ready for school with a newborn. I’ve only had to do it one day and it almost killed me, but at least the three oldest were at school so I could come home and rest after 🙂

A person holding a baby
Sweet Mr. Porter James

the kids standing in front of a building

Grandparents holding Porter in front of a building
Gordon’s parents are on the outside, my Mom is holding the baby.
A group of people posing for the camera
All I see is how handsome my husband is in this picture.

Eddie has turned into a bit of a handful, starting to hit and push harder for his way…not sure if its coincidental with the baby being born or if the baby caused these new behaviors. Regardless, we are ensuring he does NOT get his way most of the time because we don’t want to create an even bigger monster.

Breastfeeding has been really easy this time around and I’ve lost at least 27 of the 40 pounds of baby weight I gained. The weight loss is slowing way down now, so I’m guessing these last 13 will take several months to lose because that’s just how my body works, especially with the breastfeeding. Once I get cleared for exercise in three more weeks, I’m assuming it will get much easier. Also, we’ll see if I even have the energy to exercise. Ha! My maternity clothes don’t fit, but my regular clothes also don’t fit either, so I’m in this weird limbo and just tend to wear leggings or workout clothes because they kinda-sorta fit.

I’ve found that if I get up and get ready for the day, I feel so much better than if I hang around in my pajamas. Totally psychological but whatever works is what I do! Also, four kids is no joke!! I have found that I need to run a tighter ship in order to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. My calendar is my guide…if I write it down, then it will happen. So that’s what I’m starting to do leading into the new normal with Gordon going back to work. We’re creating schedules, menus, grocery lists and more! Write it all down and make it happen. And then nap when I can. That’s the approach thus far. *nervous laugh* Wish me luck.

Eddie hiding in a bookshelf
Eddie’s hiding spot.

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

The kids have Columbus Day off and that is Gordon’s last day of paternity leave, so we are going upstate to an apple orchard and a pumpkin patch. Looking for some apple cider donuts.

Gordon and I have appointments at the dentist and will be getting fitted for invisalign. I had braces when I was younger and the majority of my teeth are still straight, but I definitely see them starting to shift again. So, it’ll be good to get them back into place where they belong.

Eddie has a birthday party to go to this weekend and Blake has a playdate. Social babies, I have.

And, one morning this week I woke up to an amazon order for a treadmill. I went to bed, Gordon ordered a treadmill and then I got the email for it. It’s supposed to arrive this week. Ha! Thus begins the start of our mini home gym. Piece by piece as we can afford it, Gordon is making it happen.

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47 Responses
  1. Judith Mishler

    I think this is my favorite post. I love your family and the pictures of your new baby boy are so sweet. I love your recipies and make some of them but family is so important to me and your kids are sooooo cute. Thank you for blogging. I really enjoy it.

  2. Yvette Novak

    Wonderful pictures of you and your family.
    I would say you’re a rockstar multitasker, getting everything done each day!
    As a mother of four children, ,spaced close together,I can totally relate to how busy each
    Day is for you.

  3. April Wharton

    Loved seeing the photo with all the family. Was glad to see you had visitors for the babies blessing. I’m commenting on here a little late. But was thinking of you when I made cookies that you put on Facebook today for my sons football game travel lunches for tomorrow.

  4. Amanda Tennant

    Lauren! Congratulations on 10 years! I just love the family photos! Beautiful! The dress you wore for Porter’s blessing is so pretty! Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  5. Eunice Drake

    Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! I really admire your energy, though I know you probably feel like you need more. I mean, the blog and caring for yourself and family is a lot of work! I pray God continues to give you the energy needed to help you continue caring for your family…because of course they come first. Your recipes are great and I appreciate the time and effort you put into them to help out others in the kitchen. 🙂

  6. Ibtisam Ellis

    Clutching at whatever tips I can get from you! Due in 8 weeks (or less) with my 4th as well. Other kids age 6,4 and 3. You are giving me hope that I can still keep my sanity:-) goodluck with all that you do… supermom!!

  7. Beth Holland

    Lauren – you are the first blogger I have ever followed! And, you are my favorite! Yes, I follow others now that may have more followers, but I love the simplicity of how you share! I was in NYC last year and was so hoping I would see you on the street! Your guide helped me tremendously and I love to see you posting places I was able to visit! I feel like I know your sweet family and I love all your recipes! You are so personable and real! Thank you for sharing your life with us and your family and recipes! I love your family values!

  8. Debra Showalter

    Oh Lauren, so excited for all of your new blessings!! Please know that we are all here rooting for you, and including you and your beautiful family in our prayers. I’m sure it’s not always easy but girl you got this!!

  9. barbie

    Lauren you are one special lady, your newnlittle Porter is precious as the rest of your family. It will take awhile for EVERYONE to adjust to just one more. Agree with you about the ten lbs. My daughter was9.6oz & such an easy baby also
    nursed so your on the right path. Take care of you. Blessings to all. Your 80yrs young fan

  10. Tori

    Lauren – you look beautiful even without much regular sleep. Congratulations on baby Porter, I love that he is opinionated and interested (this is because of the no sleep nights). We are about to have our 4th in a month and while I don’t have as much going on as you and your crew do (ours are all older 10, 9 &8) I’m anxious about the changes a new baby will bring. Thank you for sharing so candidly. You give me strength and good ideas. thank you for all the love you share in food and lifestyle tips. Blessing and naps XO

  11. Terrie Young

    Hi Lauren, just wanted to says how much I love seeing the pictures of your family. Just remember to savor every minute because it goes by all too fast. I have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren and it seems like yesterday that they were all born. I will never forget any of the experiences from morning sickness (for 6 months) with my first, or being called to the hospital in the middle of the night and being told to hurry or we would miss the birth of our first grandchild and driving to the hospital popping antacids like they were candy and thinking I was going to be sick at any moment , they are all cherished memories. Now my first grandchild is 19 and in college but I will always cherish the memory of her birth. Make sure you hold and love them every day because it all goes by too fast. God Bless you and your family and please keep the pictures coming, they bring back so many memories.

  12. Jennifer Talley

    Congratulations on your new baby and baby blessing! We had our third and blessed him in July. He was not a good napper but he was good at sleeping at night. And let’s be honest…I’d take that over naps any day.

  13. Joyce

    I really enjoy your posts. Eddie stole my heart a long time ago – just one of the cutest little guys ever and he looks so much older now! We have four children – three girls and one boy – just the opposite of you and they enjoy each other so much.

  14. Laurie Munson

    You have such a beautiful family! My daughter is expecting in December, and your posts of the baby have me even more excited about my grandbaby’s arrival!

  15. Elizabeth Somerindyke

    Good morning

    I have been following your Facebook posts for years, through your many moves, family additions and your wonderful recipes. Congratulations on your ten year anniversary. It’s always a good day to see your posts.


  16. Cynthia Birt

    Lauren you inspire me!! Your family is beautiful and I honestly think you are so honest and real !! I love hearing I’m no the only one who has had bad days with my family haha beautiful pics of the family and so nice your mom came for the blessing …keep striving in all you do …you are amazing

  17. Heather wood

    Love your blog. We were in your ward in Beaverton! Loved your little family. This new one is so cute! We have baby #5 on the way right now! Thanks for all the updates!! Ps love your food!!! Thanks for all the ideas. You are 1 of 3 food bloggers I follow because I only keep the good ones!!

  18. sara

    I must say, here for the giveaway; but honestly, receiving this week at the Brennan on my mail box keep me waiting every time……I must say as well I missed when baby Porter arrived, I was trying to find where the baby post was! So happy for you n your family. Your family pic here absolutely Gorgeous, congratulations on your milestone of course! X Cara

  19. Bronna Weaver

    What an adorable addition to your family!!! Blessing days are so special and sweet!! Congratulations on your new little one!

  20. Shriya shetty

    I generally don’t like reading much about daily bloggers because they’re always so preachy ! But I absolutely love your updates coz you just write about everything the way it is . Reading this week at the Brennan’s feels like a conversation between you and me (your bloggers) & that’s just amazing ! Happy 10 years of blogging ! Please don’t ever stop ♡

  21. Sara Vogel

    You have a lovely family. Have been reading your blog and watching your move to NYC for years. Visited NYC with my grandkids this summer and went to some of the places you mentioned.

  22. Kim Gates

    You are very blessed! Love seeing your family photos and hearing about your dad to day adventures. Enjoy every moment they go by so quickly..

    1. Charley

      I love that your recipes are tried and true. But I also love seeing your NYC lifestyle with a family. It’s a different side and I love it. Happy blog anniversary. So glad I found your blog.

  23. Terry

    God you look fantastic so happy your husband was there to help you I am sure you will do good with hm back at work love all your photos of family God Bless

  24. Courtney

    I am wishing you all kinds of luck with Gordon going back to work. Glad you devised some type of a system to get you through. Love in the family picture how everyone is looking in a different direction. True life. Hope you had a great time upstate.

  25. JulesGC

    Love the boys’ matching outfits, and Brooke looks so proud of her baby brother!
    Invisalign – I’m getting them next week also!

  26. Marilyn Brennan

    Whoa this post is full of surprises! A treadmill! What a cool idea to to take to upstate for an outing. Your lives are full and so busy right now. Sounds like you have it in control as much as possible. If Eddie really wants to hide he’ll have to find a spot with no glass doors. Terribly cute as always!

  27. Elaine C.

    Can’t help but notice your well dressed family in the pictures. If had more than 2 one may had rain boots on and the other flip flops with socks!
    Keep up the great job, it seems you are going to be able to handle your new normal real soon! Enjoy those kiddos!

  28. Jane Rodrigues

    Hi Lauren!
    I really enjoy your emails with pictures of the little ones….. mine are 35 and 37 this year so It’s nice to live vicariously through your experiences!