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This Week at the Brennans’

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Brennan Family in a train car
On the Polar Express! Porter consistently has this “what is even happening right now” look on his face. So that’s fun. Also, Eddie was living his best life.

Another busy week in the books! Can’t believe 2019 is almost over! Eek!

Here’s what happened this past week:

Man oh man, the craziness of Christmas is certainly getting to me. So much to do in so little time! I’ve realized that when I try to make Christmas super magical for my kids, it just makes it way less magical for me. “Making it magical” is a lot of work. Insert huge yawn here. But man is it so fun to see them excited.

We went to a Breakfast with Santa event at Rockefeller Center and it was seriously probably my favorite thing we’ve done this season. We had to get there pretty early in the morning because it was a breakfast, but besides that, was the easiest, low-key thing ever. Endless food and hot chocolate was brought to our table, we were seated right by the skating rink so we could watch the skaters skate and the tourists fall (ha!) and Santa came to us when he was ready. It was glorious. We were also given gingerbread cookies, candy canes and ornaments for our tree. If you look closely at the boys with Santa, you can see Porter hanging onto his beard! Best money spent. (Brooke is a grinch and didn’t want to skip school to come because there was a field trip planned for the day we went, but in retrospect, I should have made her come. It was THAT good.)

Brennan family posing with Santa claus
The best thing we did all Christmas!

The next day, we had a nativity pageant at church in the morning (Brooke was an angel, Blake was a shepherd) a train ride on the Polar Express in the afternoon and our ugly christmas sweater party in the evening. Such a busy day, hence why I’ve been so tired, but man was it fun! All of it was just so much fun.

Brooke was unimpressed on the Polar Express (“is it almost over?” “I’m so bored!”) but we were glad we made her come to this. Of course we were all in our Christmas pj’s and enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookies they gave us. One of the staff came over to talk to Brooke about how magical it all and how excited Santa was to see her and we both nearly laughed in her face because (1) can you not see Brooke’s raging attitude right now? but also (2) the jig is up. We all know the truth about Santa here. I shooed her away as quickly as I could.

We went to Chick-fil-a for dinner, quickly got everyone in bed and changed into our ugly Christmas sweaters and partied the night away….with Porter who happily got passed from person to person. We are so grateful we are carving out our little group of friends here in this big city.

Blake, Porter and Eddie posing with Santa Claus
Do you see Porter grabbing Santa’s beard?

I have been borderline sick the past 10 days, Blake had strep throat over the weekend, Eddie has had a cough for forever, Gordon just recently caught Eddie’s cough and some serious body aches and chills and Porter has been not sleeping well which makes me think he might be coming down with something too. Brooke somehow has stayed immune through all of this, so we are very hopeful we’ll all be better by Christmas (and really thankful this is all happening before Christmas.)

All of our gifts are almost all wrapped! Just like last year, we are wrapping everything in brown paper and are color coding using nice silk ribbon. I need to get a few more boxes for some things that didn’t come in boxes and I have to grab a few stocking stuffers still, but besides that things are looking good! I really wanted to go out to eat for Christmas dinner since cooking would be something else to add to my plate, but all the kids voted to stay home and picked a menu. I said I would cook as long as they helped so everyone has jobs and we’ll see how the day goes. Ha! We are making a beef roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans (Brooke’s choice) and carrots (Blake and Eddie’s choice). For dessert I’m attempting to make my grandma’s Hazelnut Torte which I’ve only ever made once in my life (and it didn’t turn out well) soooo we’ll see how things go this year.

Eddie sitting at a table
At Breakfast with Santa, looking so cute!

Gordon and I have been watching Top Chef, usually 3-4 episodes per week when we have a minute after kids go to sleep and its so fun to watch! We got rid of Netflix when we switched over to Disney+ and got Hulu and ESPN. We love it. What are you watching these days? That is the only thing I actually sit down to watch. I really don’t have time to watch anything else. I keep pretty busy.

Porter turned three months this past week and he’s not a newborn anymore! It’s so fun to watch him grow. I sort of wish he would stay small forever but I know the bigger he gets, the better he’ll sleep. Ha! So, I’m trying my hardest to plump him up. I plan on doing a baby update as soon as I snap a few nicer photos.

Yesterday, I took my two middle boys on a day date to an outdoor Christmas Market to pick out a few NYC ornaments and then popped into the shops at columbus circle to grab some of my favorite macarons from bouchon bakery (salted caramel is our favorite!), get warm and watch the lights show they have. I didn’t know the lights show was going to start right as we were walking over with our macarons, but the timing worked out perfectly. We took a taxi home because it was too cold to walk. I love having time with my kids, doing fun things even if it is a simple walk through a market to look for a few taxi ornaments.

Lauren, Eddie and Blake taking a selfie in a car
In the taxi, staying warm!

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

We are taking our kids to Target to let them pick out their secret santa gifts for each other. They have been doing chores to earn money, so we’ll see what they end up choosing. They also want to open those presents on Christmas Eve. So, that’s what we’ll open since we already have our Christmas pajamas.

I’m hoping to stop off at an actual Costco to breathe in the glory that is Costco, but also to pick up a few items for our Christmas dinner.

Christmas is Wednesday already! So, here’s to hoping we’ll be ready by then.

Eddie has been asking to go skating since we saw all the skaters on the ice at breakfast, so maybe we’ll get around to going skating Monday or Tuesday morning.

And, my birthday is a few days past Christmas so we’ll be celebrating that too. Hopefully with donuts. Or levain bakery cookies.

If I’m not online before Christmas, have a lovely holiday and an even better new year.

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Blake and Eddie standing in front of a Holiday Market building
At the holiday market, freezing out behinds off.
Blake and Porter overlooking the mall
The beautiful stars that light up to music at the shops at columbus circle.
Lauren working on a laptop while holding a sleeping Porter
The show must go on! Still have to work, even with a little baby. So thankful I can work from home 🙂
Blake sitting at a school table
Blake had a math party at school that Gordon went to. I was too exhausted, thanks to Porter. I think it was fun?!

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  1. Jayne Morgan

    Merry Christmas Brennan family hooe you have a wonderful Christmas. I love Eddie’s smile it is so infectious. ☃️🎄🎁