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This week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and Gordon

My life rages on!

Here’s the craziness that ensued this week:

Earlier in the week, we had the appraisers come to our house help to complete the sale of our home. Of course I forgot they were coming and my house was a disaster. Um, what else is new?

My dear dear friend, Candice, offered to sell the majority of my crap stuff online for me so I didn’t have to. BLESS HER EVER LOVING HEART. She came over with a nice wad of cash and I almost kissed her. *Almost*

Thursday morning, I left with my kids for Utah and stayed with my good friend Amy. Then Friday I flew out of SLC and landed at JFK 2 hours later than anticipated. (Our flight was delayed because of the awful rainy weather.) Ew.


Sometime between 11:30pm when I got to the hotel and 8am when I woke up, my husband arrived to New York too! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–>I love that man immensely. OBSESSED.

A plate of food on a table

Anyways, Saturday we hit the pavement with some leads and hit up three open houses and were able to tour maybe 4 more apartments.

NYC apartments are teeny tiny, incase you were wondering. I’m glad we’re/Candice is selling all our stuff. Haha!!

We found an apartment we like! It’s decent for New York standards and more than we wanted to spend, but WE CAN AFFORD IT!!! (I keep saying this to myself over and over in hopes I’ll start believing it soon….its not working.) Still getting used to the astronomical price tags here. So we applied for this awesome apartment and are waiting to hear back whether or not we’ll be approved. I think it will be a few days.

I also applied to another apartment that is larger than the one we like, but its quite old with a teeny tiny kitchen. It is not my favorite apartment, but the location can’t be beat and it’s in a great school district. SO many pros and cons to each apartment!! I figure we’ll just wait and see who approves us and then go from there. I hope they both don’t approve us. Ha!! I don’t know which one I’d choose. And my dear sweet husband said I can pick where we live because I’ll be the one home with the kids. BLESS.

A city street lined with trees

Saturday Night we went to B-Side Pizza and Wine Bar for dinner in Hell’s Kitchen. I’ve never had a more glorious bowl of brussels sprouts or such an amazing pizza in all my life. SO SO good!! (I’m going to get fat here.) Order the Killer Bee pizza and thank me later. Holy. Moly.

Sunday, we slept in (which I haven’t been able to do since 2009) and headed to a cute little bakery in Brooklyn for brunch called Tazza. Nothing beats super fluffy lemon blueberry pancakes with butter roses on Mother’s Day!! That and a diet coke 😉

After brunch, we saw another apartment and then walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge to get a few photos and enjoy our last few minutes with each other. Then we both hopped into our respective Lyfts and Gordon went to the airport and I went back to the hotel. Sad day. The next time I see him will be in New York again! SO NUTS.

Levain chocolate peanut butter cookie

For my Mother’s Day dinner, I went to SweetGreen by myself and of course had to grab a Levain Bakery cookie for dessert. I also found another apartment for rent really close to Levain, but sadly it was too small for my crew. Aaaand, if I lived a block away I would most definitely gain some serious poundage. For my health I refused to apply. HA!

I spent some time wandering around Central Park alone, munching on my cookie, trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’ll be LIVING HERE in a month. I sometimes still don’t believe it, but ready or not, it’s coming.

I’ve started a bucket list of things to do with my kids while in NYC and I’m actually super grateful it’s a busy city! There is so much to do!! We will never run out of things to do 🙂 I hope they are as excited as I am. What are some of your favorite things to do in the city? #1 on Brooke’s list is the Museum of Natural History and the Statue of Liberty. Blake is just excited there are construction vehicles here just like in Idaho. Haha!

Gordon and Lauren

Coming up this week

Flying home to my babies tomorrow! I hear Eddie is starting to walk without me!! Holy smokes, that boy is gonna be walking before we’re in New York!

Driving back to Idaho.


Testing just a handful of recipes for the blog.

And, hopefully we’ll hear some good news from this Landlord about our apartment! All the prayers and happy vibes and good juju you have to send my way would be appreciated!

Have a great week!!

A brick building

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13 Responses
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    […] out to dinner just him and I. It was the first date we’ve had since March! I guess there was the time we were in the city looking for an apartment when we were alone briefly for a day. But that doesn’t count […]

  2. This Week at the Brennan’s | Lauren's Latest

    […] out to dinner just him and I. It was the first date we’ve had since March! I guess there was the time we were in the city looking for an apartment when we were alone briefly for a day. But that doesn’t count […]

  3. Olivia Hiatt

    You’re incredibly brave to start the adventure of moving to NYC with little ones. What wonderful memories will be made, incredible experiences to be had, and the closeness of family that will result in learning to lean on one another is amazing! Good luck!

  4. Allie K.

    I have been following you for awhile and LOVE this section of your blog. Especially this post. I have dreamed of moving to NYC and following you along in the process has been so fun! Thanks for sharing! Xo

  5. Jody

    Take the kids to a holiday performance of the Rockettes at Radio City. The UN is fun, but maybe not kid oriented. There’s a zoo in Central Park and any part of the park is fun-the Belevedere Castle, Alice In Wonderland statue, ice rink in winter, etc. They’d like the circular architecture of the Guggenheim. Seeing Macy’s in Herald Square with its windows decorated. And, of course at Christmas season, Rockefeller Center and all the store windows along 5th Ave. It’s a great city. Enjoy!!

  6. Randi

    Wow! I have not been receiving you posts regularly and now I see you guys are moving ! Again! Here’s hoping you get the apt. You want and have tons of fun and great food adventures in NYC!!

  7. Tonya

    I absolutely love NYC, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, 911 memorial and the high line all speak to my soul. I was lucky enough to live there mon- fri for 7 months. Good luck

  8. Valerie

    I was going to say I always loved going to the museum of natrual history as a kid. Laying under the blue whale is just relaxing. Also the MoMa is great too. But still to this day one of the best things to do is the carousel in Central Park.