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This Week at the Brennans’

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Lauren and Porter Christmas morning

The Holidays have come and gone!

Here’s what happened this past week:

Oh how the motherload of sickness hit us hard. Leading up to Christmas, we had plans that just kept getting canceled because Gordon was feeling so horrible and the boys pesky coughs wouldn’t go away. Thankfully Porter and I were spared…I only ended up with a sore throat for about 3 days and then on Christmas Eve, it was gone. A Christmas miracle! I’m confident Gordon had the straight up flu because of how hard it took him down. Normally, he can function just fine on Tylenol cold when he has a cold so to have body aches, chills and headaches on top of the usual sore throat, coughing and sneezing made him bed-ridden for several days. SO thankful the rest of us got our flu shots so we didn’t have to worry as much. (Got mine while pregnant to protect Porter.)

Blake eating a decorated sugar cookie

Christmas Eve, Gordon was miraculously feeling decent enough to go skating so we walked over to Wollman Rink in Central Park and had a grand old time! Eddie and Blake were not loving it and only went around a few times, but Gordon, Brooke and I were zipping around the rink. Porter slept 3 hours in his stroller while Gordon and I took turns sitting on the sidelines with one or both boys. It certainly was a fun tradition.

Brennan Family ice skating

After we had been at the rink 2 1/2 hours, I knew I needed to head home to feed the baby because he was bound to be waking up starving (read: very vocal!) so I walked home with all three boys while Gordon skated around with Brooke another hour. They stopped off at whole foods on their way home to grab a roast for Christmas dinner and then came home to Chinese Food that I so expertly ordered. Ha! Chinese food on Christmas Eve has turned into a bit of a tradition for us, so why change tradition!

We watched this beautiful video on Christmas Eve and sent kids to bed around 9. We made a little bed for Brooke in Blake and Eddie’s room so they all could sleep together, which was so cute. Santa finished placing gifts around the tree right around 11:30 and Gordon and I hit the hay at midnight.

Brennan Family selfie

Gordon, Eddie, and Brooke at an ice-skating rink

Christmas Day came a little too quickly, with very excited little ones waking us up at 7am. We told them 7am was the earliest we would get up, so they definitely were prompt! Porter slept in until 10, so he opened his gifts later than everyone else. Highlights of things given include: a yellow hydro flask, oversized sweatshirts and high waisted jeans for Brooke, lego sets, a yoyo and mario maker 2 for Blake, a stomp rocket, spot it and a big Paw Patrol fire engine for Eddie, and a new play mat for Porter. Somehow, Gordon and I bought each other tickets to see Jim Gaffigan without the other one knowing, so that was a fun surprise for us to open the exact same gift. So if you want to go see Jim Gaffigan in April, we have some extra tickets.

Blake opening a Christmas present surrounded by family

The Sunday after Christmas was my birthday! I turned 34 and am pretty darn excited about it. Lots of fun and exciting things are coming up this year! Gordon got me some new workout pants which I’ve been dying to get my hands on and Brooke made me a sugar free birthday cake (sugar free vanilla cake mix, iced with sugar free chocolate pudding folded together with some whipped cream). The icing on the cake was Porter giving me a nice 6 1/2 hour stretch of sleep that night, followed by an almost 8 hour stretch the next night! He has been such a dream baby. We all sure do love him.

New Years Eve is tonight and lucky Gordon gets to work the midnight shift and ring in the new year wide awake. I will most definitely be asleep because man oh man, how precious sleep is to me these days!

With 2020 nearly here, I am mostly excited to have a goal to get as healthy as possible. We have our gym all set and ready to go in the basement and I’ve already done my best to workout. But I think I’m most excited to become a Health and Wellness Consultant. I already signed up for my online courses so in all my free time, I’ll be working on that. I’m hoping it will only take me 3 months, but realistically it should be closer to 6. This certification will allow me to write meal plans for weight loss, for strength training, for children, for adults and for seniors, based on their nutritional needs. Not that I will be taking clients (I mean, I guess I could in the future if that’s really what I want to do) but honestly, I just want the knowledge to ensure Gordon and my diets are as healthy as possible so we can see the results we want.

It’s going to be a great year 🙂

Lauren, Porter and Brooke posing in front of a birthday cake

Here’s what is happening this next week:

Kids go back to school on Thursday. YAY! It’s been a struggle having them all home. Haha!

More school for me! I’m still excited about it so I need to get as much done as possible before it becomes boring. I don’t *actually* think it will become boring for me, but you never know.

Aaaand next Tuesday, Gordon will be finished this round of the midnight shift. Until next time.

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Brooke and Porter looking at eachother

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19 Responses
  1. Courtney

    Happy belated Birthday!! Glad to hear everyone is feeling better and that Brook and Gordon got to have some time together. Where are you taking the classes online? Can’t wait to hear how they are going. Porter looks like the cutest, love those cheeks, those dimples are going to get him out of a lot of trouble in a few years. 🙂 Go Brooke for making your birthday cake.

  2. Sheila Larson

    Hi Lauren, I haven’t been following you much lately, so it was very refreshing to read your “Week at the Brennan’s” . Your family is growing up so fast. Your little Porter is such a cute baby.

    I’m glad you are learning more about Health and Wellness. What an asset that will be to what you are already doing.
    I’ve been eating mostly a liquid diet for the past 6 weeks because I had a Crohn’s flare and spend 3 days in the hospital trying to get it under control. I’m doing much better. The Paleo diet is what I follow when things are going well with my digestive track. So all your wonderful grain based recipes haven’t worked for me. I use coconut flour, almond flour, some gluten free flours and Lakanta or Swerve as a sugar substitute. I need an expert recipe maker to help me find delicious alternative recipes for favorite flour based recipes. I have a few but if you ever want to zero in on those, I’d follow you every week.

    Take care and keep on doing all those wonderful things with your family and with all your recipe development. We miss having you in our neighborhood.
    Sheila Larson

  3. Judy Mishler

    That little Porter has stolen my heart. That smile is priceless. Wishing you and your family a Blessed and healthy year filled with lots of love. I really am excited that you are going to do nutrition classes. I think that is really going to be great for you and for all of us who follow you and use your recipes. Good luck and I hope you love it. I admire you so much for taking on this challenge. You have your plate full with your wonderful children and husband and all the work that goes into that. I just know you will be great at whatever you do. I love your page and your weekly blog on your family.
    Thank You!!

  4. Alexandra Rößler

    Dear Lauren,
    first of all: Happy New Year! I think it is about time to thank you for all your delicious recipes! I am from Germany and I love to read about what’s happening at the Brennans. 😊
    Hope your family is well again. Wishing the whole Brennans health, happiness and just the best for 2020.
    Hugs and greetings from Germany, Alex

  5. Jill

    Hi Lauren…would you mind sharing the information about your Health and Wellness consultant courses? This sounds like something I would love to do, so I would be interested in knowing which one you are doing. Thank you!!