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This Week at the Brennans’

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Brennan Family Portrait
Happy Easter!

Happy belated Easter, friends!

Here’s what happened this past week:

Well, the past few weeks have been pretty low key. We have just been staying home, focusing on kids’ online school work and coming up with different ways to occupy ourselves. Gordon did a full week of the midnight shift which is always interesting for me, especially since he has to sleep through the day. Normally, if kids were going to school this wouldn’t be that big of a deal but since we are all home, it’s a bit of a challenge putting the baby down for naps quietly in the same room as him (ha! what a joke) and keeping the other three quiet upstairs. Our bedroom is in the basement of our apartment and our older three sleep on the main level with the living room and kitchen. We live on the ground floor of a brownstone, so have the full main floor plus the basement. For NYC-standards, its huge.

I started counting my macros again. My chest have given up its milk-making abilities, so Porter is fully on the bottle train. Some days, he seems to be starving and other days, he wants nothing to do with it. But I trust that between the food and formula, he’s gaining the weight he needed to. His thighs are definitely getting chunky and he does feel heavier to me PLUS he’s fitting into 6 month clothing. But I digress. Back to macros! This basically means I’m counting the number of grams of Protein, Carbs and Fats I’m eating. Based on the numbers I was given by my trainer the very first time I did this after I had Blake, I’m eating pretty low carb (60g/day). Its a hard first two weeks of adjusting, but my body responds well to this and I know I will see results. I should probably take measurements and actually weigh myself, but its kind of nice being blissfully unaware.

Lauren holding Porter posing for the camera
One morning by the sunny front windows! They are starting to get more sun now that spring is here!

We quietly celebrated Easter at home this year. Once Gordon woke up from his day sleeping, we had a later dinner. I was able to find ham, albeit teeny tiny ham, and scalloped potatoes, rolls, salad and key lime pie. It was glorious! Easter dinner was my cheat meal and it was delicious, though after one piece of pie I was feeling pretty sick. I got some small little trinkets for kids’ Easter baskets (I hate bringing extra ‘stuff’ into our apartment that will just clutter it all up) ordered some new Easter baskets but of course they didn’t arrive on time.

We paid all our taxes this week. Not really that noteworthy, but its what is sticking out as memorable. This is how bored we are day to day.

Still working on our puzzle. Turns out it was harder than we originally thought, plus we don’t have a table big enough to have all the pieces laid out for a few weeks, so the pieces are divided between two smaller tables. It’s tricky getting it done. I hope to finish it this week so I can put the darn tables away!

Eddie sitting at a table with a plate of food
I sat next to Eddie at Easter. He hated the deviled eggs and potatoes, but ate the ham, rolls and cream off the pie.

And now a few things that made my happy this week: I got these earrings FINALLY in the mail. They were backordered since January and they finally arrived. It was such a pleasant surprise. Currently on sale for $7.50! Is it just me or is mail taking FOREVER to arrive places?

I got refunds back for all the vacations we were supposed to go on and while that was a terrible reminder that we aren’t going on vacations, it was a nice surprise to get all that money back.

Porter is starting to sit up! He will fold in half when he gets tired AND when his toes look alluring enough to want to eat them. Besides that, he’s doing pretty well with his sitting practice.

Speaking of vacations, this rash guard I got for Porter is my favorite thing ever. He’s so cute. And this tankini swim top is so so flattering (and on sale too!) Paired with the high waisted bottoms, its the perfect combination. I love them and got a shot of happiness (and sadness) as I saw them piled together in a drawer. I really wish those vacations weren’t cancelled. Grumble grumble. (Yes, in the grand scheme of things my vacation is a ridiculous thing to gripe over considering the circumstances of the world, but we just were really looking forward to going. It’s ok for me to feel upset about it.)

A few of Brooke’s friends celebrated birthdays this past week so she was able to ‘attend’ a few Zoom parties to see all her friends. SO fun hearing her play two truths and a lie.

Gordon finished his midnight shifts! Hooray! I feel like I have a husband again.

Brooke’s teacher called her on the phone and said she was doing so well at completing her online work that she gave her a special group assignment with a few other classmates. Yay for one kid thriving with this online school thing!

This photo of Blake and Porter. It’s just hilarious to me:

Blake holding Porter
Really nervous about that slobber filled rattle.

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

I’m not sure yet. Can I get back to you? Brooke is always asking “what are we doing tomorrow?” and I’m like “what we did yesterday? Nothing?!” I really wish we had a yard.

Gordon has a light work load the rest of this week because his bosses know midnights are rough, so that was really so nice of them. The kids certainly love having him around. I do too.

What are you doing this week? How are you not going stir crazy?

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Gordon and Porter looking at food
Porter wants real food. This I know.

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6 Responses
  1. Mary

    So good to hear about how you all are doing. The pictures made me smile and even laugh at Blake holding Porter. Thank you for that!

  2. Eleanor

    Sitting here in Nova Scotia doing much the same as you! I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones as I’m able to work remotely from home! Honestly, I’m likely the odd one with not really wanting to go back to work! I’d love to work from home even 2 days per week! I work for the Federal government and our workspace in the last couple of years has become very small! 2.0 they call it! It’s as small as it sounds! Social distancing wouldn’t work! I admire you keeping up with your blog while being a Mom and wife and homeschooling on top of it all! You are doing fantastic! I was in New York the end of November to first part of December! Love New York! Keep pushing forward! Remember as each day comes we are one day closer to our new normal! 💗

  3. Shelli Bender

    Your earrings are adorable! And yes shipping has become stupid silly, but I get it. So was trying to get the page to load *laughs*
    Stay healthy, I love your blog, Instagram account. Love watching the children grow!

  4. Virginia Ledford

    Your family is so sweet, and all those BLUE eyes, gracious, they just slay me!!! I know you will get back to your weight by sticking with your routine in no time. Glad your husband got off that awful shift but hay someone has to do it right? Glad he did his and can be home to help you more with the kids. Love seeing your posts and absolutely LOVE your recipes, have made several and when my husband loves something then I know its a hit!

    Stay strong and maybe you and the kids can go to the park sometime soon and they can run around, ride skooters, etc and have some fun

  5. Ruth Jean Loftus

    What a beautiful family you have!!!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Your children are adorable.
    Treasure these years. They go by too quickly.
    You are busy and before you know it you are old & it is all memories.
    I just had my 86th birthday yesterday. My husband passed away 7 yrs. ago & now
    I now live in an apartment on one floor instead of my large home. So much had to be given up
    to fit into this limited space. But my children & grandchildren are so good to me & see to all my
    necessities. I also have 4 children, a son and 3 daughters, 10 grandchildren & 9 greats.
    My mother is still alive at the age of 102 living in her condo in Delray Beach, FL & 5 ladies come in alternately to
    take care of her. She is in good health, but she has lost her memory. She functions well, otherwise.
    I miss my brilliant husband who died 7 yrs. ago of COPD from smoking since he was 13. He excelled at everything he did in life.
    I have 2 TVs, the computer, a Nook & a Kindle chock full of books of all kinds & a Yamaha keyboard & tons of music to play. So there are not enough hours in the day to get bored.
    Your family is the most important thing in the world after GOD.
    Stay close to GOD and cherish your lovely family. GOD and the family unit if what life is all about.