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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Eddie licking a beater

I’m just going to preface this post by saying this was a bad week. Like, if I could murder the calendar, I would. And by calendar, I mean humans.

Here’s What happened this week:

I touched down in SLC from JFK with the news in my inbox that we got the apartment we applied for! We paid the nice people, signed their 24 page document and are planning on starting our lease June 1, even though we won’t be there until mid-month. So hooray for that! I’m starting to overthink our decision to get this apartment and am having second thoughts…but we have no other options. So here goes nothing.

I got back from NYC to some sick kiddos. Blake had thrown up while I was gone and Eddie had started up with this nasty stomach bug and was nearly through by the time I rolled into town. I have good friends to clean up my kid’s puke. Just throwing that out there. So, instead of leaving Monday night with a sick baby, my friend let us stay one more night (bless) and we left early Tuesday morning. I thought I was in the clear of this stomach bug, but Wednesday night/early Thursday morning I woke up and started hurling.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I HATE THROWING UP. I’d rather have a week long cold than the stomach flu.

ANYWAYS, some really kind people came to my aid and helped me out so so much by taking my boys, taking Brooke to the bus stop, taking Blake to preschool, bringing over dinner, picking Brooke up from school, etc. etc. I could not sit up without throwing up, so there was no way I could parent effectively.

Brooke had her last volleyball game Thursday night and she DID NOT want to go with anyone else but me, so I tried my hardest and by around 4pm was able to sit up without having the need to lose my cookies. Nauseous, yes. But none of the pukey pukes. By the time 7pm rolled around, I had a sprite and some soda crackers in me and off we went. I tell ya, that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Keep to myself, be all up in the hand sanitizer and keep it pulled together.

By Friday, I felt so-so. I could walk around and stuff, but please don’t make me eat anything! I stuck with toast and tea for most of the day.

Friday is also when the movers called and said they would be a few days late picking up my stuff. HALLELUJAH! Because with all the traveling and vomiting I had been doing, I haven’t packed a whole lot of boxes. So that is a very good thing.

VERY EARLY Saturday morning, Eddie started waking up sporadically with a high fever and runny nose. He is not happy about it and neither am I because today I felt my throat starting to get scratchy and my nose runny. I’m not busy or stressed as it is, lets add on another cold.

I’ve been talking to my husband this entire week about how awful everything has been and basically today, I told him I’d leave him if he does any more trainings for any more jobs beyond this. This week has been the worst experience of my life. Literally the worst experience of my life. I want to scream and punch allthethings. But, that gets me nowhere because it doesn’t change the fact that (1) I’m getting sick (for the 17th time in the past 4 months….all the swear words) (2) I’m still behind on all things work and (3) I still have to pack up our house alone.


Most days, I’m in a full-on rage. Especially when I’ve been up 4+ times in one night. Children: the gifts that keep on giving.

So, the moral of the story is don’t ask about my twitching eye or I will karate chop your face off.

Brooke sitting in a tree

Coming up this week

The movers will come on Wednesday and take my crap stuff to New York and I can get my life back. We will still live in our empty house until Brooke and Blake finish school next week.

My two older kids will most likely get sick because when my husband is away, all bad things happen to me.

The last time he left for an extended period of time, our van died TWICE, there was a leak in our kitchen faucet/garbage disposal and our dryer stopped working. This is just my lot in life. I’d love to revolt, but I don’t know where to stand with my strongly-worded sign.

I have to finish packing! I probably should have written that first.

I get to learn what kind of meals I can throw together using just a microwave because bye bye pots and pans. Bring it on.

I figure I just have to make it to Wednesday and then things will get better. Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday. Here I come.

Lauren Brooke and Blake

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22 Responses
  1. Marilyn Brennan

    Love your writing!! always does my heart good! its my favorite blog believe me! love all your videos. thanks m’ dear for making life special!

  2. Andrea Bruguier

    Oh do I remember this post! I felt soooo bad for you. What a rough week! But you got through it. You’re my favorite blogger and I so enjoy your recipes and all the updates on your family. I look forward to watching your insta stories everyday too. So relatable and us moms are in this together. My husband travels a ton for his work too so I understand how hard that was for you when Gordon was gone for training .

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  4. Charlyn

    Oh man. So sorry you had to experience all of this. Don’t things always go to pot when the hubby is gone? Same thing happened to me when my hubby went away for a weekend wedding. Hopefully things are getting better.

  5. KimberlyJ

    I felt so bad reading this post the first time. I just reread, still feel bad but glad it’s over and you’re in NYC.

  6. Amy

    Hi! Did you sell you home yet? If not would you consider renting It? I’m a single mom trying to get out of a bad situation. I have an awesome job and excellent references…

  7. Kelvin Pullman

    Lauren you are the best nothing but the best so keep on cooking with some nice and beautiful food I really love it!!!!

  8. Danielle

    You’ll have one friend here in NYC! ???? You’re a strong mama and can get through this! Hoping all goes smoothly for you from here on out!

  9. Meme

    My guess is Gordon feels bad that he’s not there to help you. Hang in there! He’s probably telling everyone he knows what a great wife you are and how you are having to handle everything from the kids, you being sick, packing and everything else that pops up. It won’t be long before you can collapse in the chair in your new apartment and say those three words – I did it. Hope you and your kids feel better soon.

  10. Jody haase

    I love you LAuren. You inspire me as a mom of 7! You make me feel like I’m not the only
    One who rages and says bad words lol! Life is stressful and being a mom is a gazillion times more. You are a fantastic human my friend.

  11. Lori

    OMG you poor thing! Yeah, your hubs owes you Big Time. Like huge! I hope things go better this week and you are strolling around Central Park with a Levain cookie before you know it.

  12. Claudia Pulster

    Oh no!! I hope you all will be better soon!! If that ever happens in NYC (what I really don’t hope for you!)- please – you can contact me anytime and I will try to help out even if we don’t know each other ….(from mom to mom ????)

  13. Peggy King

    I love reading your blogs about your life! I can’t imagine living in NYC! How exciting! Hope things get better for you this week. I can’t imagine packing and taking care of kids by myself. You are a strong woman! I look forward to reading all about your NYC adventures! God bless!

  14. Christine

    I suggest ziploc steamer bags for the microwave. You can cook meat, veggies and potatoes in one quick step with virtually no clean up.

  15. Amanda

    Oh, how I can sympathise (and rage) with you! My husband is often gone for extended lengths for work. I’m left with our three kids and often things go horribly array. We did a huge cross country move last year and it was a nightmare. Thankfully things were great once we got here and settled. Things will fall into place for you as well, even if it doesn’t feel like it now. Best of luck with the rest of your move!

  16. SUSAN

    I feel so bad for you! My husband left 11 weeks ago for our move from AR to SC. It’s been just me and my daughter but she is 14! Much much easier! Movers come Thursday! I would be so nervous moving to NYC. Best of luck! Love your blog…such a cute loving family!

  17. Nicole

    Oh my! What a terrible week! I wanted to laugh at your real life, unfiltered thoughts though! Yes girl! I’ve thought many of those things before too! Trusting that things will settle down for you ASAP!

  18. Wanita

    I know that you don’t know me at all, but if we lived closer, I would offer to come pack up your house for you!
    Our youngest of four is almost seventeen, but I still well remember those seemingly endless days and nights of sick kids/no sleep and feeling as though I was going to lose my mind.
    I will be praying for you all to feel better and that you will be able to get everything finished that you need to by Wednesday.

  19. Wanita

    I know that you don’t know me at all, but if we lived close by, I would come pack up your house for you! Our youngest of four is almost 17, but I can still remember the seemingly endless days of sick kids and no sleep and thinking that I was going to lose my mind.
    I will be praying that you all feel better soon and that you can get everything finished that you need to before Wednesday.

  20. Valerie

    Just remember that the lease for the apartment is only for a year. If you hate it and it just doesn’t work for your family, you’ll be able to look for a new apartment with plenty of time. Plus people in NY move all the time.

    Oh and don’t forget that there’s an IKEA in Brooklyn, Long Island, and NJ.