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This Week at the Brennans’

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Brennans' in Brooklyn

Another two weeks bite the dust.

Here’s what happened these last two weeks:

Online school continues to rule this roost and I don’t like it at all. Mainly because I still don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, but also Blake has no desire to use a pencil in any capacity. So that’s been fun to deal with. I have noticed that he does somewhat better when I’m in the general area of him doing school but not sitting next to him, so I try to ‘stay busy’ with making breakfast or doing dishes or reading (aka pretending to read). He hasn’t been sold on this whole online school ordeal and to be honest, neither have I. But, we keep going and hope to heaven above that we make it to June 26th in one piece. (Yes, I have to keep doing this the entire month of June. Kill me now.)

Gordon is continuing to work through this pandemic and while I’d love for him to work from home, careers in law enforcement don’t quite work that way. His job is the main reason we haven’t picked up and left New York for the summer. I’m tempted to leave and go somewhere else for the entire summer, somewhere where ‘the rules’ are easing up, but Gordon. Ugh. I think I’d miss him too much. I kind of like him. A lot. I’d hate to leave. Buuuuut, realistically, how long can we actually keep our kids inside with summer right around the corner? My work is also suffering significantly and I can see it in my income and in my stats. I knew it would. I went from working 30 hours a week to 6. (And 6 if I’m lucky!) So that’s something else I need to consider. Anyways, in a round about way, I’m saying we might not be in New York for the summer and I don’t know how I feel about it. Haha! I’m a little indecisive, can you tell?

Porter turned 8 months! I did a fun little update that you can read here. He is still the happiest (and cutest) boy I know in quarantine.

Eddie in mask

Lately, I’ve been working with Eddie on his letter sounds and I think he is *this close* to reading! Do you have any super basic reading books you could recommend to us? I have the level 1, 2 and 3 easy readers but they are still slightly too hard for him as a beginner. We have Boggle Junior and that has been so so helpful, but its time to move onto books.

I’ve been running slightly longer distances and for my two long runs these past two weeks, I went 9 1/2 and 12 miles! My first run (9 1/2) was GREAT! I felt strong and wonderful. My 12-miler was rough. I kind of expected the 12 miler to be tough, but man was it TOUGH. Building up endurance and strength means breaking down my muscles to be rebuilt stronger than before. This I know. But actually being the one to break them down and deal with the soreness is still hard. However, with a bad run under my belt, odds are the next one will be better!  I have been pleasantly surprised by how easily running has started becoming. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m doing strength training and other cardio alongside the running, but I am finally starting to feel stronger. My legs are getting more definition and even my pants are getting a little looser! Slow and steady is the name of the game. I’m so glad I’m seeing results. Small results, but results nonetheless.

My results with my body have to do with all this running, but also I’m doing my best to stick to a low carb diet. Abs are made in the kitchen and as much as I hate the fact that that is a fact, it is really what has been fueling my results. I still have a ways to go, but its nice to look back and see progress. And in a strange turn of events, its gotten easier to eat low carb now that I’m in it. I hardly eat any sugar and having as much protein as I do, I’ve had zero cravings. Sometimes at night I feel hungry, but generally I’m doing just fine which is a huge blessing.

Last week, we went to Brooklyn for an afternoon and it was glorious! The weather was perfect, it wasn’t too busy and we even snapped a few (mask-free) photos as you can see as you scroll down. We complain a lot about city living, but this particular day was perfect. We love scootering along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and playing under the Brooklyn Bridge (by Jane’s Carousel). It’s our old stomping grounds and we love that we are familiar with the area and know our way around easily.

Lauren and Gordon with skyline

kids with nyc skyline

Brooke and Eddie

Gordon and Ed

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

I’m testing a bunch of recipes! Lots of cheesecake, lots of cookies and maybe even a cake or two if I can swing it. And yes, I’m still eating low carb too! I’m crazy.

Gordon used to work a ton and then have a few days off. Now, things are transitioning into him working nearly everyday again, the usual. It’s pretty rare for him to get any days off so we enjoyed it while it lasted. So I suppose these next few weeks are going to be me running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done.

Kids have another full month of school. I am dreading it. Pretty sure they are too. Ha! C’mon summer!

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Lauren and Porter

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9 Responses
  1. Allie

    Another vote for BOB books! Amazon even sells them. Best book sets to help get kiddos into early reader books, good luck!

    1. Lauren

      I’ll be doing a blog post about it pretty soon…basically I just went cold turkey. It was hard the first 10 days, but after that I adjusted just fine.

  2. Kathy

    We just bought learning dynamics it’s a reading program ..it has really helped my grandson who will be 5 in mid August loving reading ! It’s designed by one of the YW general presidents a few back named Cheryl ..can’t remember her last name.
    He loves Morris and borris books 🤣 needs a bit of help. Dr Seuss books the easy ones
    Have a great summer in Oregon !🥰

  3. Kimberly

    Ha, I was going to recommend the BOB books, but I see that several did. My boys really did well with Hop on Pop (Suess) and Bears on Wheels (Berenstein).

    We’ve been doing virtual train rides on YouTube and field trips to Smithsonian Natural History museum and Plimoth Plantation because we are still locked inside too.
    Good luck with the end of year work…we just turned in our last art project. Still another few weeks of logging into reading and math. I love hearing how your family is doing, you are not alone!

  4. Melissa

    Homeschool Mama of 11 years – I would highly recommend Bob books. Also a video series called Meet the Sight Words.

  5. Jan

    Our daughter in South Korea, who is teaching there replied

    Eric Carle
    Raffi Song Along
    BOB books
    Dont Let the Pigeon Out books
    Rhyming books

  6. Jan

    Lauren, love watching you family grow!
    Our oldest daughter is now in a South Korea teaching English.
    She was teaching 3rd grade in San Antonio but has taught 1st grace there as well.

    I believe when I would watch her daughter now 28, she would have me get BOB books.
    She graduated in Education from the U of Iowa. She went to a Desert Storm as a girls medic n was studying Law at the time.

    I can certainly send her a message for help. She would always leave me a list of authors n books to pick up for a Kaitlin.