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three kids walking down a country road

So so much has happened since we announced that we were moving! Read that post here.

Here’s what happened these past few weeks:

Well, Gordon spent a good chunk of his time in NYC finishing up work and also packing like crazy to get things set with the movers so he could finish up in our apartment, get our security deposit settled with the landlord and then leaving town to drive across the country back to Oregon to stay. Was that a long sentence or what? Ha! Luckily, things went as smoothly as they possibly could and he was on his way before we knew it.

We ended up getting a 16-foot POD since all the movers we tried to call were booked. And, how’s this for crazy: the POD people were all booked for “city service” too (when they bring the pod to your door) so we had to hire movers to move our stuff out of the city to where the POD was. All super crazy, but again, given the circumstances, it all worked out as well as it possibly could have. I did my best to sell all of our large items through Facebook Marketplace and was relatively successful, so everything Gordon packed fit into those 16 feet. Basically clothes, our exercise equipment and the beds. And the small amount of kitchen gear we had. It was kind of a tight fit but he did it! Unpacking will take us approximately 35 minutes. Haha!

man standing in front of car on NYC street
I kid you not, this is the happiest Gordon has ever looked in any picture taken of him the past three years we lived in NYC.

I thought he was going to hit the road the morning after he packed the POD because it was a long day, but after the landlord gave him the go ahead, he took off that night. It was a fun surprise for me knowing I’d see him that much sooner. If you look at the last photo taken in NYC of him in front of our car, have you ever seen a man look so happy? I think not. It took him about 4 days to get here. We were all relieved and excited that he got here so quick! And so thankful for the friends he was able to see along the route.

Since Gordon has gotten here, we have all just been in a holding pattern, waiting to close on our house. We are only 8 days away, but still!! We are getting antsy. I’ve been collecting things here and there for our new house since we didn’t pack much. I was planning on buying furniture and a few tables, but everything is on backorder thanks to this little thing called covid, have you heard of it? Since we’d like a couch before Christmas, I found a nice little set on Facebook Marketplace for cheap. I also got a full sized crib for Porter too (upgrade for my little fella) and am looking for a washer and dryer too. I have a friend who lives right around the corner from our new home who has graciously kept some of our items in her garage so moving day is that much easier for us.

mom and baby cuddling in tent on sleeping bag

Before homeschool started, we went camping! If felt so good to get out of town for a while and breathe all that fresh air in! Gordon packed all our camping gear in the back of our car so we’d have it for this specific purpose. We haven’t gone camping as a family since Brooke was Eddie’s age, so it was fun to get out and show them the ropes. Porter was an early riser thanks to the sun rising so darn early, but besides that, everyone had a grand old time. I even was able to get a 3 minute shower in! (Technically 2 minutes because it took at least 1 minute for the water to warm the heck up.)

The day after we got back from camping, we went swimming at the local pool here in town. We had to make an appointment weeks in advance but it was so worth it! My kids LOVE swimming so it was a nice change from the sprinklers on the trampoline. We are hoping the pool in the small town we are moving to opens up real soon! I’m itching to get my kids into swim lessons again. Blake is *this close* to swimming completely unassisted and we are slowly convincing Brooke that swim team might not be so bad. Eddie is kind of just a hot mess when it comes to water in general, so he needs all the help he can get. Thank goodness swim lessons are 1/10th the price here than they were in the city! (Literally 90% cheaper than in new york.)

three wet kids wrapped in towels at pool

Blake and Brooke lost a tooth! Blake had a wiggly bottom tooth which seemed to hold on FOREVER but finally I convinced him to try twisting it *just a little* and the son of a gun popped right out! Brooke lost one of her larger teeth towards the back with two more loose ones that are on their way, too! That girl wants braces so badly but obviously all the baby teeth need to come out first. Womp womp. Just a little more time and she’ll be there!

And last but not least, we started homeschool today! And by we, I mean everyone but me and Porter. Ha! Gordon left his position in NYC so he could homeschool our kids and give me a full workday so I can actually work. Day one went relatively well and we are so excited for the freedom we now have. It’s amazing! I’ll probably do a whole blog post about the curriculum we’re using and other items we are supplementing with. Eddie is going to be reading by himself in the next few weeks. He is SO close!

boy showing lost tooth

Here’s what is happening this next week:

I’m hopefully going to find a washer and dryer on facebook marketplace or craigslist! Can’t move in without one. Ah!

We close on our house in *almost a week* so I’m putting it here because Gordon and I are so excited! It will feel so great to have something we own again. We can paint without asking! How about that?!

We are boxing up a lot of toys and things we brought with us in preparation for the move next weekend. Hot diggity dog, we are ready to go.

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27 Responses
  1. Peggy Pharr

    I love reading about your family, recipes, good buys, etc. You make my day
    more enjoyable especially during the Covid lifestyle.
    I am a grandmother and great grandmother of 19 but I still remember some of the
    things that you are going through. Your kids always bring a smile to my face.

  2. Courtney

    Congratulations on a successful move! So excited for you guys. I can hear the excitement (relief) in your voice as you talk about being back in Oregon. Good luck to Gordon and his new teaching role. Can’t wait to see a tour of the new home once your settled.

  3. Carla Dieffenbach

    Love your Blog and your little family…we live in northern CA, so now I feel even closer to your little family and your fun recipes… So happy for your journey to a less stressful place and family.

  4. TinaMarie

    I am so so happy for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Family is everything and they come first. You guys did the right thing in leaving NYC. I always look forward on what you will be making next. You make things look so easy and simple and of course delicious. Peace and happiness sent your way.

  5. Sandy

    My washer went out last week and I was able to find one at one of the Lowe’s near us. It was kind of a miracle. A lot of people were showing delivery soon in September so maybe just keep checking almost daily. Such a pain, right?!

    Now that Gordon has left his job, will you be able to share what he was doing in NYC?

  6. Judy

    I am so happy for your family. You are just going to love Oregon. It’s a beautiful place to raise your children and so many things to do that don’t cost an arm and leg. God has truly blessed you all.

  7. Virginia Ledford

    So glad you guys are moving back to the fresh air and space where the kids can go outside and run around. Oregon is beautiful country and just the look on Gordon’s face I know HE is extremely happy to be going. Whole new chapter for you two and congrats on being a Homeowner again! YEA! That will be a never ending project as my son is finding out, he bought one in May in Utah. Take care and love your kids, oh those blue eyes just kill me!!!

  8. Marilyn Brennan

    It’s an exciting time and I am enjoying watching the homeschooling happen. Quality stuff you chose. And all the kids respond well to Dad being teacher. I also wanted to say Blake lost the tooth in the same place Porter just got his!

  9. Vicky Monroe

    Glad you made a great move. Love all the great smiles from a great family. Your recipes are the so delicious, and your blog is so inspiring. May God Bless and keep you safe in your new venture to a better place.

  10. Amanda

    I’m so excited for y’all!!! I really don’t know how you did it in NYC. I was always amazed when I saw your IG posts and stories. Everyone looks so happy and excited. Gordon’s smile really says it all.

  11. Gina B.

    I am excited for you and the family to be back in familiar surroundings. What an undertaking to move. Yes, Gordon looks so happy. Love the picture of you and Porter. I know it is a relief to be in the country setting instead of the city. Wishing you the best on your new environment. Take care and be safe.

  12. Caryn

    So glad for you and your family that you are able to move back to the west coast and leave city life behind. Enjoy that fresh air!!!

  13. Michael Ward

    It’s funny that even though it is all virtual you are so right. The smile on Gordon’s face if huge compared to other photo’s. Glad to see that you all made the choice to put your family first. Enjoy the ride.

  14. Jeanne

    I am so happy for you and your family. I love NYC, but living there I am not sure I could do that. Now Oregon, Oh yeah. I really love it there. I can understand the pressure of living somewhere where you feel like you can’t breath without someone telling you how. Enjoy your new found freedom and still stay safe. The family looks incredibly happy.

  15. Kelly

    That was the biggest smile I think we have EVER seen Gordon have in a picture lol. I’m so glad you are out of the city. It was an experience I would love to try for 3 months but not 3 years. You did see and do some amazing things.

  16. Shelly P

    So happy you all are back together. We homeschooled our three boy s. Our baby started college this year. I wish I could go back to to the early days of homeschooling that was such a fun time.

  17. Lena Boyd

    So excited for all of you and all of you look very happy. This move keeps you a family unit and it shows in your faces. Good luck and best wishes. We all are anxiously waiting for your next note. God bless..🙏🏻

  18. Jodi

    Is that a Telluride??? I just got one and love it!!! Good luck finding the washer and dryer, I cannot imagine not having those, the laundry piles up so quickly!