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This Week at the Brennans’

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mom smiling with four kids

So so much has happened in this last three weeks! Sorry to keep you all in the dark, I’ve just been SO busy!

Here’s what happened these past few weeks:

Lets start with a big one: our POD arrived and we are mostly unpacked! It feels really really good to be mostly settled. We are looking to do a few projects in the house immediately and are getting our ducks all lined up to make those things happen. The biggest thing is moving our fireplace from the corner of the living room to the center and getting built in book shelves on either side. It’s not a huge job, but we are having the hardest time finding people who are available and who will travel out to our small little town, darn it. We also are getting some built-ins made for our office and ordering french doors also for the office so I can work in peace. Ha! We were told they won’t be ready for 6-8 weeks because they’re both custom, but once we get them….WATCH OUT. Our office is going to be amazing! Ha!

Blake learned how to ride a bike! It took him less than an hour. He was so nervous to peddle around New York because there were always a lot of people no matter where we took him. So, we did put it off a little bit because of his anxieties, but one Sunday afternoon here, we told him it was time and he picked it up almost immediately. Back and forth a few times on our street and he had it down. Now, all he wants to do is ride his bike. It’s really so sweet. Once he’s done eating breakfast, he asks if he can ride his bike. I exercise most mornings, so usually after my workout, I will run around the block a few times with him so he can ride his bike a little before school.

boy riding bike on road

We finished painting and putting together our dining room! Our house has a lot of warm beige and brown tones that I don’t love. Slowly, we are changing that! We painted the dining room a fun mint green/light blue/grey color (it totally changes based on the light in the room) and we got pictures on the wall! I love how it turned out even though its so so simple. I ordered a chandelier for the room too so hopefully it’ll get here before Christmas. Ha! (The pandemic has made ordering things nearly impossible! I don’t want to wait until 2021 for anything, thanks.)

We also finished painting and putting Brooke’s room together! Gordon and I did the paining and gave her full creative control so she has been changing and switching things around how she likes it and it looks pretty darn cute! I’ll have to snap a few pictures to share.

On top of those two rooms, we also painted the boys bedroom too! I’m waiting on a few other items to arrive so we can officially finish their room, but it’s nearly there! I can’t wait to show you that room…might be my favorite room in the house! Not even kidding. It’s Oregon themed and so cute.

Once day last week, we went to the zoo for homeschool. We are part of a homeschool group and thought it would be a fun outing. It really was a lot of fun and our kids were able to meet some new friends.

Blake lost two teeth! This boy has had loose teeth for a while and refuses to do anything about pulling them. Both teeth were hanging on by threads. The first one he just pulled out because there was basically nothing left to it. The second one however was a different story. I was wiggling it to see just how loose it was and it started to bleed a little. Blake got some tissue to “stop the bleeding” and so I thought I’d help him and fold the tissue up and just hold it on his tooth so he didn’t have to taste the blood. Anyways, I pinched the tooth with the tissue holding it still, he flinched and the tooth popped right out. We both were screaming out of surprise. Ha! It was totally accidental on my part and we were laughing pretty hard about it.

two boys at the zoo

Brooke on the other hand has lost 4 teeth! She knows she can’t get braces until all her baby teeth are out of her mouth, so she is on a mission to get those teeth OUT. If any tooth is even the tiniest bit loose, she will make sure it’s out within a few days. I better find an orthodontist at this rate! I know she has a smaller mouth and crowding is already an issue, so braces are inevitable. I was supposed to take her to see an Orthodontist in August in NYC and obviously that didn’t happen, so we’ll have to find one here.

Eddie started preschool! There are a few homeschooling parents in the neighborhood that started a small joy school and Eddie is one of the students. It’s really the sweetest little thing because he’s the only boy! Poor Eddie could have used all-day preschool but that doesn’t really exist in Oregon right now thanks to the pandemic, so this 2 day/week joy school will have to do.

girl flexing in mirror

I reached my goal weight! We haven’t had a scale for months and we finally found it in the bottom of one of the last boxes we unpacked. I never really had the time to weigh myself with all the go-go-go happening in our lives (hiiiii work and homeschool!) but finally one morning I hopped on and was so surprised to see a number so low! A few pounds lower than my goal weight! I started getting fit around February and then got real serious about it in March when Porter stopped breastfeeding and I found out I was going to be running the NYC marathon. I started slow with the running, but really reigned in my diet. I started counting my macros and just decided to keep doing it until I felt like it wasn’t working for me. Turns out it has been the best thing for me. I feel GREAT and actually eat a well balanced 1800 calories per day. (45% carbs, 25% fat, 30% protein) When I was actively trying to lose weight, I was around 1400-1600 calories. As I started getting stronger and had more muscle to maintain, I increased my calories to 1800 which is where I stay most days. I still work out about 5 days per week and one of those days is a long run on Saturday where I run anywhere from 8-13 miles. (Trying to maintain my endurance while still gaining muscle.) So, right now I don’t care about weight loss anymore. I want more muscle definition which equates to MORE muscle, so I’ll probably gain a few pounds trying to do just that. I’m really proud of myself for getting to this point! I have never been in this great of shape ever in my adult life.

And funny story, I’ve made so much progress that I convinced Gordon to count his macros, too! He’ll probably do it a month and be ripped, but whatever. I’m not jealous at all. Ha! Just kidding. He will kill it and we’ll just be a fit happy couple together to try to keep up with our kids.

family posing with the sunset
Have I mentioned that we LOVE living back in Oregon?

Here’s what’s coming up:

We are looking for sports teams for our kids to join. Easier said then done in this new covid reality. Brooke is hopefully going to do swim team…she has an appointment to swim for the coach to see what level she would start at, so that’s fun! Blake wants soccer or running so I’m looking into that as well. Still looking for something for Eddie but this small town we live in was limited to begin with, and now with covid, who knows if I’ll be able to find a team for him. We’re working on it.

On Saturday, I’m taking Brooke to the outlet malls for “back to school” shopping. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but we’ve been a little busy with…all of the above.

We have someone coming on Tuesday to give us a bid on moving the fireplace. Here’s to hoping it will get done sooner rather than later.

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10 Responses
  1. Kathy

    Love your family updates. You were such troopers living in NYC and when I saw your picture of Blake riding down the street, I felt like you could breathe again. Looks like a beautiful neighborhood. So happy for you. <3 I also am amazed at how fast you have been able to personalize your home with paint, etc. And awesome job on you meeting your weight goal. You look amazing and I agree with another reader–who would believe you have had 4 kids. 🙂 Blessing to you and your sweet family.

  2. Maria Simmons

    Do you have a plain but moist butter cake recipe! My husband 60th birthday is Nov. 1, l would love to bake him a cake from scratch. I don’t bake. But l will take a chance, if l can get some help from you.
    Thank you

    1. Lauren

      I don’t have a butter cake recipe, but would a vanilla cake work? Here’s a vanilla cake recipe: https://laurenslatest.com/vanilla-cake-recipe/

  3. Donna Mason

    Lauren you look INCREDIBLE. Very proud of you and SO happy for you an your entire family with you new life in Oregon. Enjoy it all!!!!!!!!

  4. k

    I love these updates! I’m so happy this move has been so great for your family. And look at you! I’m so impressed you’ve been able to do so well with so much going on! Your arms look fantastic! Love, love Blake’s tooth story haha! That last pic with the kids on their bikes in a non-busy street makes me so happy. Big cities are awesome, but small towns…man! Nothing beats that.

  5. Jeanie Goff

    Glad to see the kids have a safe area to run and ride. Enjoy the new home and Congratulations. Look forward to your recipes as always


  6. Lena Boyd

    Thanks for the note, I am so happy for you all.Finally all of you together, that’s so important, funny how things work out isn’t it?
    You sound as if you all have been busy moving into your new home, the children sound very happy too. Thanks for the update, we all wait to hear how everything is going.