This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and Eddie

Another week down, only 1 to go until we roll out of Boise!! (Technically 4 days….yikes!)

Here’s what happened this week:

I finally took Eddie to the doctor after 10 days of being sick with some unknown virus and he ended up having an upper respiratory infection and a double ear infection 🙁 Poor poor guy!! It explains so much. After being on antibiotics for 3 days, he’s a whole new toddler. He still has his sniffly nose, but he’s much happier and is mostly sleeping through the night with no problems.

I, of course, got the same virus and have been having headaches and nasal drip for the last few days. Morning and nighttime are the worst, but when I’m drugged during the day I feel alright.

The movers came this past Tuesday!! They were supposed to come on Wednesday but I suppose there was a miscommunication/the universe thought I could handle the extra pressure. So, some lovely friends from church came over Monday night and stayed until 11pm to help finish packing. It pays to make friends at church.


Blake holding an ice cream sandwich

So our stuff left Tuesday and we have been sleeping on the ground/air mattresses ever since. My back will never be the same.

We have had a few really hot days, so otter pops and ice cream sandwiches for days!

Brooke has made a goal to be healthy with her exercise for 30 days in a row. I told her to hold off because it would be difficult to maintain/keep up with because we will be traveling. Even still, she wanted to get a head start and ran a mile last Thursday evening. I jogged it with Eddie in his stroller and Blake kept our pace pretty good! Here’s to hoping we can find a good outdoor track for her so she can finish this goal!! GO BROOKE!

One of my best friends, Amy, came to visit and help me pack with her four kids this Memorial Day weekend. (I have two best friends named Amy. It gets a little confusing.) We were able to get so much more accomplished and complete the last minute stuff that I was neglecting, like the bathrooms.

So, we basically have everything packed and organized in the garage. Lots for goodwill, lots for storage at my in-laws and lots to sell 🙂 YES!!

Eddie peaking through a play structure

Coming up this week:

Brooke and Blake’s last week of school is THIS WEEK!

I have a big to-do list that it difficult to get done with no help. *Womp womp* However, I will say, some ladies from my church have been so great! Always thinking of ways they can help me. They restore my faith in humanity.

Blake ends Pre-school, but will be going into another year in NYC before Kindergarten in 2019 begins.

We say goodbye to our Idaho house this Friday and sign all the papers to officially have it off our plates.

After Brooke’s early release last day of school, we’ll be all ready (hopefully) to drive across the country and into Canada to visit my parents.

Everything seems overwhelming, but if I can remember to take things one at a time then we should be ok 🙂

Blake in a play structure

Hopefully you all have had a great Memorial Day! I look forward to celebrating in NYC next year!


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8 Responses
  1. Diane

    Love those pics of your kids! (especially Blake and the ice cream sandwich) Can’t wait to read about all your adventures in NYC. What an awesome opportunity for you and your family!

  2. Teri

    This is the first time I’m leaving a comment, usually I just read your posts and updates. I love reading them and following you because I go through hard times and when I read about your hard times it makes me feel better to know that I am not alone and for some reason you give me courage to move forward. I also have a 20 month old and each time I see you post something about Eddy it just reminds me of my little guy. Thank you for your posts and I look forward to reading more of them.

  3. Hannah

    I’ve been following you for awhile, my two youngest are about the same ages as yours (17 mos. and almost 4) and we’re also passing around a mystery virus here. ???? Hope you all stay healthy through your move!

  4. Rebecca Shields

    I have been praying for your family as you make this big transition. Thanks for sharing your exciting journey!

  5. Jennifer Bolf

    I love all things Lauren’s Latest but here lately I can’t wait for your weekly “This Week At The Brennan’s”. You have got this girl! What an adventure, with roller coasters days and everything, lol. Can’t wait for the New York move and getting to know the city through you and your family.

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