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This Week at the Brennan’s

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A little boy sitting on a table

You have no idea how happy and relieved I am to have this week behind me!

Here’s what happened this week:

This was the last week of school for my kiddos and the last week of us living in our home in Boise (more details on our house below). So, this basically means MADNESS.

The movers had already come, so I was finishing up packing, cleaning and selling everything. I absolutely could not have done this without the help of my friends and neighbors. A lot of people kept saying “I don’t know how you’re doing it all alone!” but I’d reply with “I’m not alone! You’re here helping me!!” SO many people came to my rescue. There were so many times when I needed something and someone would text me or show up at my house. I’m so grateful for them all! I know Gordon is especially grateful too ๐Ÿ™‚

A few nights this week, I had to call the babysitter over so I could run out and get some last minute errands done. Like, dropping boxes off at my friend’s house to store for us, or running to Texas Roadhouse to get a gift card for Brooke’s teacher…things like that that I couldn’t fit into my schedule of blogging, packing, mothering, picking up/dropping off 3 kids, etc. etc..

Anyways, the point is, I got a lot of help from wonderful people and I got out the door, everything packed, hitting the road right on time on Friday afternoon.

We drove to Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday night. Saturday, we made it Cheyenne, WY. Yesterday we made it to my in-laws in Jameson, Missouri. (My long-time readers will probably be confused as to why they are in Missouri when you all know they’re from Oregon!! They have a beautiful home in Hood River, but are serving a mission for our church. More here.) We will stay here a few days to rest and recover and then next week we will continue east!!

My goal for our road trip is to never eat at the same restaurant twice…so far so good! And, having healthy snacks in the car makes up for the fact that we’re eating fast food 2 meals/day. Yikes!! (Though, I’m the mean mom that makes them get milk and apples with their kids meal!! Haha!)

I’m relieved that the big stressful part of the move is over. Now, it’s just mindless driving and keeping little kiddos happy and busy in the car. I’ll probably do a post about this soon. It’s really not so bad ๐Ÿ™‚ (Maybe check in with me after a few more days of driving!)

Lauren and the kids in front of the SLC LDS Temple

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

You probably could guess it….more driving!! Tomorrow, we’ll drive northeast to Chicago to visit my other best friend, Amy, and pick up my little sister Chelsea for the rest of the drive! My kids ADORE their Aunty Chelsea, so we are pumped to get there.

Thursday we will roll into Ottawa to see and stay with my parents! Woot!

Then Saturday, I fly back to New York and meet Gordon at our new apartment ๐Ÿ™‚ We will spend some time getting it set up and ready so by the time we fly back to get our kids, we won’t have to spend time unpacking…we’ll just be able to have FUN! I’m hopeful our movers will get there with our stuff asap. They technically have 21 business days to get our stuff to NYC (and it’s only been 10) but we will hope and pray it magically shows up sooner than later.

Brooke with her teacher

Miscellaneous Details

We technically lived in South Meridian, not Boise proper. Our home was new construction by Berkeley Builders and it was amazing! I’d highly recommend this location and this builder. The 1-year warranty was well worth it.

Our elementary school was Mary McPherson and I had nothing but good things to say about the school and about the teachers. We were super sad to leave.

We own a 2011 Honda Odyssey van and that thing gets amazing gas mileage! I’ve been able to travel nearly 5 hours without having to stop to fill-up my tank.

(This has nothing to do with anything, but thought I’d share!! Haha!!) Since I stopped getting eyelash extensions, my eyelashes have been much thinner and been a little depressing to look at. I guess that’s why people keep getting eyelash extensions? But, anyways, I’ve started using this mascara and I’m in love!! It works so well for me and makes my lashes seem longer. I don’t think I’ll go back to getting extensions, even though they are super fun ๐Ÿ™‚

AND, my friend and her husband are raising money to build a school (and go teach!!) in Madagascar to obviously educate and help prevent human trafficking of children. Please consider donating here.

Lauren and Eddie

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  4. Lori

    I believe I came across your blog for a recipe but it’s your posts on your family that make me come back to hear about the Brennan’s. Wow – I couldn’t believe the task you had in selling your items in ID, having your home on the market and packing up your things for the move to NYC–all with 3 young children. I don’t think I could have done it–and if I did, I’m pretty sure I’d be pretty grumpy about it. I love your positive, optimistic posts young mama posts. My own kids are 25 and 23 now so it is fun to read about young families!

  5. Kimberli Bean

    I don’t know how you’ve done it all, I’m amazed by your patience & energy!! We just got done moving 70 miles away & are currently selling our house but my husband is here & helping, I can’t imagine it being across the country & doing it all alone!! I don’t comment very often but I love your blog & read religiously, I’m excited for your new adventures in NYC & even more that your family is back together now!! Good luck, I hope your stuff gets there very soon!!

  6. Ronnie Stockwell

    I am so happy you have made it to NY and are with your husband. Can’t wait to see the picks of your new home.

  7. Terri Gilbert

    I do admire and respect you for what’s you have accomplished. You are an amazing mom and wife. You have it together and I love that. Your kids are adorable and look at your new life ahead of you all!! Kudos mom!

  8. Megan Bramos

    I have seriously been amazed through this whole series at how you’ve tried to keep everything as normal as possible before your big move! My husbands career is overseas, so we live there at least 8-9 months out of the year. This year I came back early with my toddler + 31 weeks pregnant and we’re going on 6 weeks and counting. You’ve definitely helped me realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even when it seems so far away!

  9. Dawn Murphy

    I love reading your posts. And any time a new pic of Eddie shows up, it makes me smile. He gets cuter by the day!

  10. Lori

    Sometimes I think you are superhuman with all that you do! Shew! I hate to drive in a car like that! So glad that the moving is almost behind you guys!

  11. Ashley Schlatter

    Girl, you have 180 times the patience I would have. And, atleast on your blog posts and social media seem WAY more upbeat than I could ever muster in a situation like you have been managing for the last couple months!

  12. Courtney

    Wishing you safe travels as you travel across the country with the kiddos. Can’t imagine doing that. I think you must be some kind of supermom, powered by carbs and diet coke of course. Glad to here you will have someone to help you drive once you hit Chicago. Love reading these posts by the way. It shows that its not always roses & sunshine in a world with 3 kids. I am one of 5 and still don’t know how my mom did it.

  13. Charles Bedard

    Are you from Ottawa? I thought you from BC for some strange reason. What a coincidence… I live in Ottawa too… Happy trails to you!