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Hi friends!

This week, we were traveling again…this time to sunny Florida to play at Disney World and then go on a Disney Cruise! Tough life, I know.

Here’s what happened and what I learned this week:

Time zone changes are way more brutal on the parents than the children!! Yuck.

We learned that Brooke loves roller coasters! I took her on Tower of Terror and she LOVED it. “My butt wasn’t even on the seat, Mom!

We can live in tight quarters as long as we have a very loud noise machine! We downloaded a white noise app and it worked wonders for us!

Cruises are the bomb dot com. Especially for kids!


Epcot is a lot of fun, especially Test Track and Soarin’. They also have a ton of ridiculous food too.

Magic Kingdom is where a lot of the magic is found though 😉 (Princesses, classic Disney rides)

Eddie sitting at a table

Eddie looks unbearably cute in his mickey ears!!

Packing cubes saved my sanity!! Google packing cubes for a life changing experience.

We love a good Disney show too. The fireworks and lights shows are awesome.

When we are on vacation, we play hard, but sleep even harder!!

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Looking forward to this week:

Doing a big grocery shop tomorrow and I’m so excited! FINALLY getting back to normal.

Blake is going to a birthday party this week and will be back to preschool! YAY!

I submitted a book proposal to my literary agent so I should be hearing back soon! Fingers crossed.

Gordie has a few dr’s appointments and it’s Valentine’s Day on Tuesday!! That snuck up on me. Oh well 🙂 Any ideas of a lovey dovey gift I could get Gord, let me know in the comments. THANKS!! 🙂

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4 Responses
  1. Chrissy

    Um yes…packing cubes are life changing. Especially with kids! I don’t know how I ever packed before without them! Looks like you guys had a great trip! We’re flying home from vacation tomorrow and I’m also looking forward to grocery shopping, lol.

  2. Amanda

    Oh wow! Our family loved the disney cruise. Best memories ever. We have done it twice on the Dream. Now I’ve got the cruisin’ itch again 🙂