This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and the kids looking towards the city

One week in and so far so good…mostly 🙂

Here’s what happened this week

We drove all day Monday from my parents’ place to NYC and arrived around 6:30 to our new apartment. Gordon driving in NYC is ridiculous. The lines on the road are general guidelines and honking is mandatory. Good news! You don’t need a reason to honk your horn. I’m confident 94% of the honks are just meant for red lights or at people waiting at red lights. People are stupid, basically. And I’m glad we made it though alive.

We have been trying to get settled as best we can with none of our personal belongings with us and I’m trying really hard to not jump on a plane to California to my movers’ headquarters with pitchforks and torches. GIVE ME MY STUFFFFFFFF! Technically they said the last day for our stuff to arrive is this Friday, though when I was signing the paperwork, they told me different dates. #rage

Once I actually get my stuff, the better business bureau is going to get an earful 😉 If you have any other ways to get these movers to hurry the heck up, let me know!

So besides that mess, we’ve been having fun in the city! We are trying to do 2ish bigger outing each week. “Bigger outing” meaning having to buy tickets/take the subway/takes longer than 3 hours. We went to Brooklyn, Rockefeller Center (blog post is coming soon!) and the Statue of Liberty so far!

Last Wednesday, I went to a body pump class and only now do I feel like I’m back to normal. My legs were killing me for days! Feel the burn for sure. I love body pump, but man! I got out of shape these past few months!

Also, my appetite is getting stronger. I had *zero* appetite when my husband was gone the first time around because of all the stress in my life. Now that the majority of that is gone, things are hopefully slowly coming together again. (My thighs were wondering what was going on…)

We bought a bunch of IKEA furniture and we got our triple bunk bed delivered and put together. Basically, Gordon built it all while I took the kids out and about. So things are slowly coming together. Slowly.

Gordon left on Sunday morning for his second half of his training. Yes, more training!! I can’t get away from it. He will be driving or flying or taking the train every weekend to and from his trainings. So, Monday to Friday, he will be away but will pop back up on our radar Friday night and we will have him back every weekend. Its obviously not ideal, but its way better than not seeing him at all which is what we did for the first half. We could have moved at the end of the year, but we wanted the kids to start school in September and feel settled. Plus, who wants to move in the winter? NOT ME.

I’m starting to feel more comfortable with where we live and the neighborhood we are in. I’ve found myself steering clear of the busier streets and walking along the more residential streets to avoid them. I like the quiet and calm streets because all the other ones are not that way. The hustle and bustle here never stops and it’s kind of fascinating, but it does get old. I hope I get used to it. And the sirens and honks and neighbors I hear through the night. Ha! I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Oh, and, holy crap the Cannoli from Juliana’s was amazing. It tasted like a donut. Also, their margherita pizza (with pepperoni) was legit. I must go back here soon. Eddie loved their meatballs.

Eddie eating food

Coming up this week:

We for sure 100% need to register Brooke for school. You need SO MUCH documentation to register a kid here for school its ridiculous. Blake is already #45 on the waiting list for preschool at the same school too, but the lady I talked to said that once I register Brooke, she will repopulate her list and Blake should pop up closer to the top if not the top. So we are hopeful they both will get in!

I wanted to go to the gym a bunch, but I forgot the child watch doesn’t take 8 year olds and Brooke is too young to work out at the gym or be on equipment. What am I going to do with her? Still working that one out.

I think we are going to check out Central Park finally with the kids! Woo hoo!  Where else should we go?

And Gordon gets home on Friday. Yes yes yes.




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15 Responses
  1. Patricia

    I’ve heard so many horror stories about moving companies. A person in my neighborhood moved from Florida and her stuff was in California and couldn’t get them back until they paid an additional couple of grand. She was so frustrated. I wish I remembered the name of the moving company. I hope that’s not the case for you and you get your things asap. I love reading your blog and your instastories!!!

  2. Marge

    We have moved several times. We had problems with one company. They told us they had 30 days to get there, but would be there within a week. They showed up on day 30. yes, it is frustrating!

  3. Alice B

    Welcome to NY! We live upstate, but my daughter moved to the Bronx about a year ago. We’ve had lots of great weekend visits and love spending time in the city! A few of our absolute favs are the Bronx zoo, the New York public library, and while it may not be for kids we had the BEST time on a food tour with – you have got to try one! Fingers crossed with your movers!

  4. Stephanie

    Oh Lauren, hugs. When you first said you were moving here I felt sorry for you , thinking of all those annoyances you’ve already listed. Im a lifelong New Yorker and now that I have 4 kids I can’t wait to get out. But we both know if God brought you to it, He will bring you through it. Stay close to Him and try to just focus on all the good and fun things here. I know it’s a big adjustment. Xoxo

  5. Kara

    Have you tried to leave them a bad Facebook review? It’s amazing what a bad comment on social media can do. My mom got ripped off by ticket master (they double sold our seats). One post on their page and suddenly that refund they couldn’t issue was no problem at all.

  6. Jamie

    I wish we could’ve been in NY at the same time! It would’ve been nice to see a familiar face! I drove in NYC many times and was amazed with my abilities! Pedestrians do whatever they want! Parking is super expensive and limited, as you’re probably realizing now, so take advantage of public transportation. I can’t tell you how many times the kids and I got some free “entertainment” on the subway or at Grand Central Station. Take the kids to the Children’s museum. When you find a babysitter, you and Gordon need to explore the city sans kids! The restaurant scene is unreal! Check out the Met, and the other hundred art museums, plus the Natural History museum. Broadway musicals! Comedy clubs! Boating or strolling in Central park! When I think of more things we did I’ll let you know!

  7. Peggy Mason King

    Bless your heart! No movers and no Gordon!! I can’t imagine! You are such a good wife and mommy. Hope this week is amazing for you and the kiddos! God bless your family!!

  8. Lori Cadmus

    Enjoying seeing all your NYC adventures! There is an adorable little chocolate museum, very kid friendly and yummy chocolate samples!

  9. Katie | The Surly Housewife

    I’m so sorry the movers haven’t arrived! I don’t have any advice, but as the wife of a truck driver I know things do come up on cross country trips. Fingers crossed they are there soon.
    I LOVED their bunk beds on IG stories. So cool!!
    I have never been to NYC so I don’t have any recommendations. I’m with you, Idk if I could deal with the noise . . .
    Have a lovely week!