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This Week at the Brennan’s

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A group of people walking on a sidewalk

Another week in the books! This week was much better than last week 🙂

Here’s what happened this week:

Gordon left Sunday again, as usual, and we kicked off the week making a list of things we/I wanted to do. So, at the top of my list was walking the Brooklyn Bridge to ride the carousel finally! (We tried to do this a few weeks ago, but the carousel was closed! NOOO!!) Since the movers finally delivered our stuff, we were able to take the double stroller and Brooke and Blake kept taking turns walking and sitting. It was a sweaty workout for me! My kids were troopers and did amazing! It was a long afternoon on the bridge and then hanging around in Brooklyn.

So, we were able to ride the carousel three times! The first time, Eddie was giving all the horses side eye, but by the last go around, he was pretty happy about it! Brooke and Blake wanted to keep riding, but I convinced them to get off and get some lemonade around the corner 🙂

That was one day this past week.

Another day, we stayed home and I did laundry and caught up on work and tried to unpack a few last boxes, though we are quickly running out of room. Our closet space is good, but I packed too much stuff! So, we’re trying to come up with creative ways to make use of our tall ceilings. I need to find some suspended shelving that I can put into our 11 foot closets.

Then because I’ve never been to Bloomingdales, I took the kids (on the subway by myself…still getting used to that) and we walked around and did a little shopping. And by shopping I mean I bought Blake some sandals…haha! And I got some jeans too. (My favorite brand but new style.) Brooke was unimpressed that I bought her nothing, but sometimes, that is how it goes.

Kids sitting on a bench

Lauren and Eddie
shifty eyed baby!



j/k mom, I like it

Other big news, I gave Eddie a hair cut! His curls were a little out of control and in his face so I chopped them real good. They’re still long, but a little more manageable and not in his face. Gordon thinks he looks more like a girl now, but I think he’s still adorable 😉

Blake also got a hair cut earlier in the week and now doesn’t have to sweat so much because of hot how his hair is. That boy got total Brennan genes and sweats just thinking about going outside. Oh goodness.

Eddie in the bath

Coming up this week:

Yesterday I traveled to an undisclosed location and will be giving you more details on instagram stories later tonight! Stay tuned!

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4 Responses
  1. Larry

    Your husband is a very lucky man, not only a great cook/homemaker, but beautiful kids too.
    I live 10 miles south of Camp Wilson single 63 had some the most beautiful people in my life, coast to coast, but you and your family make me want to start again. Thanks for the inspiration. LW
    PS, Hanging shelves are easy. Get precut wood from Home Depot, the size you want the shelves, 4 screw in heavy duty hooks, and some rope length depending on how many shelves, and how low.
    drill a hole at each corner of the wood about 1/2 inch in from both sides to allow the rope to thread, knot the rope after making a loop at he top to hang, knot being underneath the shelf, or shelves.