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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and Eddie

Hello again, friends! I’ve tried to sit down and write this post quite a few times, but my mom brain is getting the better of me, as is my attention span. Hello, FRIENDS bloopers. But I will power through and give this a whirl.

Here’s what happened this week:

I love making goals for myself and trying to accomplish them. Earlier in the week, I had a few conference calls that put a few things into motion that would allow me to take small steps towards greater, much larger goals for myself. I’m so excited about all that stuff! Of course its a little daunting because its a TON of work to put in and make the effort, but I’m excited nonetheless.

Also, my nanny gets an A++ this week for just showing up and being here. My kids are getting the hang of her and she is getting used to them and their personalities. It’s grand! And I really love that I get uninterrupted time to myself but still plenty of time with the kids. I’ve been with them 24/7, nonstop since school ended in Idaho at the beginning of June. Mama is ready for Brooke and Blake to head back to school!

Our nanny, Melanie, also found a watch that belonged to Blake and put it on Eddie! That boy has been LOVING IT! It’s adorable to see this black and yellow Batman watch on his chubby little wrist!

Lauren and Eddie
Do you spy the batman watch?

We were able to get Brooke into a great public school with very high ratings across the board and in a super cute and quiet (for New York) neighborhood. We live on the border of a quieter neighborhood and some very loud and busy streets. You walk one way for shops and CITY and you walk the other way for more apartments, parks and CALM. Brooke’s school is in the calm, several blocks away for which I am grateful.

Blake is on the waiting list for preschool. Fall 2017 is the first year New York City is offering free preschool for any child who has turned 4. The lists are long, but I am hopeful that we’ll find a spot for him somewhere 🙂

We were able to go to Washington Square Park and play in the fountains this week with the nanny, AND we made a few friends and we met up with them on the upper east side at a park right by the MET. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown on the subway system trying to get there because I brought the wrong stroller and that particular stop had no elevator (even though I double checked online it said there was an elevator there….GAH!!) I thought most people would stop to help, but a crotchety old lady said “no one is going to help you with that big thing. Go find a stop with another elevator.” So I felt helpless and got back on and figured out a way for us to get where we needed to be. Next time, I will just wait or ask someone for help.

My mantra for New York is if someone is willing to help me in ANY way, I will just say yes. For instance, people all the time are willing to give up their seats on the subway for us. I will sit down every time, ***even if its awkward arranging myself, three kids and the stroller.

Oh, also!! Gordon was home this weekend and we went to IKEA to pick up a few furniture items. Anyways, our boys were starving, as per usual, so I went up to the restaurant and got some food….except the lines were oh so long and after waiting 10 minutes and not having anything on our trays, both Blake and Eddie were crying. (Eddie more so than Blake. He is my wildcard child.) So we finally got some hot food on our trays and I thought I could just skip the salad bar situation because we didn’t want anything there and my boys were being ridiculous. I skipped over the salad bar to a line with the register which I thought was ok (that’s what I did in Portland when we lived there) when a gentleman two people back started talking loudly about how rude it was for people to cut in line.

First of all sir, I didn’t realize I was cutting the line. Second of all, if I had the guts to actually cut a line, YOU BET YOUR ASS I WOULD CUT. (Do you see these boys that are raging and screaming?) Thirdly, you can take your swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes and shove them up your……

I didn’t end up saying anything in fear I would regret what I said later. But, I did my best to quiet my children down and prevent them from knocking the tray from my arms, paid and left. And actually, the guy directly behind me who I guess I cut right in front of asked if I needed any help while I was walking to my table. I ended up declining because I was 3/4 of the way to our table, but again, next time someone offers assistance, I’m going to take them up on it and then thank them profusely.

And I don’t think I mentioned this before, but Gordon was loading all our furniture into our van while I was dealing with the hot mess that is my life which is why I was alone with my boys in the first place. And because God is hilarious, Gordon showed upstairs to the restaurant the minute I sat down with our food. OF COURSE.

Blake also played in the ball pit at IKEA for 30 minutes which was the highlight of his entire life. To say he loved it was an understatement. I wish they would take kids for an hour, but 45 minutes is the max on weekdays and 30 minutes is the max on weekends. I can’t get through the show room in 30 minutes, but whatever.

I took Brooke out for a mommy-daughter date to pick up a few things for summer camp and school and we ended up staying out way longer than anticipated and spending a lot more than I anticipated BUT!! We got nearly everything we needed for her and Blake to start school. Thank you, Target and Old Navy.

Lauren and the kids

Coming up this week

Brooke and Blake head to camp and we’re all excited about it!! TWO WEEKS of having only one kid to worry about. Wheeeeeee!!!

We’re hopefully going to book a place to visit for Labor Day Weekend. We wanted to visit my sister in Arizona, but I’m not sure thats going to work out because of how expensive the flights are, but maybe another time :/ We’re thinking Montauk (because its close) or Boston (Gordon’s brother lives there).

More exciting things happening *hopefully!* that gets me one step closer to my dream of taking over the world!! Mwahahaha.

That’s not true. My dream is to sleep uninterrupted for 8+ hours. And then maybe go to Tahiti or something.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!! xoxo


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5 Responses
  1. Marilyn Brennan

    Yes thank you for telling about your crazy life. Love you all andiI love some adventures through you! Xoxo to kids!

  2. Jane S.

    Love reading your updates! I think you are so brave and you are doing such a great job! Another month or so, and this will all be old hat… Hang in there. Lauren!

  3. Barb Heersink

    I am one of the ones from the east coast and envy you a bit…now I am landlocked in Colorado. One thing about the east coasters though – as a general rule they are rude and impatient. It must be a by-product of just too many people in one place. They will not care if your stroller is too big or your toddler is screaming. Gotta say westerners are so much more laid back and friendly.