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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and Blake

Another one bites the dust! August is almost over…can’t wait until school starts 🙂

Here’s what happened this week:

This past week was Brooke and Blake’s first week of camp! Those two have a love-hate relationship with this day camp I signed them up for. Some days they love it, some days they hate it! I make them go regardless because its good for them. Plus I’M THE MOM.

They get to swim, play sports, work on arts and crafts and do other things that I can’t think of. And I get to stay home with Eddie and work! Except the nanny still comes and has one kid to watch instead of 3! It’s pretty great 🙂

Eddie realized that he fits through the ladder on the bunk bed and gets stuck there every once in a while. We know he is stuck because he just screams and screams.

Eddie can also run!! Well, sort of. He tries really hard, but it mostly looks like a shuffle.

I got a hair cut this week! Just a trim, but it was much needed. The girl cutting my hair told me in the nicest way possible “yeah, there’s a lot of breakage.” So I was happy to see it go! Hello healthy hair!

I forget this every summer but am reminded every fall: I THRIVE OFF OF SCHEDULES AND ROUTINES (and so do my kids). Sometimes its hard to get up in the morning (any by sometimes I mean all the time…anyone else’s kids wake up at 5:30 consistently?) but once I get going, I don’t stop. That’s part of the reason I’ve been happier this week.

ALSO! Before I get ahead of myself, the first half of the week was awful for me. Even though my kids were gone to camp for the day, I was feeling miserable because I’m so behind. I made goals for myself personally and professionally at the beginning of the year and because we moved and because I had to do 94% of it on my own, I feel like I lost my momentum, my good juju and my happiness for 4-5 months. That compared to my husband, hard at work in his dream career, has been rough to say the least. I’ve felt a little left behind.

BUT! I’ve been starting to listen to this podcast and it has been so helpful. I might even say life changing?! I feel like the sadness and weight of my shortcomings/circumstances are lifting. Not all at once, but I do feel them slowly dissipating. Not just because I’ve been listening to this podcast, but because I’ve started implementing a few things this week. They are:

  • An intentional time alone in the morning to meditate. This includes reading scripture, praying, and actual meditation with deep breaths and all.(Happens during Eddie’s morning nap)
  • Listen to a podcast (usually while I’m folding laundry, getting ready in the morning, walking back from dropping the kids off at camp)
  • Writing in a gratitude journal
  • Writing in a self-love journal
  • Writing down thoughts and ideas that come to me in a notebook throughout this morning ritual as listed above…things like emailing this person or texting that person.

I need to try really really hard at being happy because this is a different, uncomfortable season of my life. I wish it wasn’t hard, but it is. If I can be happy, then it’ll be much more enjoyable 🙂

I also made a happiness list for times when I need a little boost. A lot of these are so silly, but they make me happy! Things like ice cold Diet Coke, a hot bath, Chrisley Knows Best, FRIENDS, a facial, a nap, exploring the city alone, fresh flowers, looking at my wedding photos/baby photos of our kids or browsing Barnes and Noble. Simple but effective!

I tested a few recipes this week with only one making the cut. Fudgy cookies coming your way tomorrow!

Gordon told me he had 11 weeks left of his training. Still a long way to go, but we’ve come so far! Not losing hope on a trip to Tahiti as my prize for surviving 2017. Actually, I’d take a week at a hotel room around the block just so I can sleep. That’s all I really want in life.

Oh! I ordered Brooke some new bedding, purchased and then returned some book shelves, took even more stuff to good will (our apartment still feels overrun with stuff) bought a bunch of Spark, got a Stitch Fix box (remember those?) and made some fat pants worthy stuffed shells.

Gordon was a rockstar for the 41 hours he was home this weekend and helped organize, clean, hang and get rid of all sorts of stuff. I really like how handy and helpful he is. He also came home Saturday afternoon with a gift card for a massage for me. So, he wins. He also noticed that I was happier. My little happiness project is working.

In an effort to encourage Blake to sit still for longer than 15 seconds, we let him pick out a chapter book with pictures for us to read to him. Brooke also wanted a book and we got her this one. We’ll see if this idea works 😉

Blake also gave a talk in church today (in front of other children…not the whole congregation) and he did it so loudly and effectively! It was so cute! He talked about the sabbath.

Lauren and Gordon

Here’s what’s happening this week

Another week of day camp for my littles!

I’m getting back to my camera and filming a few fun recipes this week 🙂

I’m getting a facial (staying happy!), meeting up with a friend, and seeing a dermatologist. Wheeee!

Staying busy with work.

Blake and Edward have the sniffles and I’m starting to get a little something too. Hopefully it all stays at bay and doesn’t get to crazy for any of us.

Oh! And I think Eddie is getting a few more teeth. At least that’s what it felt like when he bit my shoulder tonight. The butthead.


What’s on your happy list?

Do you actively try to do things to keep yourselves happy?

I’d love to get your ideas!

Have a great day, friends!!

Lauren and Eddie

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18 Responses
  1. Dawn

    Ruth is just jealous and hateful. Ignore the haters, they don’t deserve your energy. I will admit I am jealous you get to go to Tahiti lol. I don’t begrudge you for it because you earned it and I have my own vacation I am planning I worked my ass off for.

  2. My Happiness List - Lauren's Latest

    […] gotten a lot of feedback about my latest This Week at the Brennan’s where I mentioned my Happy […]

  3. Kelly from Cincy

    Lauren, I can’t imagine what a rough (although sometimes fun) time you’re going through right now. I imagine it’s pretty overwhelming and downright discouraging at times. This is just a season of life and I’m sure you appreciate your husband way more than most women do! Keep your head up and enjoy the little things when you can.

    1. Lauren

      Yes, that’s what I keep telling myself! This is the season of my life and it’ll soon change. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!!

  4. Marla C

    Hi Lauren. Thank you for your honesty. We all need a reminder to work on our happiness now and again, especially during the more challenging seasons that we all encounter. It’s nice to know others feel the same way. I really enjoy your blog. Best of luck to you and your beautiful family with back to school!

  5. Jessica

    We have the same taste in TV shows. I knew we were friends for a reason.

    Love your happiness project. Doing a little something for you every day makes all the difference. Since I started hot yoga, things changed a ton for my happiness level. Those 45 minutes of me time help keep me grounded and clear headed.

  6. Lauren

    Lauren, I hope you are serious about Tahiti because you deserve it! I recently had my 3rd, and I marvel at all you accomplish. Mom goals! I appreciate your hard work for sure. You post way more frequently than many other blogs I read. Helpful to have something to do when I am up in the middle of the night:)

  7. Sabrina Snyder

    You deserve every last bit of every darn vacation you take Lauren, you work so hard! Love following along on your blog, please don’t let people who can’t root for your success affect you at all.

  8. Anne Pik

    Omg Ruth, get a life! Or better yet, go read another blog that makes you happy or spread your cynical vibes elsewhere.

    Lauren, thanks for allowing us to share your joy & give support to your adventures in life.

    1. Lauren

      I think you are confusing ‘privilege’ with ‘hard work’. I work anywhere between 30 and 80 hours a week on my blog and have been doing so for nearly 8 years. I work for every dollar I make and will take whatever damn vacation I want. And guess what? You can work hard, save up and do the same thing too.

  9. Deb

    Something I’ve learned on my path that helps me stay happy/positive. I saw an episode of Oprah YEARS ago something I’ve carried with me. A counselor said it’s impossible to be stressed and full of gratitude at the same time, something about how your brain and thought process works. So next time you are overwhelmed make yourself stop for a second and think of all you have to be grateful for..I swear it works. My best example is next time the kids are driving you CRAZY stop for a second, close your eyes and think “I am blessed, my children are here with me, not sick in a hospital or missing. They can communicate with me and are safe in our home” I swear it’s saved my sanity many a time.

  10. Krysten @freshfitkitchen

    Awe you are doing an amazing job being on your own so much and making such life changing changes ! I too thrive on routine so even the good stuff flips my mood because I am not good at not being in control or adapting to massive life changes . Your ideas are great and I am
    Going to implement a few myself ! 😉