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This week at the Brennan’s

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Blake pushing Eddie on a toy

I almost called this post “Post Vacation Recovery” because that is what this weekend was. I’ve learned a few months ago from all of you lovely people that Vacations aren’t actually vacations; they are family trips. And family trips are a whole other different ball game than vacations (like going away on a trip where you can actually relax.)

We did a lot of laundry this week. Our house is still not in order. We’ve got clean clothes, but I don’t have time to fold them. Story of my life.

I took Eddie to the doctor this week because he was being so so terribly cranky. Turns out that poor boy has a double ear infection!! Poor little guy. But we got him good antibiotics and he’s slowly returning to his old self. (Still having trouble sleeping…’cause that is his thing…but we’re working through it all.)

Blake has also gotten some random bug on Friday. He’s just had a very high fever…and that’s it. No symptoms of anything else. Just a fever of 103. Random, but it made him tired and cranky too. We were grateful for lots of medicine this week!!

Gordie continues to wait for that job offer to come pouring in. He’s got a conditional job offer for his *dream job* and we have faith it will all work out, but dang Gina! We’ve been waiting since September! (But literally though. September.)

I’m just working away, trying to stay healthy. Easier said than done when all your baby wants to do is cuddle up to you, snotty nose and all! The shoulder areas of all my shirts are caked with boogers and food stains. You’re welcome for that visual.

Brooke bought a gum ball machine with some of her birthday money yesterday and Blake is enamored. I am shocked and equally pleased at how well she is sharing with him. Last night, I heard them talking to each other from their respective beds after we put them down:

Blake: “Brooke? BROOKE!”

Brooke: “What?”

Blake: “Brooke, can I have a gum ball tomorrow?”

Brooke: “Of course you can! Everyone gets a gum ball tomorrow!”

It was pretty adorable. Gord and I were smiling when we heard this conversation.

Eddie has learned to sign ‘more’ and has found the tupperware drawer! That boy is learning how to get into everything! He can open all the cupboards and drawers with ease. It’s adorable but super inconvenient when he gets into all this while I’m making dinner. (Dinner time seems to be the only time he’s interested in playing in the kitchen! Typical…)


Coming up this week:

Tomorrow, I’m using my spa gift card I got for my birthday and getting a massage and a facial. It will be glorious!

Brooke will be starting Cheer this week. At least I think it’s this week. Let me check a calendar and get back to you…

I experimented with a new chocolate chip cookie recipe I found online and turned it into the most fabulous cookies in the world. I’ll be posting those this week!! Stay tuned 🙂

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4 Responses
  1. Holly

    I love reading about your family- particularly little Eddie and I have an Eddie of my own! He, and his twin bro, have been taken out by ear infections a lot this year- it’s awful!

  2. Genny

    Just found your website tonight! I sure miss those days! Enjoy — going to make this cinnamon swirl donut bread! Did you know Costco sells a bread almost identical to this? I’ve been trying to re-create it for months – Thank you!

    1. Lauren

      Yes, I DO know that Costco sells that bread. My friend asked me to recreate the recipe for her! So, that’s where the idea came from. Glad you were able to find my little corner of the internet 🙂

  3. GLoria

    Enjoy all your adventures. Brings back memories of m;y younger years with my children and their snotty noses and all. Thanks for the memory trips.