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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren on a bridge
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Hi Friends!!

You probably noticed I took a few days off from blogging 🙂 Since it was the long weekend and since I posted every day last week (unheard of!!) I took full advantage of the Labor Day weekend with my family. You probably caught a glimpse of what we did on my Instagram Stories, which is to be expected! We had a fun time being together, as per usual.

Here’s what happened this week:

From what I recall, it started out as a pretty routine week. We were getting our back to school supplies in order, and after a quick phone call to the school, I realized that the online school list didn’t match the actual school supplies list. Panic mode. I literally have to return everything from the old list. I haven’t yet because I haven’t had the time, but I will at some point. Oh, and I tried ordering everything from the new list online, but it looks like it will all get here very late because of that darn hurricane.

SO, we’ll see if everything gets here.

One thing I can’t find anywhere is pocket folders. I need one of each color from the rainbow, but the City Targets are too small to carry them, and other online venues don’t have just pockets folders in the colors we need. So, I’ll be on the hunt for those tomorrow. Same with the black and white composition notebooks. They used to be on sale for $0.50 when I was buying everything off the old list, but of course I didn’t get any because they weren’t on the old list!! Now that I know I need them, they are suddenly non-existant. LAME.

I came up with 3 new recipes I’ll be sharing this week and they are goooooooooood. I’m pretty excited about these ones 🙂

Lauren and Eddie

On Friday morning, we got a call from our elementary school saying that Blake was off the waiting list and got bumped into a class!! It’s basically a miracle. When I first enrolled Brooke in school weeks ago, Blake was #45 on the waiting list for a school only taking 32 preschoolers TOTAL. The secretary said he’d get bumped higher on the list because Brooke was registered but the odds were stacked against us. (Siblings get priority for entrance into the school.) So last week, I was setting up appointments to tour some other preschools in the area when the sweet lady in the office called AND emailed me telling me the good news. So I ran over to the school with all three children in tow on Friday and registered him. It was the best news and biggest blessing we could have gotten. Seriously. We are all so so happy about this. Brooke and Blake are excited to wave to each other in the halls. Haha!!

I also was able to find a volleyball class for Brooke starting next Saturday and a soccer team for Blake. Both happen on Saturday mornings, so we’ll have to get creative with how we get each of them to where they need to be.

PS–why is it so hard to find a volleyball league for 8 year olds? I found one in South Brooklyn for 9 year olds and I found a few for pre-teens, but nothing for the younger girls or close to home. Totally disheartening. Thankfully I did find a class so hopefully they might know of some other resources for me.

A person swimming in a body of water

Blake isn’t afraid of the water anymore!! Say whaaa?

When we were in Montauk at our hotel, we love love loved the *heated* pool, and not just because it was heated!! Blake said he wanted to “just float around” and so that’s what he did. Last time he tried this, we were at a neighbor’s pool in Canada and he HATED it. I tried to get him to be calm enough to enjoy it and that didn’t work. My sister tried and had a bit of success, but his skills were VERY questionable. (Like, he would drown with a life jacket on, clutching two pool noodles…that’s the level he was at last time I went swimming with him.) Sooooo, I was going to wait him out until next summer to push the swimming thing but he wanted to swim and apparently he’s not scared anymore…and is actually pretty good at swimming around with his pool noodles! My husband and are were looking at each other wondering “HOWWWWW is this happening?” I’m thinking the summer camp he went to helped? But I really have no idea.

Sooooo WAY TO GO BLAKE!! We love you!!


Coming up this Week

Those yummy recipes I mentioned above!


I will be running around like a crazy person trying to find very specific pocket folders. (ugh!)

I might try out a barre class. Any of you tried a class like that? Thoughts? I’ve never done one before but it seems like it would be good for the pudge.

This week is the last week for my nanny because she was only here for the summer. Sad day.

BUT! School is starting, so I think that will help mama get her work done 🙂


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5 Responses
  1. Montauk!! - Lauren's Latest

    […] at the heated pool at the hotel. That was a super fun part for our family, and like I mentioned in this post, I was so proud and surprised by Blake’s bravery and sudden confidence in the pool. Before […]

  2. Stephanie

    The hunt for the right folders begins in July in NYC. I’m not even exaggerating. Last year the red ones were next to impossible to find. This year I had the hardest time finding yellow. Then at the last minute I saw that my school started using this website, Schooltoolbox.com, to order supplies and GLORY they had the folders!! Our teachers actually submitted the lists onto the website so I’m not sure how it would work for you to order without that (if you decided to try). Either way, good luck. I learned the hard way that the best time to get school supplies is right after school ends in June! Crazy!!
    As far as volleyball- I just think it’s not a big thing in the city! Brooklyn makes sense. I hope you find everything you’re looking for. Praise God that Blake got into the school! Glad you had a good weekend. Enjoy the last two days off.

  3. Kirsten

    I’ve been going to Pure Barre for two years (since my son was about 6 months old). I love it and it has changed my body! I’m in my mid thirties with 3 kids, so that’s not an easy feat!

  4. Valerie

    Kmart in Penn station, staples, office Max, and any other office supply stores should have folders and other school supplies. If not sounds like you might have to make a trip into jersey.