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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren picking out produce

Hello again from NYC on this late Sunday night 🙂

Here’s what has happened this week:

So, I am a little less than smart and realized that Eddie’s appointment is THIS coming week. Not this past week. Dang, gina. So, tomorrow morning I take him in! Still fascinated to figure out what’s going on in that little body of his!

Speaking of Eddie’s little body…his hair!! It’s adorably out of control. I’ll be cutting it again. I really want to cut it short, but I don’t want to jinx getting rid of the curls, though it seems they are here to stay after the first trim.

My two friends left early Tuesday morning and it made me sad because I really like them and I forgot what it was like to live by close friends. *Sigh* One day I’ll have New York friends….one day.

Blake learned all about friends at preschool this week and even went to a pet store to visit some ‘animal friends’…Except I forgot about him going to the pet store and was throughly confused when he came home one day saying he wanted a guinea pig. (The best part about field trips with the school is you just walk wherever you want to go because everything is so darn close!! I love the opportunities they get!!)

Brooke and Blake are pretty convinced we are getting a kitten or a puppy once Eddie is out of diapers, but I keep telling them “Dad is allergic!!” Brooke is a little sassy though and responds quickly with a “well, Dad is hardly ever here, so what’s the big deal??

She’s completely right on that one (but only for 5 more weeks!) and then it’ll be back to “Dad’s allergic”. By the way, the deposit for a small animal in my building is $1000. So, it’s a firm no.

When I was taking Brooke to volleyball early Saturday morning, I turned to look at something to my right on the subway and cracked my neck. It made like a cracking sound and now my whole right side of my neck and my shoulder and back are in pretty bad shape. So so sore!! I can’t look to the right or tilt my head in really any direction without it hurting like a mofo. This has happened once or twice before that I remember in my adult life, so I know it will eventually go away, but in the mean time, lets pop the ibuprofen like candy, shall we?!

I watched You’ve Got Mail this weekend with Gordon and I forgot how great of a movie it is!! It also added Zabar’s to my list of places to go, so I’m hoping to get over there this week!! What are fun New York movies that have spots in the city you’d like to go? I was just visiting Serendipity this week with my friends before they left.

Finally we’re getting some fall weather in New York! We had a few days of hot temperatures in the high 80’s and low 90’s but now we need sweatshirts to walk to school. BRING IT ON.

I got around to testing and re-shooting 6 recipes this week…none of which I think I’ve shared yet. Patience Iago, patience. 

Eddie standing on a chair

It’s pretty tricky testing recipes with my curious, little Eddie-boy bopping around needing attention. So, I’ve employed the sink and the faucet and it has worked beautifully!! I give him a few kitchen utensils and let him go to town. Man oh man, he’s so darn cute in an apron!!

We are starting to plan my husband’s homecoming because it is all going down in 5 weeks. It doesn’t seem real that we’re almost there, but I guess we are. It’s October now and he will be working out of the New York office in November. I’m so so excited to be able to see him every day! And also, it doesn’t seem real. My in-laws and parents will all be visiting for the occasion along with my husband’s aunt and uncle from California and one of his many brothers. Is this actually happening? Have I mentioned that this doesn’t seem real?

I told Gordon that I finally feel happy and at peace and ok in New York without him, just in time for him to get home and force us into a new normal. Ha! Isn’t that how it usually goes? Oy!

I AM happy in New York. My attitude has made a total 180. I have been posting a little less on the blog because I’ve been working like crazy on my e-magazine and the 17 all new recipes found in there, but this week I should be back to normal, posting a *bit* more frequently than the last two weeks. Lots of pumpkin recipes coming atcha!

Coming up this week:

Warmer temperatures in the 80’s, but then some more cooler temps, hallelujah.

I will FINALLY get some answers from the pediatric ENT about Edward.

I am in charge of the snacks this week for Blake’s preschool class. Thank goodness for husbands who will run out to the store late Saturday night because you can hardly move. We are bringing string cheese, crackers and clementines. (Gordon also brought me back flowers because he’s THE MAN.) I hope I don’t forget them in the morning. (I probably will.)

I think I’m going to write a post about feeding toddlers and what I feed my toddler. Is that even something you’d like to see? I thought it would be a good resource to bookmark.

My friends got me into Madam Secretary and in my free time, I have been watching those episodes in between my regular FRIENDS and The Office. Do any of you watch Madam Secretary? I really really like it so far….4 episodes in. Haha!

Have a great week!

Lauren and Eddie

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7 Responses
  1. Twyla Mahelona

    In honor of your 8 year-aversary I am choosing this post because 1- I can’t resist Eddie’s curls either! (I cut Desmond’s and they went straight:) 2- I love seeing your family’s adventures and admire your candid outlook on life that is very inspiring to me as a crazy busy mom and 3- there are just TOO many food posts of yours that I suffer serious addictions to. Right now I’m making Gingerdoodles and Cinnamon rolls and plan to use so many more recipes this holiday season! You are my #1 blog recommend because you make me smile, and your recipes never disappoint! Happy 8th to you my friend!- Twyla
    PS- Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  2. Deborah Schlafer

    Look for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in your area. It’s a great way to meet other moms who quickly become your friends!

  3. MarilynnBrennan

    Love Madam Secretary. So glad we found that but not a lot of episodes…yes I’d like to see a toddler post. Never know when I’m going to be babysitting grandchi

  4. Jessica

    YES I would love ideas on what to feed toddlers! We have a 3yr old and a 21 month old and I’m starting to get stuck serving the same things.