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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Brennan family outside

Seven more days gone by! Seven days closer to my husband finishing his training and coming home to stay!

Here’s what happened this week:

Early Monday morning after I walked my two older kids to school, I took the subway over to the pediatric ENT where Eddie won the hearts of ALL. People in the waiting room, the two receptionists, the nurse, the ENT and the audiologist. ALL OF THEM were swooning over him…typical. He was a little more timid and shy than normal, but warmed up to everyone and even flirted a little with the nurse! He did such a good job through the hearing test and even kept some big headphones on for a good two minutes before he was annoyed and threw them to the ground.

So, after all was said and done, Eddie’s ears are totally fine! No real damage from the consistent ear infections, and his hearing is right where it needs to be. Onto speech therapy we go! Still only speaking one word, though babbles up a storm.

I’ve also noticed that when he is having a tantrum, its usually because I (or whoever) hasn’t taken the time to explain what is happening. For instance, Gordon left the apartment to go pick up our van from the parking garage. When he left, Eddie started screaming inconsolably. So, I picked him up and started explaining to him where daddy went. Once he heard my explanation, he was fine and went back to playing. He understands everything incredibly well, its just his speech that is delayed. So, I’m looking into the ins and outs of speech therapy.

This past week, I’ve started taking morning walks. Me and my three kids leave the house at 8am and walk to school. I have Brooke and Blake dropped off by 8:20. Then I’ll walk out of my neighborhood to some paths by the waterfront and lightly jog (or brisk walk) for about an hour while I listen to music or a podcast or nothing at all. I’ve only done it three times but so far it’s been a nice way to start the day. I usually get 4-ish miles in, which is pretty good, I think! Most of the gyms around here are super pricey, especially with the cost of childcare. So, I’m starting with this and a little strength training (lunges, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) and we’ll see where I get to and how I feel about this once the weather turns cold. I’d love to have a gym membership, but I can’t justify the monthly price tag just yet.

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

Gordon and I went on a date this week!! I know that doesn’t sound like much, but we haven’t been alone together on a date in 6+ months! So, this was huge for us. I love spending alone time with my hunky, beefy husband and so wish we could do more of it more often. (Did I mention his muscles are getting bigger since having left for training? SWOON. He’s gotta do something with all his time away from his family!)

We just went shopping for shoes for Gordon. Nothing too groundbreaking, but holy mama it was fun being away from the kids and not having to worry about a stroller! AAAND, I made him try the banana pudding from magnolia bakery and I think we’ve cracked the code for a nearly identical copycat recipe! So, I’m going to test test test and get back to you all. How amazing would that be?? Raise your hand if you’ve had the magnolia bakery banana pudding before! (Yes, I know there’s a Magnolia Bakery Cookbook out there and yes I think the recipe in there is close, but NOT their actual recipe for it. Mwahahaha…..my husband and I realized there is a secret ingredient in the pudding! Intrigued? You should be!)

Last fun thing about the week? We got our kids scooters! We sold ALL of our fun outdoor toys in Idaho because we had no idea how much room we would have in our apartment. Turns out we have a few nooks and crannies we can shove a few scooters into, plus its way easier for my kids to navigate the sidewalks with a scooter instead of a bike! Plus, where would I even store a bike? Brooke and Blake are obsessed!! Saturday morning, we all went for a family outing to run, scooter, exercise and have fun and boy oh boy it was seriously super fun being together! I love my little cute family! Our kids even convinced us to let them ride on the roof of our building!! So we spent a good portion of our evenings up there, watching them motor around. Win!!

The kids on the roof of a building

Here’s what’s happening this week:

It’s a long weekend here in the states, so Gordon gets an extra day at home to party with us! I sound like such a broken record, but we LOVE having him home!

More exercising for me! I’m trying to gain a little muscle before Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/eatingfest 2017 commences.

We are tracking our fruit and veggie consumption as a family…we’ll see how this goes this week! Haha! Getting all our veggies in is a struggle at best.

I’m testing lots and lots of recipes this week that are not healthy in the least. Stay tuned on Instagram stories 🙂

Bring on more exercising! Haha!

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13 Responses
  1. Julie

    I was just in NYC last Wednesday. My friend and I drove up for the day from PA. We went to see Waitress (loved it!) and we stopped at Magnolia for the banana pudding. We both got the small one and ate it in the car on the way home. Soooo good. We were sad we didn’t get a bigger one!! Looking forward to that recipe!

  2. Bonnie

    I look forward to your e mails.I have always wanted to visit NY so it is fun to see you and family getting out and about.Plus your recipes and pictures are great. Iam happy that your hubby only has a week to be home with you and the children. Blessing to you and family.

  3. deborah

    I went to speech therapy in the 3rd grade. I had trouble with the letter “S”. I said it as “SH” yes, i said to “Shit on the chair” or “Shit Down” a lot. Nuns at school finally had my mom send me to Speech therapy! LOL I can laugh about it now but was horrified at age 8!

  4. Janice

    Blink Fitness is only $25 a month for all access. $15 for a single gym. I’ve tried all the gyms in NYC and though I’d love to be able to afford Equinox, Blink is my #2. Equinox owns Blink actually.

  5. Mandy

    I’m new-ish to your blog, but thought I’d chime in about the ENT apt. Our son had chronic ear infections. He had runs at 1 year old and surgery #2 (when he was 2) was to remove his aednoids. It was substantial how much it impacted his speech clarity. Any chance the ENT took at look at Eddie’s aednoids?

  6. Laura

    Hi Lauren! You mentioned walking/working out, and I wanted to share an online source I’ve started using for my workouts! I stay home with my son and try my hardest to get workouts in at home during nap times. 🙂 Astride has new workouts posted every week, there are 3 different versions depending on your fitness level, and there is always an at-home version and equipment free versions, which is super helpful if doing them from home! It’s MUCH cheaper than a gym membership! Just wanted to share. 🙂


  7. Gillian

    Scootering on the roof in NYC sounds like a blast!

    My boyfriend and I just joined a gym… not so pricey here in Michigan, probably, and it’s half a mile just across the street from my apartment so we can walk there and feel even better about ourselves 😀 But yesterday was the first time I’ve done any serious strength training in YEARS and today I think I might die. Or drop my coffee mug because my arms are so weak. Hope your walking/home workouts go well!

  8. Trilby C

    I’m a long-time reader of your blog, mainly for the recipes. We share similar cooking styles, and a LOVE for good food!! So though we’ve never met, I feel a certain internet-y kinship with you. 🙂 I feel compelled to comment to say that you will never regret speech therapy. Our oldest has been in speech therapy for almost ten years now, and he speaks articulately and so clearly! We’ve never seen the therapist often – usually only once or twice a month, instead choosing to focus on working with him at home quite intensively. It’s definitely paid off. So, if you’re at all hesitant, take it from me. Speech therapy works!

    1. Lauren

      I have a disabled brother who went to speech therapy for years, into his 20’s! But, I’m no stranger to it, I just need to find the right one for us. Thanks for your comment!!