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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Brennan family on the train

Seven days of my life down in the books!

Here’s what happened this week:

Brooke has been pretty sick this week. I mentioned last week that she was starting to take a turn with a high fever. She stayed home from school Monday to Wednesday and then was able to attend Thursday and Friday, even though she had a cough. Those coughs stick around for such a long time!! She currently takes her temperature 1000 times a day in hopes she’ll have a fever again and not have to go to school. Thankfully, she’s the only one to have gotten this really bad cold, so we’re hopeful it stays that way. Any amazing cough syrups, elixirs or magical tips and tricks? She sometimes coughs so hard she throws up 🙁 Poor little thing.

Blake had another soccer practice and game this week which he was amazing at! His team won 3 to 1…not that this soccer game filled with 3 and 4 year olds is super cutthroat or anything. Haha! He is such a runner and sweating doesn’t get him down (he sweats A LOT….I think that comes from his Dad’s side of the family). He’s great at kicking the ball far when he gets a clear shot at the ball, but generally, that’s never. He always walks away happy from his games and his coach is super rad. We’re all happy about it!

I continue to recipe test normal recipes and pressure cooker recipes hesitantly. Still get minor heart palpitations with that darn pressure cooker, but it’s getting better! I just have to warn my kids when I’m about to release the pressure. It’s so loud! I do have one pressure cooker recipe coming up next week, I think, for a chicken nacho dip, minus the velveeta. It’s goooooood.

My Mom came to visit this weekend! She flew in to attend a conference for her work and we got to see her every morning and evening. It was so nice to have a familiar face around 🙂 The kids love all their grandparents…especially when certain Grandma’s come in toting PEZ dispensers. She knows the way to their hearts.

She took us out to eat Saturday night to a restaurant called Friend of a Farmer. Her and I split the “Chicken for Two” dish. The chicken was great and tasty, but the veggies that come with it are what really stole the show!! They were somehow in gravy that tasted like butter and maple syrup and I know that sounds strange, but it was SO AMAZING. If you have a chance, go check it out!! They have two locations: one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn.

Gordon spent the weekend home again and we love him and he only has 17 days left. I’m so so excited.

I meant to mention this is last week’s update, but I forgot! Oops! We’re pretty sure that Brooke is lactose intolerant and not allergic or intolerant to gluten! Hooray!  We haven’t gotten her officially tested, but through trial and error over the last three or four weeks, we’ve connected the dots. Plus close relatives on both sides of the family have it. I think it’s inherited?! Mayyyybe not. So, we definitely limit the dairy significantly for her, but sometimes, she just NEEDS a little whipped cream on her hot chocolate or dessert or fill in the blank here. We let her have a little here and there, but she knows too much means an upset stomach.

We got a storage unit this week!!!!!! And by “we” I mean “I”.  There were just one too many boxes in our already teeny closets, so I got a storage unit to hold our totes of baby clothes, sleeping bags, car seats, stroller bag, etc. etc.. I re-arranged a good chunk of our apartment and am loving the new-found freedom in closet space.

I spent a good three hours compiling/trying to remember information for my NYC Travel Guide! If you haven’t read it, hop on over to give it a good read. Do you want to come to NYC and hang out? I’m sure you do!

I’ve been ordering things online late at night, forgetting that I had ordered such things and then getting countless packages delivered to me! It’s an interesting problem to have. This game showed up. As did this game. I also got some shoes for Eddie and some resistance bands for all that exercising I’ve been doing. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Someone take my credit card number out of my brain!!

I also purposely bough rain/snow boots for the kids. Eddie’s are the cutest because they are tiny little yellow rainboots! You can see them here. I got Blake green and Brooke wanted Orange! Out of all the colors, she chose orange?! Ok, kid. Whatever.

Lauren with family

Coming up this week:

Tomorrow I’m filming some real life cooking videos! I’ll be in them as opposed to just my hands, so that will be a fun change! I love being on camera.

I have a few conference calls scheduled plus, more recipe testing as usual!

The weather this week is supposed to be a little grey and rainy. Not looking forward to that.

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13 Responses
  1. Lisa

    I have had a few nurses here in Ontario suggest 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp of honey. It helps coat the throat. They have also suggested warm Apple juice (or a warm drink) explaining that it helps break up any mucus in the chest. When my children are sick they always ask for the honey and it seems to work.

  2. Lin

    I would definitely recommend a spoonful of honey raw organic for the cough. Works wonders for my kids. And Vick’s vapor rub on feet with socks at night.

  3. Naomi

    She may need an inhaler for the cough to get some relief. Unfortunately that be a doctor visit for the script but she’ll feel much better.

    1. Lauren

      Can you get inhalers for just coughs? I thought that was more for breathing and opening the airways? What do I know though. I’ll have to call the advice nurse.

  4. LynLange

    Just a tip from experience – I have 2 sons, now 29 and 20. They got sinus infections – a lot. My 20 year old just had one. Nose is stuffy like a cold but they run fever. Normally with a regular cold you don’t run fever. And with a sinus infection you also cough your head off due to the congestion and drainage. The minute they start running the fever they go to the doctor for an antibiotic to knock it out. That could be what Brooke has given the fever and cough symptoms. Sometimes it will go away on its own but it’s miserable and as my sons got older missing even one day of school/college is a problem. They got better really quickly with the antibiotic. Cough syrup etc doesn’t help because you have to knock out the infection to kill the cough. Random note – the 29 year old lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan. Loves it and moved there right after college graduation. Not my cup of tea but he flies home to Texas to visit. 🙂 Will ask him if he’s been to the restaurant you mentioned. Hope Brooke stays healthy!

  5. Liz Smith

    Honey for the cough, and a diffuser with eucalyptus essential oils…
    and you can make whipped cream out of coconut milk… I’m sure you’ll be coming up with all kinds of great dairy free recipes!

  6. Julie

    Poor Brooke, being sick is miserable! Not a pharmacist, but spent years as a pharmacy tech and have heard these recommended over and over! Delsym 12 hr is what my pharmacists always recommended for coughs, for both kiddos and adults. And, if you know she’ll be eating dairy, might be worth trying Lactaid chewables/caplets before hand to see if it helps? Hope she keeps feeling better and the rest of you stay healthy!

  7. Shannon

    I was going to say that about the So Delicious whip cream as well. I started off being able to have a little every now and then. Now I can’t have any dairy what so ever 🙁 No one in my family is so not sure if it is inherited or not, if so I’m the first yea me (not!) . Glad she can have gluten though, I’d be so sad if I couldn’t have gluten.