This Week at the Brennan’s

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Brennan kids dressed up for Halloween

My my my, what another busy seven days!

Here’s what happened this week:

The biggest, most exciting thing that happened this week was probably Halloween! We were told several things from several people about trick or treating and how and where to go. So, I felt like we had options. I saw some parents changing their kids right in the school yard ready to go trick or treating right away after school. So, Brooke asked if we could go right away, so that’s what we did! We got home, had a few snacks, got dressed and headed down some of the busier streets to collect candy from local businesses, around 3:30. By 4:30, the sidewalks were pretty filled! We did take a break to eat some pizza, and then headed towards our neighborhood with the brownstones and more residential areas. Lots of decorated houses and lots of people sitting on their stoops dishing out the candy. It was so fun and everyone was so nice!

We were back home by 5:55pm and tuckered out. All my children slept well that night.

I also gave Brooke and Blake the option to either eat as much candy as they wanted or to get one piece a day in their lunches and of course, they chose to eat it all on Halloween night. They hardly put a dent into their loot before it was time for bed and once they woke up, it was gone, so no fights over the candy at all this year! Mom win for sure.

My in-law’s arrived this week because my husband is finally FINALLY finishing his training and there is a nice little graduation ceremony. Plus, we are a great excuse for them to come to New York! We have been showing them around a lot these past few days.

I think Eddie has had croup these past few days 🙁 His cough is really telling and the really sucky part is it’s all viral, so there is no medicinal cure. Just lots of fluids, humidifiers and ibuprofen. On top of it all, I noticed some teeth barely poking through his gums, so that poor boy has been pretty unhappy.

Brooke and I were invited to an event on Saturday at a kids’ cooking venue and it was so so fun! I discovered some little plastic knives that are extremely kid friendly. I totally am getting some for my kids! They cut food and not skin.

I made risotto in my pressure cooker this week and it was the freaking bomb. Once the sun starts shining, I’ll snap a few photos and post the recipe.

The weather this week has been insane!! It’s rainy and cold now, but last week it was sunny and mid-70’s! I took my little ones scootering after school one day and it was so so perfectly warm. Can we please just skip over winter? Pretty please?

I took a body pump class last Friday (I LOVE going to the gym again!) and I am only now able to move without a ton of pain. It’s been a while and I pushed myself. I’m glad I did, but holy mother, was I sore!!

I also finally answered a ton of questions you all have had for me since we’ve moved to New York City! You can read that post here.

Before I forget, we also did the whole daylight savings thing and turned back the clocks an hour. Lucky me!! Eddie was up and ready for the day at 4:30. Can someone tell me why we do this? Is it really THAT important? I think it’s a conspiracy against all parents everywhere.

Eddie in a toy car

Coming up this week:

Tomorrow, we are driving to DC because…..drumroll please….my husband is finally finishing his training! I’ve been waiting for this since March, people. MARCH!! He will graduate Wednesday and then that evening, we will drive back to New York together as a family!! I’m so so so excited.

Thursday I think Gordon and I will have a little day date since his parents are still going to be here 🙂

And Friday and Saturday is the super-fast surprise trip for Brooke!! Stay connected on Instagram to find out where we’re going!! She has no idea anything is happening, so it’s going to be so so fun to surprise her!!

Hope you all have a great week!

Lauren and Eddie

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9 Responses
  1. Heather Pack

    Your “This Week at the Brennans” has always been the bright spot to start off my week. I love seeing your family and the kiddos are adorable! Thank you for sharing your life with us and your wonderful recipes!

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  3. Julie Brown

    I have loved your recipes for a long time, and now enjoy all of your family updates in NYC! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  4. Shannon

    Congrats on the graduation I know you guys have been so ready for this.
    As for daylight savings I’m with you. Atleast you have a cutie pie to wake you up early. My dogs woke up at 3 AM to go out side and wanted to eat. I ended up being fully awake by the time they were ready to go back to sleep! Stupid dogs, today was a little better and they woke up at 3:30.

    Have a blast and safe travels to and from DC

  5. jan

    Love reading your weekly posts! Can’t help but smile each time I see your family! Congratulation to Gordon, you and your families for the upcoming graduation! Our kids have all grown up and moved far from us so I sort of adopted yours!! Wish I could read weekly updates regarding them!! So happy for all of you on this venture!