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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Brennan Family

Feeling thankful for all of you!!

Here’s what happened this week:

The biggest thing happening round these parts this week was celebrating Thanksgiving! Gordon miraculously had the day off, so we were able to enjoy the entire day together! I don’t remember ever being able to do something like this on a Thursday before since before we moved 🙂 It was glorious!

I made ham, a new recipe for scalloped potatoes, brussels sprouts and salad. And two pies. And a new recipe for christmas bark. And some sugar cookie bars.

You know, a light meal.

Haha!! We did have some people come over to help us devour all this food, though, I did eat most of the pies myself. Not ashamed!!

Gordon headed back to work on Friday and I took my kids out all afternoon (after Eddie’s nap) because it was sunny and in the 50’s!! I’m not looking forward to all the snow, so I’m eating up these sunny days like crazy! Brooke and Blake went scootering all around town and we even hit up a few parks along the way too. I think we were out nearly 4 hours. By hour 3, Gordon called and said he could meet us at the park because he was done early for the day. Awesome!! So all 5 of us played our little hearts out, but by 4pm, the sun was starting to go down and make things so chilly, so we headed home.

I made pizza for dinner that night (because duh! Friday night is pizza night!) and we were able to decorate for Christmas. Mind you, I only packed one bin of Christmas decorations with us from Idaho, so it didn’t take long 🙂 Our tree is up along with a little nativity as far out of Eddie’s reach as possible.

I also bought a few Christmas items online for Black Friday. I just can’t handle the madness going out to the stores, so I took a quick peek online and found a handful of things which should be arriving tomorrow! Online shopping is the best. Did you find many deals? I stopped paying attention to the ads years ago.

This year for Christmas, we are trying to not buy too many things because we just don’t have the room for many more toys. We’ll be going through our bins and giving away toys we don’t need to make room for the new stuff coming in. Getting by in 900 square feet can be a little tricky sometimes. It certainly makes me always aware of what belongs where and how much stuff we can actually squeeze into our tiny home. A blessing and a curse.

Saturday morning, I was able to switch Brooke and Blake’s bunks around. Technically I washed all their sheets and made their beds, except now, Blake is on the third bunk and Brooke is on the second. Eddie is still on the bottom bunk with a railing. We tried briefly taking the railing away to see how he’d do and turns out…not well! That boy was walking around all over the place, getting into trouble during his nap time because nothing was containing him. So, I put that railing back asap. Feels good to be able to sleep for a few hours again.

Saturday, we sold our van!! Does this make us official New Yorkers yet? I calculated that in 2018, we’d be paying over $7000 just to store our vehicle in the nearby garage. Considering we’ve used it a handful of times while here, it just wasn’t worth it to us anymore. So our wonderful van is off to a new home and we will be renting a vehicle if and when we’d like to take a trip. (I’m really going to miss that van! I LOVED having a mini van.)

I’ve felt a little overwhelmed this week with some blogging stuff that is so exciting, yet so time consuming. I’m hopeful that by the end of the week, things will be a little more back to normal and I won’t feel so much pressure.

Brennan kids swinging

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

I’m filming some recipe videos all day today! Part of the reason I feel like I’m going crazy…

I have some deadlines for work on Wednesday that miiiight cause some sleepless nights. It’s only for a couple days, so I think I can I think I can.

Gordon has a good work schedule this week, so I’m thinking that if I stay up late, he’ll be able to pick up my slack and let me sleep in, at least for a couple of days. I love that man…especially when he lets me sleep in.

Friday is December 1st which means my Holiday Digital Magazine comes out!! Be prepared for lots of recipes and cute family photos. Mark your calendars, folks.

Have a great week!!

Eddie eating messily
Green smoothies are the best!!

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18 Responses
  1. Tia

    I lost track of you since you left OR, and something made me think to look you up again tonight! (could it be the Pinterest board I created with your name on it full of your recipes? Maybe ??) So happy for you and your new life in NYC! You inspired me for years with your posts, I finally took the plunge and started blogging myself! I hope I make it to your level someday! Now I’m off to find a good peppermint bark recipe ?

  2. sandra

    You have such a sweet family I haven’t wrote anything in a while saw the cute Christmas picture thought I would Wish you and your Family A MERRY CHRISTMAS And A HAPPY NEW YEAR Still love your Blog.

  3. Vanessa

    Why did I not sign up for your emails sooner?!?!? Such perspective and determination you have and are sending out – weather you thought you were or not. 🙂

  4. Charla Childs

    I really love those pj’s! I saw your Insta story about commenting on your stories. I really do enjoy your stories. I like your recipes because they are comfort food and easy to make and really pantry friendly. I think your are a refreshingly honest and sincere person. Life is messy and being a working mom is hard. Thank you for all the great recipes and the time you take to share your life with us! Have a great week!

  5. Danielle Sanchez

    The rule in my house is when my son gets a toy, he has to donate a toy. He also gathers toys for donation before Christmas, in preparation of incoming toys. I’m hosting a used toy drive at our school for Second Chance Toys. It’s an organization which collects gently used plastic toys to give to underprivileged children and simultaneously keeps plastic toys out of landfills. Our drive is in Williamsburg, but there are tons of collection sites in the city at Kidvilles. I encourage you to check them out of you want to donate any of the kids’ old toys! It’s a great way to save space in our tiny NY apartments while making a difference in so many kids’ lives!

  6. Courtney

    Glad to hear you got to spend Thanksgiving as a family. you weren’t sure last week. I am dreading the impending snow. I have my windows open every time its over 40, like its warm! Good luck with all the work you have going on this week. Remember you moved you and 3 kids across the country, by yourself. You can handle whatever this week throws your way.

  7. Michelle

    Yay for spending Thanksgiving together! I bet your kids are loving having their dad around more regularly now. 🙂 Have a great week, Lauren! ♥