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Lauren Gordon and Brooke at the dinner table
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Hi Friends! What a week this has been!

Here’s what happened this week:

The vast majority of my week was spent immersed in the back end of my site. The unpretty parts of my blog that needed organizing, updating, etc. etc. so that when the prettier version was ready to launch, everything ran as smoothly as possible.

Well, lets just say my hopes were dashed as we didn’t get things up and running on Friday like I had originally planned. It wasn’t until Saturday morning that the changes were starting to be visible and even then, it was a little sketchy!! But, after having a few days of working out the kinks and such, we are running at nearly 100%!

I hope you all are able to click around and see what’s new! Things like the new recipe index, the FAQ page and my shop are things that I was pretty particular about, so I hope you love everything as much as I do! My biggest goal was to make my site user-friendly so you have a much easier time navigating through my 1000+ recipes. I hope you’ve noticed that recipes and photos are running faster and all those recipes are easier to find.

Of course my proudest item I have on my site is the Holiday E-Magazine! I poured a lot of my heart into this digital magazine, so I hope you love it. The price will be going up at the end of the week, so be sure to get yours now!!

(PS–if you’ve been having issues contacting me with questions, be aware that my email has not been working!! OF COURSE that would happen when I need it the most. I’m hoping to get it up and running tonight! Please email me again! I’m not ignoring you…technology just hates me.)

Besides staying up til all hours of the night this past week, working away at my website, I also had the chance to go see The Play that Goes Wrong on Saturday night. (I have a friend in the cast, so it was neat to see her in action.) It was so fun! A little overdone with the physical comedy, but definitely something I’d want to take Brooke to. And tickets weren’t terribly expensive either. Its only on Broadway for a few months longer, so you might want to check it out before its gone.

A lot of you keep telling me I need to see Hello, Dolly before Bette Midler leaves, so I’m looking into when Gordon and I could slip away to see that.

Oh! And since I was out on Saturday night, I got a babysitter and she is glorious! Expensive, but so so good at what she does. The kids were raving all about her when they woke up Sunday morning, plus all through the evening, she’d text me with updates like “things are going great here!” I’m excited at the proposition to have someone I can count on. Woot!

Amorino!! The hazelnut and lemon are my favorite flavors!

Saturday night before the show, I ate dinner at PizzArte and had the Tartufata Pizza. It was so so good you guys!! If you like black truffle, this pizza is where its at. After the show, we went to Amorino for some gelato in the shape of a flower! ( I first tried Amorino when I went to Paris, pregnant with Eddie, so I was thrilled to find several locations in New York!!)

I started feeling really sick and by the time I got home from the play, I had no voice. I took some nyquil and went to bed. Sunday morning, Gordon let me sleep in and I slept until 9:30! I haven’t slept that much since I had Eddie, minus all the interruptions. Thank goodness for good husbands! So, Gordon worked the evening shift and we all stayed home from church.

Gordon got an invite to his work’s Christmas party and I’m so excited to go! He might end up getting scheduled that night to work, but if he doesn’t, I’m excited to dress up and go!

I ended up having to take Brooke to the walk-in clinic this weekend (with all three kids because Gordon’s work schedule is unforgiving! OF COURSE that’s how it happens) and turns out she had strep throat AND a UTI. Poor little thing! She’s taken three doses of medicine and has made a complete 180! It’s amazing what a little medicine will do. Even she commented at how good she’s feeling after 24 hours. SO thankful for modern medicine. Here’s to hoping no one else gets strep.

And last but not least, Eddie continues to climb everywhere! After his nap one day this week, he somehow climbed onto this toy shelf thing we have and was throwing everything off of there. Gordon taught him how to safely climb the ladder up to the second and third bunks, much to the dismay of Brooke and Blake. Yes, its good he knows how to do that safely, but it also gives me heart palpitations.What am I going to do with this kid?

Eddie in his room

Coming up this week

Family photos at Rockefeller Center! The big tree was lit this past week, so we are excited to go see it, go skating, drink some hot chocolate and get some Christmas-card worthy photos!

I think I’m going to go to the NYC public library because its huge and gorgeous. Most buildings in New York are huge and gorgeous though.

Still having some lovely temperatures here! Cold, but not freezing yet. Lets hold off on the snow as much as possible!

Gordon is scheduled for the evening shift all week, which I actually love. He is able to get up with the kids, eat breakfast together, walk the kids to school, play a little with Eddie and leave around noon. He works all afternoon and then comes home around 10. If we lived outside the city, he’d be leaving at 10:30am and coming home around 11:30pm. I’m so grateful we live in the city so we can maximize the time we see with him.

I’m hoping that all the vitamin C, iron, echinacea and dayquil/nyquil I’m taking will help me get over this illness real quick. I hate sounding like a man and feeling gross.

Up on the blog this week, you can expect a couple of yummy recipes and some pictures of our apartment.

Have a great day!!

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4 Responses
  1. Julie

    Oh my goodness, I love following your family!! You have the sweetest, beautiful kids!! I myself have 3 boys and they are all under 4 so things get crazy around her sometimes I wouldn’t change it for anything! Keep your posts coming, especially on instagram!!

  2. Mary Marcella

    Omg… Eddie is the cutest. I have 3.5 year old twin boys and nobody ever told me that 50% of motherhood was stopping them from actively trying to injure themselves. The other 50% is laundry. Kids… sheesh.