This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and Eddie

Hey friends! Sorry this is so darn late! My boys had the stomach flu over the weekend (Blake, Eddie AND Gordon) and then I got it too!! I was just getting over my cold and feeling better when this lovely virus hit. I passionately hate the stomach flu and throwing up. I think I’m slowly coming out of it after a day of resting in the fetal position on my bathroom floor. So, my apologies for the delay.

Here’s what happened this week:

My Mom came to visit! She is a psychotherapist and comes into town to attend different trainings here and there as she pleases. We love having her come and even though Gordon was working most of the weekend, she was able to help out with the vomit situation and bring home dinner and do dishes. It was the best service I could have gotten.

It snowed in NYC! Finally!! Brooke and Blake have been wondering when we were going to get snow, and even some of the forecasters weren’t 100% about the snow actually falling, but it came and we enjoyed every bit of it, between the puking children. As long as the sidewalks stay clear, I think us and winter will get along just fine!

Gordon was working afternoon/evening this past week so he got to spend time with the kids in the morning and walk them to school! I absolutely love that he makes spending time with his family a priority. His schedule is so different all the time, so it can be tricky. But last week, it was amazing! I liked that shift.

I was able to go with my mom to the Winter Village at Bryant Park to see the little shops and food vendors. I also took her to Chipotle and she loved the carnitas salad I ordered her. (Carnitas salad with half a scoop of black beans, half a scoop of brown rice, two scoops of pico, a little corn and a little cheese with dressing on the side. It’s so so good! I always order the same thing at Chipotle.)

I was able to finally find a few speech therapists for Eddie this week. It has been so difficult finding someone…ANYONE in network with our insurance in the city. I’ve found a few in Jersey, but we don’t have a vehicle anymore, so trying to get there and back in time to pick up kids at school is tricky. But, after asking on instagram stories, I was given quite a few ideas of who to call or where to look and have been having small successes. So, I feel one step closer in bridging the gap.

Edward continues to destroy our Christmas tree and really enjoying pulling all the ornaments off and seeing which ones bounce. SO glad I invested in plastic ornaments. Darn kids!! I might wrap some large boxes and place them around the tree so he just can’t reach anymore…or move all the ornaments up high enough so he can’t reach! Haha!

Brennan kids in the snow
Here’s what’s coming up this week:

I’m hoping Brooke doesn’t get this stomach flu! She is the only one to walk away perfectly healthy thus far…I’m hoping that lasts!

Hopefully I’ll be getting somewhere with the speech therapists…I left a ton of emails and messages for my short list of people. Hopefully they will all be reaching out to me tomorrow!

The nanny comes twice this week and I have oh so much to do! Trying to get ahead now so that when Christmas comes, I can enjoy the holiday a little more. Keep your eyes peeled for a cute sugar cookie video I’ll be posting to Facebook!

Brooke has a field trip on Wednesday, I’m volunteering in Blake’s classroom Thursday, and Friday is the last day to get a 2017 Christmas Magazine and be entered in to win a $500 gift card to Amazon!

Oh, and tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 9pm Eastern, I’ll be doing another Instagram Live all about the different quick dinners I prepare on those busy weeknights. Be sure to tune in to watch!!

Have a great week, friends!!

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