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Brennan kids

Christmas is so so soon!! And I have a million and one things to do. Ah!!

Here’s what happened this week:

We started the week with Gordon on my favorite afternoon and evening shift. It’s amazing because he normally gets up with the kids and walked Brooke and Blake to school so I can stay home with Ed in the mornings. It’s quite the lovely set up. Things will be changing inevitably, but I’m trying to soak up the goodness as much as I can now.

Edward started getting these weird rashes on his cheeks that looked like an allergic reaction. SO weird! A little Benadryl cleared it up, but we have no idea where it came from or why. So that’s slightly unnerving. He also started waking up anywhere between 2-5 times in the night. I think it’s because of teething, but who knows with that kid. Either way, it’s getting OLD.

We got more snow! It was a pretty good storm that we got caught in on Friday (more about that below!) The snow only lasted about 36 hours, but we’ll take it! So far so good with managing snow, kids, stroller and city living. I’m hoping we don’t get any more than 2 inches of snow at a time this season. (HAHA, ya right.)

I did my Instagram Live all about my quick, go-to dinner ideas for those days when we are in a rush! I’ll hopefully be posting about it tomorrow before my next Instagram Live tomorrow night!

I have a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done, but still need to get some last minute items. I probably should go through everything I’ve purchased and double check that I have enough for everyone. Santa is doing super minimal gifts this year because we live in a small apartment. I think I’m down to getting stocking stuffers. Oh, and a few gifts for my little sister because her and I are doing a gift exchange! Fun fun!

Did I mention that after Christmas I’m going up to Canada to visit my parents? My husband has to work two weeks of night shifts through the holidays, so since the kids have the time off of school, I thought it made sense for us to go somewhere instead of staying home and trying to be quiet through the day while Gordon had to sleep. There is no way I could keep that up! So, we are driving up to Ottawa for the winter break. My kids are excited and so am I!

Lauren and Gordon at the NY Stock Exchange

This past Thursday, Gordon and I went to his office’s Christmas party at the Stock Exchange. It was so cool!! I kinda felt like a legitimate adult going. I met his boss and his boss’s boss (at least I think that’s who it was?) The whole time I kept telling myself to just act normal but that usually makes me say inappropriate things like “that’s what she said”. You can dress me up but you can’t take me out.

When I wasn’t putting my foot in my mouth, I was the super awkward one looking around ooh-ing and ah-ing at everything, spending my evening on Instagram stories being like “LOOK GUYS!” (Do you see? SUPER AWKWARD.)

The party was on the actual trading floor so, kind of tight trying to navigate around a bunch of people, but super fun to spend an evening away from the kids.

Friday night, we went to Rockefeller Center in the freaking snow storm I mentioned above to show our kids the huge tree! We got pushed around quite a bit because everyone and their mom was there too. We got a few decent photos of our family without the tree and a bunch of photos with raging children including the tree. So we cut our losses, got some pizza at Harry’s (in Rockefeller Center) and took the subway home. An added bonus was the Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas Lights show. Brooke and Blake were mesmerized and Eddie just confusingly stared at the lights like “what is happening here?!” We had fun for sure, but were happy to come home to our small but more importantly warm apartment.

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Brooke and Blake have Christmas parties in their classrooms and I signed up to bring food to both parties. Because I’m not busy enough. Pretty sure I’m just going to not make any of it and buy it all premade from the store. Mama ain’t got time for that.

I’m wrapping all the gifts and finishing up shopping (hopefully!)

CHRISTMAS!! Well, I guess technically it’s next week, but whatever. We’re getting excited over here.

And, this week I’m really tempted to sleep train Edward because MAMA TIRED. I have it all figured out and just have to get Gordon on board. We’ll move Brooke and Blake out of their bedroom and onto the pull out couch for a few days so we can let Eddie cry it out and take his pacifier away. I think that is the main underlying problem. He wakes up because he can’t find it in his sheets. (But again, who knows?? Parenting this child is a total guessing game.) Wish me luck.

And finally, tomorrow, Tuesday December 19th at 9pm Eastern, I’ll be doing another Instagram Live. This week I am chatting about meal planning! Come join us 🙂 You can find me here.

Brennan family outside

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12 Responses
  1. Nancy Conley

    Love hearing more and more about NYC! I am 50 y/o and had been wanting to make it to NYC for 30 years. Ugh. Well we made it!!! My husband, 25 y/o daughter and I met our 22 y/o daughter in Philly, took the train from NJ and spent 4 nights and 5 full days in NYC the week after Christmas. We saw so much. Did so much. But I already want to go back – and I’m a small town Nebraska girl transplanted to 7522ft in Colorado! It was so magical. The only think I missed was snow. Oh, and I am SO bummed I didn’t buy any Bond No. 9 perfume while there. Have you heard about it? If, not do a search. It’s SO COOL!!!

  2. Autumn V

    If you are not ready to be rid of the pacifier just yet, I always had 3 or 4 in the crib with them so it was easier for them to find one in the night.

    1. Lauren

      That’s a great idea, but when he gets upset, he likes to throw EVERYTHING out of his bed, including all his blankets, pillow and pacifiers!! THIS KID!! Ahh!

  3. Sheenam

    Absolutely love reading these weekly post of yours. Definitely attending your instagram live and wishing you and your lovely family merry Christmas and happy new year! Best regards from New Delhi.

  4. Marilyn Brennan

    I also love reading the blog every week. Great idea on how to move to the next step with Eddie. Looking for a few follow-ups on that! I know you always take away the pacifier at age two. Thanks for the Christmas cheer and excitement! Sending love to you all.

  5. Melissa

    Good luck with the sleep training. Been there! Not fun, for anyone! But hopefully after like 3 nights he’ll figure it out. (And then he’ll wake up crying at night for some other reason, lol. Kids!)

  6. Sheenam (

    Love reading your weekly family posts. Wishing you good luck with sleep training and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  7. Mary Marcella

    Good luck with the sleep thing girl! Consistently good sleep is a. game. changer. My boys (3.5yo twins) seemed to really turn a corner into good sleep right around age 2. 1 was still on a paci and i noticed sleep got better when we eliminated it… rough for a day or 2 but once we got thru that it was good. They say strong willed children grow up into successful adults! 🤞🤞💟