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Lauren Blake and Eddie

I didn’t realize that I missed a week, but the holidays and the flu will do that to a person.

Here’s what happened these last two weeks (approximately):

On the 26th, I got a rental car and drove up to Ottawa to visit my parents in Canada. Gordon had two weeks of midnight shifts and us being home in the day while he was trying to sleep just didn’t make a lot of sense. Normally, kids are at school and it works out really well, but over Christmas break…not so much.

So we headed out of town and got there in no time. Brooke, Blake and Eddie got to play with cousins and I got to see some of my siblings who I haven’t seen since the summer. So it was sure fun until I got hit with the flu.

At least I think it was the flu. What’s the difference between a cold and the flu? I feel like the flu is a cold on steroids. My sickness was characterized by high fevers, freezing cold, kidney pain, back pain, headaches, uncontrollable coughing and sinus pressure. After 5 days or so, it mellowed out to the typical runny nose and cough which will probably be drawn out for weeks, but at least I can function.

Donut pile with candles

Right before I got hit with this monster of a virus, I celebrated my birthday! One year older and crazier too! This is what thirty-two looks like, folks. HOT MESS. I went out, bought some Tim Horton’s donuts, added a few candles and called it a day. I refused to make my own cake, so I just stacked some donuts together. Haha!! That’s how I roll. Boston Cream has always and will always continue to be my favorite donut ever. Please don’t try to change me.

Before I got super duper sick in Canada, we were able to do some fun things like play outside (even though it was colder in Ottawa by 20 degrees than it was in New York. HOWWW?) We only lasted 15 minutes. Eddie LOVED the snow, but couldn’t figure out how to actually move in the snow gear I put him in. Brooke and Blake had fun swinging on my parent’s tree swing and throwing around a few snowballs with their cousins.

Over the course of the holidays, I also took some time away from social media because I was basically dead to the world and my parents have the slowest internet known to man.

BUT!! This past week, I’ve been testing and shooting new recipes to be posted real real soon 🙂 So stay tuned for those!

Wednesday, Gordon and I slipped away for a quick dinner date and we went to Tortaria (between Union Square and Washington Square). I had no idea where he was taking me, but man oh man was it good! A super fun surprise 🙂 My palate was a little off because of my sickness, but the guacamole (drizzled with a little of the yellow sauce from the table) was amazing as were the steak tacos and the corn!! We tried the churros too, of course, but they weren’t as good as the guacamole 😉 If you’re in the city, we’d recommend them! Mexican Street Corn

Friday night, Gordon finished his midnight shifts and we were able to spend/continue to spend all the time we can together as a family before he gets assigned to a new schedule. I love spending time with him so much! I can’t wait til he retires. Haha!!


Here’s what’s coming up this week:

New recipes!!

Hopefully another date night with my main man at a new restaurant to try.

I’m getting my eyes checked this week and probably selecting new glasses, because, I am getting older 😉

And I finally FINALLY am taking Eddie to the speech therapist this week! Hallelujah! They are a bit of a jaunt to get to, but it’ll be worth it I think.

Have a great week, friends! xo

Brooke and Eddie in the snow

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26 Responses
  1. Linda Wilshire

    Hi Lauren,
    I have only been following you for a few months on I think I left a comment on your chocolate peanut butter bars. I’m wanting to make them.
    ( But I also told you that I made your pumpkin pie recipe & it was the best! )
    So glad you & your kiddos got to see your folks- but so sorry you got sick 🤕.
    Re Eddie & a speech therapist – My son was 2 years old & he had a vocabulary of about 10 words. His pediatrician made me feel like a horrible mother & said he should be talking in two word sentences. Well, my sister in law suggested he may have trouble hearing. Long story short- took him to an audiologist & an ENT and he needed to have
    Tubes put in his ears. Very common and quick procedure. He had speech therapy for a short time and did great after that . Hope that helps!! God bless you & your sweet family!

  2. Diane

    Tortaria in the village is the best! One of my favorite Mexican restaurants. There’s also a great gelato place, Amorino, right down the street, on the corner of 10th and University. Agate & Valentina is one of our favorite grocery stores in the U S, on the same street, between Amorino & Tortaria. You’ve found some great places already! Enjoy!

  3. Beth

    I was an early intervention home visitor working with therapists for years. I appreciate the advice to wait and see for speech, however in my experience when a parent suspects an issue it should be addressed by a specialist. And if needed speech therapy “games” are fun for the child. I don’t typically comment on the blogs I follow however this could be a really important advantage for your little one. And if not needed at least the questions and concerns you have will be addressed.

    1. Lauren

      Thanks, Beth! I was reviewing my second son’s milestones posts and he was hitting every milestone right on, talking up a storm. So when little Eddie came along and his speech was delayed, I felt like it needed to get addressed. I figure it couldn’t hurt 😉 Thanks for your comment!

  4. Tom

    Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your cool style and recipes! Hope you and your family have a blessed 2018! I had a good time in Florida with my sons and granddaughters over the Christmas holidays.

  5. Mary Beth

    I’ve been a nurse for 44 years and rarely have a cold or the flu. I don’t use that antibacterial soap at home. We all need to build up our antibodies which helps us from catching infections. Let the kids play in the dirt; helps those antibodies. Affter being around sick people all those years, I figure I’ve gotten antibodies in me for any disease. I still get the flu shot and pneumovax to be safe.

  6. Donna Brennan

    Sorry about the flu, Dave had a bit of the flu, but mostly a bad cold and i got hit with a really bad cold–still coughing up a lung once and a while!! Love the pic of Booke and Eddie in the snow! Glad you are getting to have some date nights!! Take care, don’t freeze. Can’t wait to see your new receipes

  7. Denise Fonda

    Lauren, my husband and I have both had colds, for over a month, they just hang on. Christmas was kind of laid back because this cold has worn us both out. My children are grown, so they came home and we had a nice quiet dinner. Thank goodness for shopping online. Feel better and enjoy time with your husband and little ones.

  8. Gina B

    Sorry you were sick visiting your parents. Happy you are feeling better. The pictures of the kids are soo cute. Keep up submitting your recipes.

  9. Glasslass

    If you need new glasses check out Zeni. I belong to a duplicate bridge club and so far 3 members have gotten glasses, both lenses and frames and all are so pleased with them. Frames look great and they are so inexpensive. I have an appointment for an eye exam next month. My bridge partner is an ER Doc got the first pair and was so pleased. He said that his last glasses had cost almost $600. and the Zeni ones were $119. Took them to his eye Dr. and they confirmed that the prescription was accurate. As my lens cost over $600 it’s worth it for me to try this option.

  10. Michelle

    I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday and good visit with your parents! I’m sorry you got the flu and I hope you are feeling better now. The last picture of Eddie and Brooke in the snow is so cute. Happy New Years!

  11. ellen patton

    I went to visit my Dad in Oregon and he didn’t know his password (huh?) and the internet was basically nonexistent so it was like vacationing in 1985!

  12. Kathy

    Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. In my 60-something years I’ve learned that life is the storm. Lauren, you are singing (and dancing) in the rain! God Bless you!

  13. Suz

    I don’t reply to blogs generally but I think I just feel grandmotherly toward you because you push yourself so hard. A few years back a 90 year old at church reached out to hug me but I stopped her because I had a cold. She told me not to worry because she never caught anything. What? I asked her secret and she said that she takes olive leaf capsules daily. I googled info on these things and it sounded, at least, harmless, and maybe helpful since I caught every cold and virus going around (I have grandchildren and live by Disney where I go often). Years later I can report maybe 2 or 3 colds and one year I had the flu following a Disney cruise. That’s it.. Just thought I’d pass that info on. P.S. Don’t worry about Eddy’s speech. I’m sure his siblings talk rings around him and he’s never found the need to say a word, just a grunt and a pointed finger when he wants something. My youngest was the same. my friend’s son’s first real word was “olive” after the therapist said not to respond to points. Go figure.

  14. Laurie K

    Happy belated birthday! I am a Canadian living in southern Illinois. I can totally relate to your love of Timmie’s Boston cream filled donuts! 🤤
    Thank you for the great recipes! I look forward to reading what you put on Facebook, daily.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  15. Dayana

    The other day I was telling my mom, that is a preschool teacher, that you where looking for a speech therapist for Eddie, she says she doesn’t recomend doing it now as he is so young, maybe in one year. She says we all have different development times, so no need to hurry