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This Week at the Brennan’s

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A city sidewalk with trees on the side
Upper East Side!

Another week of January down. Can’t wait ’til Spring has sprung.

Here’s what happened this week:

Appointments galore! So so many things that I’ve been meaning to do I FINALLY was able to do. I have had the hardest time finding a family doctor, eye doctor, OBGYN and dentist that are walkable distances from my house that are ‘in-network’ with our insurance. BUT, I did end up coming across the ZocDoc app which has been a lifesaver!! Have you heard of it? Basically, I was able to search all the doctors within the ZocDoc database, based on location and insurances they accept. AND THEN I was able to choose dates and times within the app for the following day or two. It’s been so helpful and this past week, I saw the doctor, the dentist, the dermatologist and the eye doctor. PLUS, I made appointments for the OBGYN (for the GYN part…not the OB part 🙂 ) and the Pediatric Dentist for my littles. It is glorious.

Speaking of appointments, I got a lash lift! Basically, a perm for your eyelashes to make you look more awake and make it so you don’t need to use an eye lash curler. It worked so well!! I was legit surprised. It is my happy medium between getting eye lash extensions and doing nothing at all. For all my New Yorkers, I went to this salon in midtown and was really happy with the service. (This is the mascara I wear and love. I get it at the drug store for $9!)

A woman taking a selfie
No eyelash extensions or eyelash curler. All lash lift and Neutrogena mascara.

Gordon was at the office this past week working 9-5 and it was wonderful!! Sometimes he works out of his office doing paperwork, and other times he’s given shift work around the city. So within the ever-changing schedule that he is assigned, its nice to feel spoiled with some normalcy from time to time. Haha! Except I must say, we are feeling much more normal with this ‘new normal’ as the weeks go on. It’s been very very helpful purchasing and posting a calendar where Gordon can post his work schedule for the kids to see. Visually letting them know when he’ll be home weeks in advance is really helpful as far as their expectations are concerned.

I did a little recipe testing this past week and it felt so good to be in the kitchen again! Sometimes, I get in the grind of picking kids up from school, running to the grocery store, running to my appointments and crossing off things on my to-do list that I forget I even have a blog. Haha! That’s not 100% true, but this past week it was difficult balancing it all.

I AM working on trying to find a better balance, though I doubt I’ll ever feel accomplished or happy in my balancing skills. There’s always one more thing to work on or one more thing to get done. I take this day to day.

I took Eddie to his Speech Therapy evaluation on Wednesday morning to make sure he qualifies for speech (which he does) and basically made the speech therapist fall in love with him. He’s pretty hard to resist. Haha! She did such a great job helping him feel comfortable and pulled out some of his favorite things, like bubbles and bouncy balls! So starting this coming week, we’ll be seeing her every Wednesday and Friday morning until the summer. THANK YOU to all you wonderful readers who gave us encouragement and recommendations for seeing the speech therapist! SO glad we were able to get to where we are. (We had the hardest time finding a speech therapist who took insurance. I eventually called some hospitals and ended up at NYU Langone who linked me up with the speech therapist we’re seeing now.)

Friday night, Gordon and I went on a date to Brooklyn to try Dellarocco’s. I don’t remember how I heard about them, but I did and we went and by golly it was good pizza. Our favorite part of dinner was actually dessert! Their cannolis were so so dreamy and the filling was RIDICULOUS. So creamy and dreamy. You all must go here for the wood fired pizza (the crusts were so yummy!) but more specifically, the cannoli. Worth every calorie.

Gordon sitting at a table with food
Date night with my favorite person ever.
Small cannoli
Cannoli that will change your life found at Dellarocco’s.

Saturday afternoon, Gordon’s cousin and her daughter came to visit us and it was so nice being able to see them and hang out! They live in Idaho and we used to go to their house regularly when we were engaged, first married and right after we had Brooke! (10+ years ago!) We love them so much and forgot how much we genuinely like their company until they showed up. (Another reason to eventually move back to Idaho?! Wishful thinking maybe, but maybe in 10ish years we’ll be back. Haha! Mayyyyybe.)

Saturday night we took our visitors to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I think it has some of the best views of Manhattan, so we went…and became borderline hypothermic because it was so cold and windy. But by golly it was pretty! Haha! It was so cold, my phone stopped working!! So I got one picture.

And, this week I made this pizza, this chicken, this pancake mix (makes a great gift!) and this treat from my site!! What have you been making? I saw quite a few more comments on my Cinnabon’s post. LOVE that recipe 🙂

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Today (Monday) my kids have no school because of the holiday, so we’re just laying low and relaxing. I’m hopefully going to get around to testing a few recipes to post this week!

I think I’m going to get the Wii Fit for me. I’m like 8 years late on this, but I think it could work well for home workouts? Thoughts?

I’m getting my blood drawn this week from my family doctor. I saw him for a physical and he is amazing. I love love love him and how thorough he seems to be. So, basically because of my age and my health and my fertility issues, he’s checking a bunch of stuff in my blood to get a feel of my health. Have I mentioned how much I love him? And he’s literally one block away.

I’m booking Gordon and my 10-year anniversary vacation this week! Its been a while since him and I have flown anywhere together on a legitimate vacation, so come March, we’ll be in Aruba! I’ve heard a lot of great things about it, so we are GOING and I am so excited. SO EXCITED. Have you been to Aruba? Where should we stay and what should we do? I’m thinking the first three days, I’m just going to want to sleep and sleep and sleep. And maybe eat 😉

I’m also putting together a few downloadable “mom life” PDF’s  about kids lunches, cleaning products I like, how to do less dishes, how to look less tired, meal planning, make ahead meals and staples, what I have in my mom-bag, step by step healthy eating, chores by age, check off lists and routines, date night, grocery shopping and more! Would you be interested in a few free downloads? I think I’d be able to do one or two a month. Let me know if that is something you’d find helpful, or other topics you’d like me to cover!!

And finally, at the top of every post, there is a heart icon with a number beside it. That is a way you can ‘like’ my posts. So if you don’t have time to comment, you can press that heart icon to like it! That would give me a much better idea as to what you are liking and what you are not liking. Of course, I see and love all the comments I get, too.

Have a great week, friends!! xo

A view of a city at night
Hello Manhattan! Taken Saturday night from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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23 Responses
  1. Sarah Filchak

    I have a Wii fit that is literally sitting and collecting dust. We bought it last Christmas and then moved and it hasn’t been touched. I’d be happy to pass it along to you if you’d want it.

  2. Joan

    I love everything you say about New York. That is my original home (now in Los Angeles).
    .Your posts are fantastic, keep up the good work. Did I mention your recipes are delicious, also?

  3. Mary Lotempio

    First I love your Posts, and look forward to trying your new and wonderful recipes. It’s been a pleasure watching your children grow, specially Eddie, Being that I followed your progress between pregnancy and the present. He’s grown so fast. Need info on ZocDoc, and possibly speech therapy. Was wondering about that because my grandson ,who is 15 months and he doesn’t say any words. Just sounds! His Mom isn’t worried, but I’m concerned……………………………maybe I’m just a worried granny!

  4. Jerissa

    Looking forward to the “mom life” PDF’s! I’m a new mom- my little boy just turned 1 last week. I feel like it has and will be a constant adjustment until he is 18 and off to college!
    At the moment our challenges are sleeping through the night and what to feed this boy for lunch!?
    I work full time out of the house but I am fortunate to be able to have lunch with my son everyday- man I struggle to come up with make ahead things for him! He is a great eater but gets bored easily with the same old thing…
    Love your blog!!

  5. Gina Guthrie

    HI! Thanks for the recommendation on the ZocDoc app. I have some appointments that I need to schedule this year and this will make it much easier to find a DR.
    I love your updates!

  6. Barrie

    It sure sounds like you r getting lots done. It takes awhile to get everything set up in a new place. Glad u and Gordon had a night out! Love hearing about all your ideas! All of it!

    Have a great day!

  7. Erika Goldstein

    Speaking of ZocDoc my husband is a podiatrist in midtown nyc and he’s on there if you need. I think he’s a great doctor. Dr Richard Goldstein 57 West 57th street suite 507

  8. Amanda Demirjian

    You must go check out Madame Janette for dinner while in Aruba! My husband and I were there 5 years ago for our honeymoon, are still talk about the amazing food! http://www.madamejanette.info/joomla2/

  9. Josie

    I have the wii fit for the original wii. I don’t use it anymore, if you want it, I’ll send it to you (although I should double check and make sure I still have it after my latest move!)

  10. Dianna

    Have you heard of Beachbody on demand? You can stream loads of workouts from your home (or anywhere else with WiFi). Been following you for years, my third turned 2 in November and SO many of your posts about Eddie have rung true with my life as well. Thanks for a good read and good recipes!

      1. Lindsay

        Yes!!! I love Beachbody on demand. You don’t need any special equipment. You can try it free for 2 weeks, or 3 months for $39. There are a lot of different subscription choices. I definitely recommend it.

  11. Barb

    I love your posts I wait every week and love the recipes, a few downloads would be amazing. I ordered your Christmas cookbook but still haven’t received anything, I had asked about it before but didn’t get a reply. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Lauren

      Hi Barb, check your email! I just re-sent everything over to you. Let me know if it doesn’t end up working. I can just email it to you myself. Sorry about that!

  12. Janet

    We love Aruba and have been there a few times. We always stay at the https://www.tamarijnaruba.com/. It’s all inclusive and the food awesome. Rooms with views and so relaxing. It’s part of the Divi Divi franchise. No matter where you go, Aruba is wonderful. P.s. Love your blog and your beautiful family.

  13. Sonia

    I’ve lived in NYC for over 3.5 years and have yet to walk the Brooklyn Bridge! I think I’ll have to put this on my to do list, but save it for when it’s just a tad bit warmer!

  14. Tiffany

    Aruba is AMAZING! We went for our honeymoon…12+ years ago. We did a jeep off road tour that went to Ostrich farm, which is fun. There is a fantastic restaurant known for their steaks, El Gaucho…yummy! Definitely try the beer they make there called Balashi. I have tried desperately to find it in the states with no luck. It is such a wonderful place. I would go back in a heartbeat!