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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Gordon and Lauren

I wish time would stand still, just for a second!!

Here’s what happened this week:

Monday we had good intentions of taking our kids to Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn and then going out to eat. Well, they were closed!! Parents of the year we are. So, we just played under the Brooklyn Bridge in the frigid cold, and went to Juliana’s Pizza which is right around the corner from where we were. It was the most glorious evening! No one on their phones or tablets; just us spending time together as a family. It was so fun! Gordon’s schedule doesn’t always allow for things like this to happen, but we definitely are good about taking advantage of when they do. The last time we were at Juliana’s was in the summer when we first had moved to the city and after we had walked the bridge. It brought back some other happy memories and it made me realize just how far our family has learned, stretched and adapted to our surroundings. I was pretty proud of us! AND! The two older children did not complain about all the walking. In the summer, they most definitely did, but now, they’re used to it. Heck! Brooke wears a pedometer and gets on average 14,000 steps in. City kids!!

More pictures of our evening will be on the blog hopefully soon 🙂

Brennan family playing in the grass with a bridge and city behind them
So, we live here.

My nanny came back this past week and it was so nice to have a few days to just sit at my desk and work! Incase you haven’t figured this out about me, I need at least 2+ hours in front of my computer screen before I feel like my mind is ‘in the groove’ and I really start knocking things off my to-do list. I get this time twice a week because she’s only here two days, but normally its only one of those days spent in front of my computer because LIFE. But I actually really enjoy getting a bunch of stuff crossed off my to do list. It’s one of the things that keeps me sane and my mind clear.

Tuesday, I was filming recipe videos in my kitchen all day, so I was happy to get that over with 🙂 It was a long long day, but we got 5 recipes shot and done. You’ll be seeing those in the upcoming weeks.

Wednesday, I took Eddie back to speech therapy and he’s making little baby steps towards becoming more verbal every time we go! He can now say iPad (i-paaaa) and car (caw). It’s also really helpful to get notes from the therapist saying “this week, try working on this”. The nanny was able to take him to speech for his Friday appointment so I could get some posts up! That’s the day I posted this pressure cooker baked ziti and this post all about menu planning. It’s amazing what quiet time will do for my concentration levels! Haha!

I’m having the funnest time getting to know you all a little better in my Facebook group!! A lot of recipes are getting shared there (not just mine!) and if there is one that is shared that I think sounds amazing, I will try it myself and take pictures to share on the blog! Fun, right? Ask to join here.

On Saturday, I met up with my one of my blogging friends. She happened to be in town with her daughter and just started snapping pictures of me!! Kind of really good at it too. Here are a few she took:

Lauren next to Radio City Music Hall Lauren next to Radio City Music Hall Lauren next to Radio City Music Hall Lauren looking at a stand selling goods Lauren in the middle of a city street posing

We ate at The Melt Shop for lunch and HOLY MOLY it was freaking amazing. My favorite thing I ate were the loaded tots. They were ridiculously ridiculously good. (And not far from Times Square in the least, so a good stop for all you visitors! We went to the one on 50th street. How many of you are coming to visit NYC this year?)

After that quick visit, I picked up Eddie’s birthday cake from Magnolia Bakery and headed home.

Yesterday, January 28th, we celebrated Edward’s second birthday! I sort of can’t believe he’s two already, but at the same time, I feel like he should be three already. Time with our children goes slow yet so fast. Every birthday we celebrate is so trippy to me. Regardless, we had a fun little party (I made this for dinner) and we ate that chocolate cake. It was certainly delightful, though my chocolate cake is much more moist. (I think it was a few days old, hence the dryness. The frosting was insanely good though.)

You can check out Ed’s first birthday party here.

Since Eddie turned TWO, we took away all the pacifiers! We explained it to him before bed and said “bye bye binkies” and hoped for the best. Though it wasn’t the smoothest bedtime routine to date, he did quite well considering the circumstances. Much better than Blake did at that age. He loves his stuffed dog named “Rosco” and is attached to his baby blanket, so he’s got plenty of comfort in that cozy bottom bunk of his.

Lauren holding a baby
Who remembers this photos?
Coming up this week:

We forge ahead and start getting ready for Brooke’s 9th birthday! (How does this keep happening?)

It’s restaurant week in NYC so I’m hopefully going to hit up at the very least one restaurant to try! There are so many amazing restaurants in New York, but I’m determined to try as many as possible!

More gym time. I’m hoping to tone up a little more for Gordon and my trip to Aruba in March. I have a countdown on my phone and I just recently ordered a few swimsuits. I’m not excited at all. Ha! Hopefully Eddie gets used to the child watch at the gym I go to. He’s two now, ya know. Maybe that will help?

And, Gordon and I are looking into extra curriculars for the kids to try after school one day a week. We found Ninja classes for Blake!! How fun does that sound? He would DIE of delight if we registered him. Brooke likes swimming, but has shown some interest in rock climbing, so maybe we could find something like that?! She’s hesitant to try because she’s uncomfortable and shy in new social situations. Regardless, I love the options available to us here. It’s a big pro as to why we love living here.

Have a great week, friends!


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10 Responses
  1. Erica

    I love your outfit with the jean jacket and scarf. Also, I really enjoyed seeing your family date. We will be visiting NYC for a week in May and can’t wait to take my kids to the Brooklyn Bridge AND to Juliana’s! Helllllooooo YUM!

  2. Kathy Noel

    The photographer takes great shots …. You look fabulous for loving all those carbs you talk about!!!! Loved following the big changes in your life over the last year and enjoy those creative meals and recipes. We have retired & downsized to a condo in coastal NC …. it’s been a good fit for us. I live through you on your NYC adventures. Thanks much. Kathy

  3. Jules (Aus)

    Hi Lauren, I love everything about you and your family and your FOOOOOD, but I would love it even more if you would correct your title to This Week at the Brennans’ – see what I did there? (moved the apostrophe because there’s more than one of you). Much love from Aus.

  4. Ellie

    Hi Lauren!
    I lived in NYC in 2004 and 05 and haven’t been back since. I’ve missed it like crazy and am so excited to be visiting at the end of May…I can’t wait!! Love seeing all your adventures around the city and food finds-keep them coming!

  5. Amy

    I love reading about the Brennan’s :)) Something def caught my eye this time tho. Haha!! My youngest is turning 2 end of March and he loves, loves loves his paci! It breaks my heart to think of just suddenly taking it away from him. Haha But his speech therapist encouraged to do so before his 2nd birthday :(( How is Eddie dealing so far without his?

    1. Lauren

      Yes, part of the reason for us taking it away was to hopefully see speech improvements. Plus, that’s just what we did with Blake. It worked for us and every night he’s been totally fine 🙂

  6. Sonia

    Depending on where you are in the city, The Cliffs in LIC and Brooklyn Boulders might have something for your daughter? We have friends who rock climb there all the time!

    1. Sherry

      Definitely, recommend Brooklyn Boulders. I am an adult and went there with my little cousins and they were really good with all of us.

  7. Jana

    Hey Lauren, I am friends with your brother and Sister in law David and Gisela. Please look into the Young People’s Chorus of NYC for your kiddos if you are looking for extra-curricular activities.

    I just attended a music educator conference here in Colorado Springs. Their Artistic Director, Elizabeth Nunez, presented. I was blown away by what they are doing in NYC to get music into children’s lives. They are absolutely stellar at what they do. If you are interested, this would be an incredible opportunity for your kids.