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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Eddie and Blake in a laundry basket

This week has been a busy one and I can’t seem to recall quite what I got accomplished this week! Ha!

Here’s what happened this week:

Monday I made it to the gym. The only time I went this week. Oh well. Better than nothing! And Eddie stayed in the kids club the whole time and only cried a minute or two!! Growing up, that boy!

Tuesday Gordon was in the office, so I was able to meet up with him for lunch. I’m usually busy every day with something, and come to think of it, he’s probably only in the office 25% of the time. So I take advantage of when our schedules align. I love him. I also did my Instagram live about blogging Tuesday afternoon! If you missed it, you can read the details here.

And because my pants are already tight, I decided to push them over the edge and Tuesday night went out with some friends (yes, friends!) because its Restaurant Week in NYC. We went to David Burke Kitchen in Soho and the chicken I ordered was phenomenal. I also tried some squid ink pasta (meh) and lamb meatballs (also meh because I don’t like lamb), but the chicken was legit on FIRE. So so tasty with the mashed potatoes and gravy. If there were a way for me to recreate that darn gravy, I’d bathe in it; That’s how good it was. So, if you’re in NYC, I’d highly highly recommend the Roasted Goffle Farms Road Chicken Breast. (That’s what it was called on the menu.) The desserts were also tasty, but when do I not like dessert? Never.

Wednesday, I took Eddie to the pediatrician for his two year well-child check up. He’s 24 pounds and in the 11th percentile for height. I think he’ll be a bit of a short kid, but oh well. It just ads to his overall loveability. The doctor also asked about his speech therapy and other ways he communicates. Basically she said since he is perfectly fine with the rest of his development, there is no issues holding him back so I shouldn’t “worry in the slightest”. She also mentioned that she’s from Europe and over there, he wouldn’t be seen for speech until he was 3 or 4 and it was a “real problem” that Americans are silly. (She basically wanted me to stop worrying which will happen never, so good luck, lady!!)

Thursday was a bit of a blur. I think I stayed in pajamas most of the day. I do it because I can!! I actually hate staying in pajamas all day…I feel like I’m accomplishing nothing. So, when I do get dressed, voila! It looks like I accomplished much more than I actually have. Smoke and mirrors, people. Also, I put things like ‘brush teeth’ and ‘wash face’ on my to do list just so I can cross something off because sometimes you just have one of those days. My standards are very low. Clearly.

Friday was a work day and I posted or prepared several posts which always feels good. I like tackling the bigger things on my list when I know I won’t be interrupted. I love a good quiet house.

Saturday, Gordon and I went on a day date to Churrascaria Plataformia, a Brazilian Steakhouse where they bring all sorts of meat around on a stick. Do you know what I’m talking about? That sounds weird after re-reading what I typed. (My husband served a mission for our church and learned Portuguese while in Brazil.) He consistently spoke Portuguese to all the people who came to our table, but no one took the bait! Poor guy. Maybe next time? The prime rib and the sausages served there were my favorites out of everything we tried.

Sunday, Blake was sick so no church for us. Normally, Gordon or I would take the other children, but Gordon has switched over to some midnight shifts, so he had to sleep through the day. It’s a tricky schedule for me to handle, but three days in, so far so good! Haha!

Eddie standing on a hamper
He took the bathroom stool, brought it to his room and used it to climb onto the hamper to reach his brother’s legos. Rascal!!
Coming up this week:

Blake has Wednesday off. Not Brooke, just Blake. So that’s weird. He’ll be going on a playdate to a friend’s house 🙂

Thursday is Brooke’s birthday, so we’ll be having a small little party for her. She will be NINE! So so crazy.

And Friday I’m taking a day trip. I’m renting a car and heading out of town for a little quiet. As much as I love the city, I’m going to try to feel a little like my old self, driving through the McDonalds drive thru for a diet coke and hopefully finding a Target 😉 It’s the little things.

That’s it for now!! Hope you all are having a great week!

Lauren and Brooke in the rain
A blurry and crooked picture, but I like it!! Walking home from church two weeks ago.

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30 Responses
  1. Wendy

    Your children are so beautiful. I have two daughters and three grand daughters so I love to see what the boys are up to. Thanks for sharing your family!

  2. Isabel

    Here’s a you tube video of LOL Playset
    for your daughter to watch as she waits for hers to arrive. Happy Birthday!

  3. Dawn Ritz

    Love it–McD’s drive thru for a diet Coke and finding a Target!! My happy place is often in Target with a diet Coke from the Target Café! Love these weekly updates!

  4. Amber

    I love every time you post a pic of Eddie having climbed up and standing on something, reminds me of my own almost 2 year old. He does the same thing with the same expression. So adorably mischievous!!

  5. Molly Jacobson

    Hi Lauren,
    I love reading your weekly family updates and trying your recipes. I admire you so much. Moving across the country with 3 kids by yourself is no small feat. I don’t know if I could have handled that with as much grace as you did. I also love reading your blog because the “big city” life FASCINATES me! Thanks for sharing your recipes, life stories and beautiful family with us!

  6. Donna Mason

    I love your blog! Have been following you for MANY years. Through your moves and all your new life experiences. You are simply SUPER WOMAN! Look forward to many more years of being a follower! You food recipes are beyond and out of this world!!!

  7. Brittany

    I just love your weekly updates. I’m a mama of 3 as well. It’s so fun to hear about your NYC adventures. I’ve been following your blog since Oregon. I’ve made so many of your recipes over the years, all delicious BTW. Have a great day!

  8. Skylar Munster

    I love reading about your family life! It definitely makes it seem like you are connecting and care about your blog and social media followers:)

  9. Malinda Chaney

    I love seeing the pictures of the kids. I also love hearing the updates about what is going on in your lives. Thank you for sharing your life with us all.

  10. Susan R

    It’s so nice to know I am not alone in trying to find time to do everything! Thank you for sharing your ups and downs of daily life! Your pictures are great too! Hope you are enjoying the big city life!

  11. Lorri Blazer

    I love reading your blogs. You are so funny and so real about everything.. Your kids are absolute dolls! I so wish I could cook like you. All your receipes look amazing!

  12. Ang Day

    Love your blog, recipes, and family! I noticed you had lasagne for Christmas dinner. Would you mind sharing the recipe? Thanks so much.

  13. Cathy Claus

    an odd question but nonetheless —- I see you always carry a backpack and was wondering if you ever worry about being pickpocketed (sp?) I’ve always been hesitant to buy one for that reason. : ) cute pic by the way!

    1. Lauren

      No, not really! We’re already in relatively safe neighborhoods and my husband is always with me and the children when we’re out and about. The only place I’d be concerned is the subway and I take it off and put it either in the stroller basket underneath or at my feet, right un front of me.

  14. Linda Taboada

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog.. I love the recipes, but for me as an “empty nester”, it brings back all the crazy, busy wonderful memories of when my children were home. Can’t tell you how I miss those days!!!! Thank you for bringing them back. ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Jan Grundtner

    It’s scary (probably for you!) how much we’re alike! A good Saturday for me is staying in my pjs all day 🙂 I do however make myself get ‘some’ housework done since pjs are my reward!
    I do have to say, i would be too afraid to use your size umbrella in New York. I seem to get yelled at a lot in NYC when visiting. I’ve yet to have found a friendly person on the streets there, except for the wonderful police. I won’t give up, I’m certain some day I’ll find someone!

    1. Lauren

      Yes, you always get the mean ones, but when they look at me funny, I’m usually the one to look at them right back and be like “you better move because me and my three kids are coming!” Haha!!

  16. Tamara George

    Hey Lauren!
    Love reading your “This Week at the Brennen’s” posts. You have such a lovely family. Don’t worry about Eddie! He’s a perfect, beautiful boy; NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE 6ft. TALL! My 4’11” daughter has a masters degree in speech pathology, has a great job in an elementary school, and owns her own home. Anyways, just had to spout off. Thanks for all your hard work on your blog!

    1. Lauren

      Oh, I know he’ll be just fine! At my last pediatrician in Idaho, they were able to tell me the projected height of Blake, so I was curious about that for Eddie, but he needs to be a little older with a few more measurements on the books to calculate the growth rate…or something like that.

  17. Julie

    As for the “brush teeth” and “wash face” to do list items? I don’t think that’s having low standards, it’s just about getting some momentum! 🙂

  18. Diana Burke

    I can se e why u like this picture I like it too
    You blog is so busy it makes my head spin since my family is all grown now I can look back on those very busy days and believe me they were the best times enjoy every minute. Thanks for sharing. Diana

  19. Lena Boyd

    Dear Lauren, I love joining you and hearing about your daily adventures. Your days are anything but boring. Three children, walking, taking the subway, even to church, plus everything else you manage in a days time. I follow your recipes, have pinned several, they read delicious.
    Looking forward to more please. A fan for sure😉