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Brooke with her birthday cake

Today marks one year, or 52 weeks, I’ve been doing This Week at the Brennan’s!

Here’s what happened this week:

I think the biggest thing I absolutely need to mention first is Brooke, my sweet and only daughter, had her birthday this week! She turned nine and we had a small little family party for her. She asked for “squishies and LOL dolls” so after some googling, I discovered what they were and Brooke gave me plenty of reasons as to why it was important that she get as many as possible for her birthday. So, I ordered some from china and they still aren’t here!! Haha! But I was able to find some other LOL dolls and she got some other gifts from her grandparents. Raise your hand if you’ve never heard of squishies orLOL dolls before!!

I made a cookies and cream ice cream cake (except really it was pie) which was to die for and it went over really well! I had to apologize to her because she wanted a specific ice cream cake from the store and I decided to make it from scratch (with store bought ice cream and hot fudge…haha!) because IT’S JUST WHO I AM. It turned out to be the better option because she LOVED it and thought it looked amazing and tasted even better. But of course it did! It’s hard to go wrong with store bought cookies and cream ice cream, covered with hot fudge, Oreos and whipped cream all served together in a graham cracker shell, right? Took about 20 minutes to make, start to finish.

I’ve been having the hardest time this past week finding time to get to the very last few things on my to do list done. They are the things that totally get neglected week in and week out because I just don’t have the time. Well, this week I discovered that there’s a reason they are the last things on my list: because I hate them and they take me forever. It was a lot of website stuff I couldn’t for the life of me figure out, and after this week of working 6 hours straight on it, ugh! Still couldn’t figure it out. Frustrating for sure.

By Friday this past week, I was in a funk and just had to get out of the city. Sometimes I feel like I’m an extrovert and the city helps me thrive, but lately, I’ve been wanting to be more of an introvert. The city has felt a bit…suffocating. So, I took the train north, past city limits and found some quiet spots with no honking or sirens. It was actually great! I was gone all day and I came back refreshed.

Lauren with Eddie laying on her

Eddie is slowly starting to get a cold with a low-grade fever to go with and every so often will cuddle with me, which is so so sweet! But one day this past week, he didn’t want to cuddle with me at all! He just wanted to lay across my lap so I couldn’t do anything. It was the weirdest and funniest thing. He knew he was being such a ham, but refused to move regardless. What a stinker!

Here’s what’s Coming up this week:

I’m starting a workout routine with my friend Anne! I went tonight to meet her at the gym. We hardly did anything and I’m already sore. #toomanysquats

I am finally going to fold the four loads of laundry that have been sitting in the basket for a few days. Dishes I’m forced to keep up with, Laundry not so much. So I will hopefully stay on top of that laundry game this week.

Tomorrow, I’m doing an instagram live about how to make perfect chocolate dipped strawberries at 9pm Eastern. Yes, its a pretty simple thing to do, but I’m going to give you all my tips and tricks that all add up to make unforgettable and easy-as-pie chocolate dipped strawberries.

And, of course Valentine’s Day! I didn’t realize it was so soon! It just snuck up on me, so we’ll see what I can come up with for my kiddos. Always a little candy with a small toy or something random I find at the Target dollar spot. (Love that place)

That’s it 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

And don’t forget to find me on Instagram Stories for more NYC fun in real time.

Brennan kids ready to go outside

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  1. polly sullivan

    Commented on “Eddie at 2” post. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! Have a wonderful week with your beautiful family 😊

  2. Kathryn Johnson

    I left a comment on the instant pot ziti.
    I’ve lived out in the country for 5 years now, and while there is a lot I love, I miss living near a city! I’m just an over an hour from a Target. 😢 But that doesn’t stop me from finding excuses to go. 😂

  3. Sara Gates

    I love your blog and the community page you opened up on FB!
    I left a comment on the cupcake factory post from San Jose CA! I would like cupcakes for breakfast now 🙂

  4. Leighann

    I commented on the peanut butter chocolate chip bars <3.

    FYI. I am a fellow Diet Coke lover! McDonald’s Diet Coke in a styrofoam cup is the best!

  5. Karen

    I left a comment on the Honey Butter Sesame Salmon because it’s one of our family favourites. I love all your recipes and reading about your lovely family.

  6. Rose Curtis

    Wowsers… I don’t know how you get everything accomplished that you do! Somehow I came across this post tonight and decided to read it… Love your work. The blog post I also commented on was “how blogging begin my career”
    Thank you for all that you shared and I’m definitely going to try out some of your recipes especially the Kale Salad one!

  7. Tamara H.

    I commented on the Pressure Cooker Ziti! Fingers crossed! I have long loved your recipes and look forward to reading your blog every week!😊

  8. Lisa Miller

    I commented on the southwest egg noodle crockpot recipe because I do want to give it a try but I want to tell you that I also love the cinnamon roll sheet cake recipe. It was a hit with my family!

  9. Tara

    I left a comment on your girls trip to Disney post of you and Brooke. Your weekly posts are great, keep them up. I have a nice list of recipes of yours to try out . Thank you !

  10. Ali

    I just loved and commented on the southwest kale salad recipe. I keep coming back to that one thinking I need to make (and eat) it and this week is the week! Yum! Oh, and this delightful ice cream/hot fudge/pie/ores delightfulness-I need this!

  11. Kiah

    Left a comment on Better Than Paris Crepes recipe! I’m going to make them for my guys for Valentine’s Day breakfast 💕 Ok, mostly I’m making them for me, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy them also. If not, more for me, right?!?

  12. Dawn Murphy

    I left a message on your Super Greens Southwest Kale Salad post. Dang, that looks delicious! Thanks for the giveaway. I so enjoy keeping up with your family.