This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and Eddie
We were the sickies this week.

Hello!! Here goes another week with my wonderful and partly sick family!

Here’s what happened this week:

Monday and Tuesday, I had felt something brewing in my throat and sinuses. I tried to hold it off as long as I could, but after my Instagram live on Tuesday night, I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling just terrible. Swallowing was torture, but only on one side of my throat which tells me it’s my tonsils. (Does that sound right to you, readers who have had their tonsils removed?) Eddie was also slowly losing his appetite Monday and Tuesday as well.

Wednesday was conveniently (or in my case inconveniently) Valentine’s Day. The day was filled with a lot of Dayquil (and Nyquil). I had chocolate covered strawberries for my kiddos that morning, a few small gifts and love notes. Gordon knows me well and got me some lovely red roses and some nice cold cans of Diet Coke in the shape of a heart. Blake had a little party in his Pre-K class that Gordon was able to represent at because I was dead to the world on the couch with Eddie at home. (See picture above.)

Thursday, both Brooke and Blake had Chinese New Year celebrations in their classrooms! That’s right, Blake’s teacher is an over-achiever and did two parties back to back. How she has the energy, I’ll never know. Bless her sweet heart. I ended up ordering in Chinese Food for dinner because I was still not feeling very well, and poor Eddie still had no appetite. I also realized that my kids had the whole next week off for a mid-winter break. I guess that’s a thing here? ANYWAYS, I ended up calling my parents to see if they’d want my kids for that week and THEY SAID YES. So I was a little excited, but hesitant about Eddie.

Blake holding up a craft
Sweet Blake at his Valentine’s school party.

Thursday night into Friday morning was so so rough for poor Eddie that I called the doctor immediately that morning to get him in to be seen. I think he slept about 3 hours, waking up and crying every 45 minutes or so. I kept trying to feed him or give him medicine or a drink of water and he wanted nothing to do with it. He just felt so awful 🙁 I was so worried about him (but also worried I’d have to cancel with my parents…say it isn’t so!)

At the doctor’s office, we found out he had an ear infection in one ear and a burst ear drum in the other. A punch in the gut for a mother, but it all made perfect sense as to why he had be nearly inconsolable the night before. So, we got some good antibiotics for him and after two doses pumping through his system with a little ibuprofen and he was a whole new kid. It was truly miraculous. (Some of you on instagram stories probably got a sneak peek of his old self on Friday afternoon.)

So, hallelujah, I didn’t have to cancel with my parents and so Saturday morning, I drove half way to Canada and they drove half way down into New York to meet us, we made the switch, and I’ve been sleeping amazingly well ever since. Haha!

Sunday, Gordon and I went to church without our kids and we almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We were able to sit and listen. It was amazing.

Eddie in bed
Poor Eddie bug on Friday morning after the restless night he had. Ended up in our bed.
Coming up this week:

Ya’ll, I’m so so excited to be able to sleep a full 8 hours, work when I want and then maybe take a little afternoon nap too. Tuesday, I’ll be heading out of NYC again for a project I’m working on. I’m guessing that by Wednesday I’ll be missing my kids terribly.

Gordon is back to working in the day again as opposed to the night shifts, so maybe we’ll be able to see each other at normal times of the day instead of just in passing. Wouldn’t that be nice!

And then on Saturday, I’ll go back to pick up my kids and all will be well in the world. But, lemme tell you, they are having a grand old time getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. We are so grateful for them and so glad we live on the east coast to allow them to see their grand babies a little more regularly. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Hope you all have a great week, friends!

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8 Responses
  1. Liz

    So were you able to figure out why your throat was sore on one side? When I get that way it is usually tonsil stones. They are gross, little stone shaped things that are firm but squash like cottage cheese that are in the tonsil cavity. They irritate your throat making it so dark red and sore! I usually put pressure on the cavity above and below the opening and they are forced out. You can google them. You can actually feel them in your cavity once you know How it feels. Not everyone gets them . I only get them on one side.

  2. Courtney

    Yup mid winter break is a thing, there is another one for us in April. I think there should just be one in March. Glad to hear that you & Eddie are both feeling better. Enjoy your 8 hours of sleep. We know you will miss it when its gone! 🙂 So glad that your parents are able to take the kids and spend all the time with them. I am sure they will be as exhausted by Saturday as you will be rested!.

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