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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and Gordon on a boat

Besides coming home from Aruba, there isn’t a whole lot to report!

Here’s what happened this week:

Gordon and I started the week sleeping in and enjoying the sun, sand and very blue water in Aruba! It was so so nice to be reminded just how much we like each other. The last time Gordon and I were able to get away for an actual take-an-airplane-and-get-away-from-the-kids vacation was back in 2014 when we went to Miami. And that was the first time we had ever gone on a couples vacation ever! We got no honeymoon and are purposely very involved parents, so normally we don’t do trips like this. We love to travel together except WITH the kids. But having been married 10+ years, I felt like it was time. And my sweet parents were willing to come all the way to NYC to fill in our shoes while we were gone, so the stars aligned and away we went!

A lot of you had traveled to Aruba previously and told me why you loved the island so much. Turns out, we love Aruba for a lot of the same reasons! Very quick and easy to get to (4 1/2 hour direct flight from JFK), very convenient and familiar because they accept American money there, also lots of chain restaurants on the island (which we didn’t eat that…though Subway had a ‘seafood delight sub’ that looked awfully tasty….NOPE), not too hot, not too cold, easy to get around and very well run overall.

We were able to rent a Jeep and drive the island end to end, go parasailing, go snorkeling, go eat at almost every restaurant recommended to us and even go see a movie! Oh my heavens, it cost us $5.61 for both Gordon and I to see Black Panther! Cheapest movie I’ve ever seen. And the two large diet cokes and bag of popcorn was another $6. Aruba wins at life.

Anyways, after about 3 full days of relaxing, sleeping and enjoying the really warm weather, we were bored! So, extremely happy to come home and see our babies! Because Aruba is a Dutch island, we found some amazing European chocolate and stroopwafels. Have you had stroopwafels before? My new favorite obsession. (I think they serve them on Delta flights?!) Worth finding in NYC, methinks.

Later on this week, I’ll be posting my big long recap of where we stayed, where we ate and my recommendations which are based on all of YOUR recommendations. (Thanks, guys!)

Brooke Blake and Eddie in a fort

Once we got home at 8pm, Brooke and Eddie were wide awake waiting for us and poor little Blake was dead to the world asleep. So we got to snuggle and cuddle the oldest and youngest Thursday night and tuck them in.

Friday morning, we were right back at it with the daily grind. Gordon was up for work at 3:45am, Brooke and Blake were getting dressed for school at 6:30am and we were all out the door on our way at 8am. My parents and brother left for the airport soon after I got back from dropping my kids off at school and I was home again home again jiggity jig. Started on all the unpacking, washing, drying, folding, cleaning, normal Mom stuff.

Slowly, I’ve been trying to wean my kids off of a lot of the technology they’ve been consuming which means trying to come up with creative alternatives. I forgot we had a small little kid tent packed high up in my kids’ closet, so when Brooke mentioned it, I busted it out then and there and have kept it up ever since. I’ve gotten my kids to do all sorts of things together because its ‘so much cooler in the tent’. Legos, blocks, puzzles, reading, pretending to sleep (haha!), and all sorts of other things. I love hearing their giggles when they are together having fun. (Similar tent here.)

On Sunday, I took a chance and didn’t bring the stroller to church with me in hopes Eddie would hold someone’s hand the entire way. Well, turns out he’s getting older and less mischievous because he held my hand or Brooke’s hand or Brooke AND Blake’s hand then entire way to church and then the entire way home. Even though his speech is a little delayed, he’s still learning, growing and is oh so smart. Time to bust out the potty seat. #nomorediapers!

Brooke Blake and Eddie holding hands walking down the sidewalk

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

I’m getting caught up on work, trying to edit hundreds of photos from our trip to Aruba!

Tomorrow, I’m going to parent-teacher conferences for Brooke and Blake. They were technically last week, but since we were in Aruba, we were able to reschedule for tomorrow.

Gordon’s schedule is going to allow him to take Eddie to speech one day this week! He’s been wanting to go see him talk with the speech therapist, so I’m excited he’s getting the chance to go.

Blake has a special ‘star day’ this week where we talk all about Blake in his classroom. I get to show up and share all sorts of fun stories about my sweet boy! (For all you new folks, you can see all my posts about Blake here.)

I think that’s it for now! Have a great week, friends! xo

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2 Responses
  1. Shannon

    Glad you had fun!

    I can get stroopwafels here at my grocery stores and I live in the midwest so I’m pretty sure you can get them in NYC stores to I bet! Yes they are good I love them with my hot tea or hot cocoa. I’ve gotten the teeny tiny ones, the middle mug size ones and the huge ones they sell at my local coffee shop. My favorite is Chocolate with Caramel inside! 🙂