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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Happy Belated Easter, friends!!

Here’s what happened this past week:

I’m not recalling what happened with the family at the beginning of the week because EASTER, but on the blog side of things, I posted this amazing cobbler recipe, this recipe round up and this snow day post! Be sure to check those out incase you missed them!

On Thursday, Blake had pajama day and Brooke had a party in her classroom. All 5 of us walked to school and were able to see both, which was so sweet and fun to witness 🙂 We love seeing our kids thrive at a new school environment. Speaking of school, we’ve been able to spend time after school playing with other friends and hanging out at the park because we’ve finally FINALLY had some decent weather. It was getting so nice that I had the audacity to put the winter clothes away. Ha!! Of course we had a snow storm this morning. Just when I think we are over and done with this winter, it comes back with something else to say. Where are you Spring?

Friday, the kids had off as their first day of Spring Break. I was able to take all three to Target (about .75 miles away) to grab a few Easter items. How I spent $300 there I’ll never know. Even though I don’t have a car and even though the City Targets aren’t nearly as stocked as well as a suburban Target, I made the magic happen. STILL GOT IT.

On Saturday morning, I laid the smack down and got my kids doing their chores because it’s been a while and I only have so many years left to teach how to properly fold clothes and clean a bathroom. Saturday afternoon, we messed up everything we had just cleaned by dying eggs as well as making chocolate cake for Sunday’s Easter dinner.  Messy kitchens turn into messy apartments when you have only so much space. (this is the pressure cooker hard boiled egg method I used)

Our menu for Easter Sunday included ham from Costco, scalloped potatoes (working on a recipe), salad (brought by our friend, Anne) and the Planted Carrot Chocolate Easter Cake which we had started on Saturday. I did also make some nests, similar to these, but made with rice krispie treats. I Amazon Primed these Easter baskets which arrived Saturday night (last minute mom win) and am going to have my kids names stitched onto them, similar to something you’d find at Pottery Barn, but way cheaper! We also relaxed and watched LDS Conference this weekend for church. SO nice to relax at home and not have to travel via subway to get to church with all three kids. Gordon was working the midnight shift the entire week, so I was going solo most of the week.

Eddie is saying new words! Purple (puh-pull), poo poo, horse (orse), bottle (bah-bah) shoes, car, cracker. I maybe have talked about a few of these previously, but its nice to start a list! My sweet boy is starting to pick up steam! I love hearing his little voice. (Have you heard Lyft offers a car seat option? We were going to be late for speech therapy when I remembered reading about this option recently. It was the easiest thing ever and Eddie LOVED riding in a car.) If you use Lyft, here’s a discount code for $15 off a ride.

I’ve been toying with the idea of potty training Edward recently and finally got a potty seat and some underwear for him. I’m going to ease him into it, but will most likely go cold turkey by the end of the week. That’s what I did with my first two kids and it took 3 days for each of them. Here’s to hoping Eddie is that quick! I think he’ll take a little more time because he has been so different from his siblings in every other possible way, so why would this be any different?! I’m going to try and see where it gets me. If he’s super resistant, I’ll wait a few more months before trying again.

Eddie sitting at a table
My chocolate cake recipe doesn’t call for eggs, so I let my kids lick out the bowl and I don’t have to worry about them getting sick, not that that stops me when I do use eggs.
Here’s what’s coming up this week:

More spring break means finding more activities to do, preferably outside. I think the snow will be melting over the next few days, so maybe we can bust out the scooters again.

Potty training Eddie! Hopefully. Maybe. Most likely.

Gordon switches to day shifts, so we’ll get to see him again! Yay!

We’re going to take the kids to a museum or two this week. We have never been, so it’s about time we went, methinks.

Gord and I are also planning a date night this week because it’s been a little bit. Dates are important to us, so we pay the expensive babysitter and go! OR just order thai or chinese food and watch a show at home.

AND, our nanny found a new, full-time job, so we are going to be nanny free come April 10. What am I going to do? Ahh!

I think that’s it for now. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Snacks for General Conference
Foods that have words attached to them! When we listen to Conference (church on TV) and hear those key words, we get a snack! We ate a lot of Jesus cucumbers. Haha!

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5 Responses
    1. Marilyn Brennan

      Love to see all the weekly news. So are the kids in a new school now? Or is this still the same school that they newly started this year? I loved to see that cake you made with the carrots growing. Really cute!! AND cute way to serve all the snacks–in a muffin tin!

  1. Lena Boyd

    Oh how busy you are and those children are wonderful. You certainly do so good, without a car. I do not know how you do everything. The shopping alone is such an effort and bringing it home, wow. Love hearing about your days, go Eddie, new words are so encouraging. Until next time…