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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and the kids

It was a hungry week indeed!

Here’s what happened this week:

My diet was at the forefront of my mind all the week through, but looking back I think I’ve been doing pretty well. The first four days of the week I wasn’t very happy and was feeling especially hungry between 7 and 10 pm, after I had finished all my macros for the day. But, I’ve found that if I start out the day with more calories and finish the day with a little more protein, then that helps. Also, eating more vegetables really helps too, though, I’m pretty bored of cucumber and peppers already. Haha!

Low carb bread, low carb tortillas and these homemade low carb bagels have been my saving grace. That paired with the extra peanut butter, butter and avocados I get to eat, make my life a little better. Thank goodness for guacamole! I’ve also started eating more “regular people” food, just really reading the nutritional information carefully. Case in point, baked chips. As long as I’m counting my macros, using the guide on the back, I’m going to fit it into my day somehow! Makes things a little more enjoyable.

Have you heard of or tried Banza pasta before? It’s made with chickpeas and is pretty high in protein. I got a box and will be trying it this week. Seems promising, but who really knows?! I’ll keep you posted.

Brooke lost another tooth this week! She pulled it out herself one night after not wanting to go to bed. She really must not have wanted to go to bed…that tooth was hardly loose! But she earned another $1 for that one. 

Gordon got sick midweek and still continues to be sick. Eddie also has caught the bug which stinks and has made his sleep inconsistent, but such is life with a sick little toddler.

Speaking of Eddie, he is doing so well with his speech! He starting to learn his colors now and says “boo” (blue) “puh-puh” (purple) “yeh yeh” (yellow) “oooohhh” (orange). He can say “a car” “a bus” “shoes” and “all done” really clearly and almost had the speech therapist in tears with all the new sounds he was making on Friday. Go Eddie! Things are picking up steam. Other words he knows include open, duck (duh duh), bubbles (buh-boos), ball (baw), go, this (dis), push (poossss), yes, no and bottle (baw baw).

Gordon and the kids on the subway

Saturday morning, the whole family took the subway to the Upper West Side to play at a few new parks we’ve never been to and enjoy the warm gorgeous weather!

Saturday afternoon, we were able to surprise Brooke with her last birthday gift to take her to see Wicked. (Her birthday is the beginning of February.) Gordon’s work schedule is unpredictable, so there hasn’t really been any other Saturday before this Saturday that we could have taken her, so we were happy to have made this work! And of course she loved it!

Saturday night, I made preparations for Blake’s birthday which was on Sunday! (So many festivities happening.) Wrapping presents and such.

Our sweet boy turned FIVE! You can read about him being born here. I’m so lucky to have a blog to document momentous things like this so I can look back and read! I’ll be doing a post about his Birthday soon, and also the amazing (AMAZING!) pie I made. I am allowed one cheat meal per week, so I made Blake’s birthday dinner my choice, knowing I’d get a piece of pie, and lemme tell you, it did not disappoint. But, I love pie.

Lauren and Brooke at Wicked

What’s coming up this week

Gordon has another busy work week.

I’m going to try to meal prep a little more! I went overboard last week, so this week I’m going to limit my cooking to two meals instead of four.

I’ll be testing a few more recipes for the blog…working on healthier breads because carbs are my life.

And the kids continue to go to school and thrive. Here’s to hoping Eddie sleeps a little better as his cold clears up.

Have a great week, friends!

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7 Responses
  1. Susan Mayfield

    Hi Lauren,

    Have you considered going or have gone to Governor’s Island with your family? It’s a short ferry ride from Lower Manhattan. There’s lots to explore on foot, bike, or scooter.


  2. Carolyn

    I found this brand of pasta at the grocery store, it’s called “Explore Cuisine” theybmake an organic edemame spaghetti (100% edemame) and ive also tried the adzuki bean one. Both are really surprisingly great! And so high in protein.

  3. Patty

    Hi Lauren, it’s fun to hear about your family and the everyday stuff you experience on the other coast! Gosh your kids are so cute, and growing so fast!
    I’ve never heard of Banza pasta but I’m anxious to learn more about it, my DH is diabetic and loves his carbs too.
    Lauren, can you tell us more about that AWESOME birthday pie please??

  4. Lynne

    HEY Lauren: I have been following you for a while. Since you have moved to NYC our family favorite place to visit. We are coming in to the city memorial day weekend to celebrate our daughts college graduation and will be seeing Hamilton to celebrate her Honors degree in mechanical engineering. (so proud of her) . Any who I am looking for your suggestions of places to get donuts. Also, some special place for meal up around central park oh, also the piizza place you go to on the other side of of Brooklyn Bridge. Where did you rent bikes to ride around on? We are staying down in hotel really near all the theaters. Any suggestions you can give me would be great. You know you locals have great suggestions for off the beaten path for places to each and things to do. We are going to visit the towers memorial also. Really trying to find new things to do this visit. We are usually visiting during the winter so freezing but now warm and hopefully dry. Thank you so very much in advance on any help you can five me!!!!! EDDIE and his curls so awesome!!!!! Your children are all so cute and they get that from there mom. Love all your energy!!!!!!! Would love to know more about your park you went camping in Canada as a family.
    THANKS Look forward to hearing back!!!!!!