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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Gordon and Eddie

Rain rain go away!

Here’s what happened this week:

Gordon started the week with his midnight shifts which meant working through the night and sleeping through the day…easier said than done. We are a noisy family and live on a noisier road. He had a hard time with it this week, but thankfully we all made it through! The one thing I absolutely hate about the midnight shift is how little time I get to spend with my husband. We see each other mostly just in passing and I hate it! I am so acutely aware of when we are connected as a couple and when things are sliding towards being ‘roommates’. The midnight shift tends to do this to us, but this week we’ll be getting back to normal. Incase you didn’t know, I’m still smitten with my husband…14 years after I first met him.

Part of the reason Gordon couldn’t sleep well was all the rain we got meant lots of days spent indoors. My poor boys were so cooped up and bored! And I was pretty uncreative when it came to other activities besides watching movies and cuddling on the couch. So we were loud, stomping up and down the hall all day. He’s a good man for putting up with us.

I was feeling particularly cooped up and sick of our apartment by Wednesday and decided to take my boys out to HomeGoods so we walked blocks and blocks in the rain to get as many items I could shove into my stroller. I made myself proud and came home with lots of loot, including but not limited to a bookshelf, a bouncy ball, over the door hooks, metal baskets and a huge shark stuffed animal! We don’t have a minivan, but I do have an enormous stroller which is just as good in the city!

Blake tried his first NYC hot dog on our way home from HomeGoods because I didn’t think my timing through and forgot to pack snacks. Eddie refused to try it, so I bought him a banana from the fruit stand in the next block over. He was finished in no time, signing and asking more “moh” (more). I underestimate his appetite and love for bananas most days. He’s a growing little guy!

I have been wearing my Birkenstocks more and more this week! They are SO comfortable, but I feel like my poor little crooked sausage toes aren’t cute enough for them. There are so many cute outfits with Birkenstocks on Pinterest but am not sure I am one of those people who can pull them off. I’m going to attempt one or two cute outfits, but I might just accept the fact that I am not Pinterest model material and accept my fat toes because Birkenstocks are so darn comfortable!! Do you have Birkenstocks?

I signed up for Seamless (a food delivery service, recommended by a friend) and now I’m a little obsessed…mainly because I can find SO many restaurants around us that deliver! It’s like Yelp, but on steroids. We had Patsy’s Pizza one rainy day this week and it was amazing. It probably would have been even better had we had it hot and fresh at the restaurant, but who wants to bring three kids down to any restaurant in the rain and thunder? Not this girl. 

Little Italy Pizza is another pizza place we’ve tried that we really really like as well. Also found on the Upper West Side, though I think they have several other locations in the city.

For family night, we went to Central Park, hoping we could check out Belvedere Castle, but it’s under construction. Womp womp. So we went behind it and scootered around looking for turtles in the turtle ponds. We didn’t see any turtles or frogs, but definitely got eaten alive by mosquitos. Do we need insect repellant in the city? Is that a thing I didn’t know about? I feel like the hotter it gets, the less bugs there will be, but does the humidity attract the bugs? Someone tell me what to do.

This week, I tried FlyCleaners for our Wash & Fold laundry service and fell in love! Since we don’t have any washer or dryer, this is our next best option. I did look into going to a laundromat, but those places are so expensive, not to mention you have to stay the 2-3 hours it would take to do all our laundry. Who has time for that? Plus, it would end up being about $20 each time between the $3 washes and the $4 dries (at the one laundromat I walked into down the street). This is why we do wash & fold. FlyCleaners is the only place we’ve tried that brought our laundry back smelling clean and fresh! Hallelujah! You can check and see if they work in your area and use my coupon code for $20 off if you feel so inclined –> LAUB6VFQ

Below are some photos from our outing for Family Night…the one night it didn’t rain last week.

Gordon holding Eddie up

Gordon throwing Eddie up in the air

Brooke posing for the camera

Lauren and the kids

Lauren buckling Eddie\'s helmet

A person walking down a road

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Gordon is in the office this week! Wheeee! Regular person 9-5 schedule!

The weather should be significantly better so we’ll be hitting up more parks this week with my boys. Eddie is getting really good at scootering, but still not understanding what brakes are and how they work. He is my heart attack waiting to happen.

I have a facial and massage scheduled on Wednesday which I am dreaming about! I signed up for a Massage Envy membership last year in Idaho and then forgot about it when we moved, so I’ve been paying for it for nearly a year. So I have quite a few services banked. I wanted to cancel my membership, but apparently I can’t without losing all the services I’ve been paying for. Basically, I’m going to get a ton of services in a short amount of time and then cancel because mama ain’t got time for that.

Still don’t have all the boxes unpacked, but we’re working on it still. Oh well. We’ll get there eventually. I’m still on the hunt for two rugs for the boys room and Gordon has a few pictures to put on the wall.

Only one month of school left! So excited for California in July! Long flight, but worth it to see Gordon’s enormous family! I’m also trying to find a long weekend I can sneak away to London, but that hasn’t been able to happen yet. Might be a long shot, but that’s ok 😉 A girl can dream.

A car driving on a city street

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13 Responses
  1. Hope

    Love seeing your family pics! My husband used to be a police officer so I totally understand how crummy the night shift can be! Especially when they are trying to sleep while kiddos are home! Hang in there! 😊

  2. Donna brennan

    . Love the pictures. Happy birthday to Blake!! Happy for you that Gordon is on days for a week!! Having worked the night shift for a month– it sucks! Take care see you in July!!!!!

  3. Donna brennan

    Yay for July!!! Can’t wait. Love the pictures. Happy birthday to Blake!! Happy for you that Gordon is on days for a week!! Having worked the night shift for a month– it sucks! Take care

  4. angela

    I want to jump on the Birkenstock train, but I have extremely flat feet. I tried on the soft and hard ones and my feet were screaming to get them off immediately! I would absolutely love to have a pair, but my feet would revolt!

  5. Julie Haedtke

    Rain definately brings out bugs and mosquitos. There are many “good smelling” options to repel besides standard bug spray. We have tons of them in MN!!!! I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks last year and love them! Don’t worry about your toes, if someone doesn’t like them, they don’t have to look at them!!! LOL! Love hearing about your family adventures and your massive stroller!!

  6. Lisa

    Hi Lauren!
    I live in London! What will you be doing here? If you are at loose ends and would like to meet up with some fellow American’s (I’m from the Midwest and have little two boys) let me know!
    I tired your Warm Buffalo Chicken dip this past weekend as a nod the USA (given the Royal Wedding and all) and it was a hit.
    Love reading about all of your/the family’s adventure.
    Come to London!

  7. Judy DeLacy

    I bought a pair of Birkenstocks when I was visiting my niece in San Francisco after having her first baby. That “baby” is now 18 y.o. and my Birkenstocks are still one of my “go to” sandals in the summer.

    I was born and raised in NYC and remember dealing with mosquitos very well. I just read a tip about insect repellant on the internet (although they say you can”t believe everything you read on the internet). The tip was to put a small dab of Vick’s Vaporub on a couple of spots on your body, i.e. ankles and back of your neck. It appears insects don’t like to smell.

    Enjoy your California trip in July. That’s where I love now…and LOVE it.

  8. Lynn

    Great family sorry, love it. I wish my family was closer by, they are across the country and in the military.
    Please keep up with the stories.