This Week at the Brennan’s

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Eddie laying on Lauren
Good morning! Sweet sweet baby always wanting his mama! Notice his two baby blankets. Haha!

I’m trying to remember everything we did and not a lot is coming to mind. How boring are we?

Here’s what happened last week:

One of the highlights for me was this killer guacamole that I just posted the recipe for. Guacamole is my spirit animal. It was so so good! Cotija cheese is the freaking bomb.

Since the weather was pretty nice, I did a lot of recipe filming this week! I have to edit said videos still, but mama’s got babies to take care of! So at some point, stay tuned for those on Facebook. And most likely Instagram.

I think we went to the park three times this week and somehow without fail, every child of mine got soaking wet every time!! Even on the cooler days when I was wearing two sweatshirts. I kept saying “aren’t you cold?” because lets face it: I’m ALWAYS cold, but they are warm blooded creatures and take after their father and were allegedly “totally fine”.  WATER BABIES THEY ARE!

We have suspended Eddie from his scooter until further notice orrrr until he will listen to us when we say “BRAKE”. We are 80% sure he can use the brake properly, but he chooses not to. He ran into a parked car on the way home from the park one day last week and scared himself half to death. (Also, us.) Normally, he is good about stopping or jumping off or dragging his foot behind him if he’s going too fast or thinks he’s going to bump into something, but his scooter confidence got the better of him and he just went BAM right into it. So Gordon carried him home kicking and screaming. Ah the joys of parenthood. 

I was supposed to go get a massage and facial on Wednesday, but Gordon had a last minute schedule change and he was suddenly unavailable to watch our three children. So that went out the window. Bummer. And speaking of cancelations, Brooke’s class was supposed to go to Carnegie Hall for a field trip and it got canceled last minute. This is the life she’s living. “We were supposed to go to Carnegie Hall today, but it got cancelled and I don’t know why.” NYC Kid.

Blake with a toy dinosaur

My iron levels are getting better, I think. Felt a little more ‘normal’ the past few days. If I’m feeling particularly tired or exhausted, Gordon is quick to follow up with “did you take your iron?” Not sure I mentioned this, but I wanted to feel like myself again before I continued with the low carb diet I was doing. It was like it added insult to injury, so I’m waiting for my levels to come up so I can get back into it.

Blake continues asking daily to go to the lego store so he can get more lego sets. “Mom, isn’t there a Lego store in Manhattan?” I keep telling him “no” because he got 4 new sets for his birthday and our floors do not need more lego pieces! So Thursday, we rebuilt one of his lego dinosaurs into a pterodactyl (and I became the coolest mom ever). I find the pieces and he follows the book and builds it step-by-step. He is such a smart boy!

Friday we did pizza in the park again!! I love love love this tradition so much and I was so glad it was warm enough. Hooray for mini heat waves! We tried Pizza Pete’s and it was YUM. I have yet to find pizza I don’t love. I think it’s all about the fresh mozzarella they use and the thin crusty crusts. SO good. A trip to New York is worth it just for the pizza.

I finally got my free School Lunch Guide up and running…just in time for school to let out. Wheeee! You can download it for free here.

This weekend is a long weekend and we did nothing. Unless going to Starbucks counts? Gordon had to work all weekend long, so Saturday we cleaned and unpacked the rest of the boxes, hung up more picture frames, took a nap and watched Father of the Bride (I love that movie.) Sunday, I took the kids to church, tried to keep them quiet to no avail, dropped them off to primary, taught youth sunday school (and bribed with treats!) and walked home…in the rain. Again with no husband.

Today, Monday, we went to the park again for nearly 3 hours and yes my kids got soaked. Gordon was home this morning, so he went running while I watched the kids at the park and then I went running while he watched the kids at the park. It’s a great little system but would be even greater if I could run longer than 1.5 miles without feeling like I want to die. I used to run a lot before I had Blake, but then I decided I hated running, so I quit. But now, I kinda/sorta like it…but mainly because there are so many people out running with me and I like to people watch. You always know you’re safe and there’s always someone you can pace yourself with. Plus the tourists are hilarious to watch.

Does she look 16 to you too? I was never this stylish or cute at 9.
Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Getting some more things crossed off my to do list.

I rescheduled my facial and massage for this week. Cross your fingers and toes I can make it!

Still on the hunt for a good speech therapist for Eddie. Maybe I’ll get lucky again.

Can’t believe we’re into JUNE this week! This year is going by pretty fast.

Finally found a babysitter, so date night is going to happen this week!! Hallelujah.

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4 Responses
  1. Barrie Williams

    Hi! Hope you are feeling better! We moved to California away from all family and friends with my two babies adopted from China. My husband left for Europe for a couple weeks, travels so much I know how it is to be alone with kids in a new place.

    It all works out. My oldest is now graduating from Collage, the youngest 2 more years to go. Hubby still gone all the time but we do good. I love facials! I have been lucky to have one so far I am 53, but it was so nice.! Hope u get to get yours soon! Have a great week! I can’t wait to hear what’s happening next week! Love all your recipes!!

  2. Marilyn Brennan

    I wonder if you are taking electrolytes with your keto diet. They are pretty important. Dr. Berg has an electrolyte powder that has 1,000 MG of potassium in each serving. I drink it warm so it will dissolve. Just a thought. Mark has also introduced me to Thrive vitamins and they really keep me going. Love your family stories!

    1. Amy Hilyar

      I started following for your food but now I follow you for you and your sweet family! I am a stay at home Minnesota nice Mama of 6! I look forward to your weekly family blogs to see how different yet similar our lives are!

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