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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Gordon and Lauren

My oh my what a drama filled week!

Here’s what happened this past week:

Well, let me just cut right to the chase. We had a mouse in our apartment this week! Wheee! We didn’t know it was a black mouse until the second day it was running for it’s life, so that was a fun 24 hours. But let me start from the beginning. Brooke came into my bedroom Wednesday night saying she saw “shadows” underneath the couch in the living room. Her bedroom is right off the living room through a set of french doors, so it’s not unusual for her to look out through the glass panes. ANYWAYS, she was scared because she saw shadows, so I threw on some shoes (just incase) and walked her back to her bed and prove to her that there were no shadows and it was all her imagination when I SAW IT run silently along the edge of wall. I screamed, Brooke screamed, we jumped onto her bed. The black thing then runs to beneath the radiator. I realize the closed french doors were both a blessing and a curse. I call my husband who is at work because he was working the midnight shift. Perfect timing. “Come home! What do I do? Come home! What do I do?” We decide on calling the superintendent and he will come kill what I still think is a tarantula. It was probably 11pm by this point.

20 minutes later he is at our apartment door and I realize I have to get off Brooke’s bed, walk down the hall and let this man in. I gingerly run down the hall and then run back to Brooke’s room. He checks the entire living room and notices a small space in the floorboards beside the radiator. He thinks the ‘spider’ went through the hole beneath the floor because it makes sense because it’s the last place I saw it. He fills the hole with calk and leaves. Brooke sleeps in my room with me.

Thursday evening rolls around and just as I am finishing my work from bed, I SEE IT peek it’s nose into the light (shining into the hallway from my bedroom) and then retreat down the hall towards the living room.

And then I died from a heart attack.

I text Gordon frantically and he calls immediately. “Come home! What do I do? Come home! What do I do?” I was borderline hysterical. He is able to sneak away from work to come help me. Hallelujah.

I stay on the phone with him and the mouse sneaks UNDER MY DOOR to behind the radiator in MY ROOM. That’s when I started swearing.

Long story short, Gordon was able to corner it in the radiator in the living room again (barf) and smack it on the head with the handle of a large slotted spoon. Never underestimate the power of good quality kitchen utensils. One swift smack to the head and it was gone. After a brief photoshoot (bragging rights to bring back to work? a fun story to throw into the family group chat? proof to text to our super?) he was off to work again and I was left alone in the apartment to sleep. Ha!

Our super came by Saturday morning to check every nook and cranny and fill any and all holes he could find.

Turns out, the mouse chewed through some drywall behind one of our kitchen cabinets and then found his way into our apartment through a small opening to the right of our dishwasher. Damn city rodents! So, the hole was filled and covered with hardcore metal mesh, sooooo those suckers aren’t getting back in again…or so it seems. We also had the exterminator come and do his thing as well.

So many of you messaged me saying mice are part of city living and I sort of just wanted to barf because EW. But, I guess it’s good to know I’m in good company? I remember hearing my dad talk about a mouse or two found in our basement cold storage area when I was 10 or 11, but that was in our basement and not running around two feet away from me and my child. Oh my heavens.

Would you rather deal with a mouse or a tarantula in your house?

Also, have you ever watched Fear Factor before? This is what my life is like.

I really didn’t do much or think about much else this week.

Other things that happened this week that probably deserve more explanation but I’m too emotionally exhausted to explain:

Eddie peed in the potty!! I think it was an accident before one of his baths, but we clapped and cheered like crazy. Also, gave him candy. Really pulling out the big guns for our stubborn baby boy.

Brooke snapped that first photo of me and Gordon and I love it. See above.

Kind of loving this body scrub for my chicken skin. It’s getting rid of the bumps!! Also, works surprisingly well on the bottom half of my legs as an ingrown hair removal. #smoothfordays Smells sketchy, but works.

I took all three kids to the dentist by myself and it was great! The older two kids are completely fine at the dentist, but Eddie is my wildcard child and usually screams when I try to touch his teeth. But of course he made me look like a liar and was a total angel for the dentist. He opened his mouth and let him brush his teeth without a peep. RASCAL! Brooke will also need braces. Who needs money anyways?

I gave Blake a haircut and then got him some ice cream for not screaming because bribery works. Parenting at its finest, folks. Vanleeuwen has great ice cream, but it’s no salt & straw. (Hi Portland friends!)

Gordon and I found a babysitter and went out for sushi (Haru Sushi…so good!) and then got library cards. Be super jealous of our wild and exciting night together as a middle aged couple living it up in the big apple. We also got dessert at Cafe Lalo which is from the movie You’ve Got Mail and it wasn’t that good. Fun to say we went though!

Blake getting his teeth cleaned
Totally relaxed! That is a little boy lounging around watching bubble guppies on the ceiling while his teeth are getting cleaned.
Here’s what’s coming up this week:

No more four legged rodents scampering through my house! Though I am slightly interested in buying a cat now…

Brooke has two days of school off this week. If we could just stop with the random days off of school and get her into her summer vacation already, that would be great. Two more weeks of this madness!

Blake is #2 on the waitlist for Kindergarten, so according to lots of other parents, this is the golden ticket. So, looks like Brooke and Blake will be at the same school in September! Yes!

Still having zero luck with speech therapists. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Gordon’s brother is in town, so we might be able to sneak a visit with him soon! So fun seeing people we know in this setting as opposed to with the family in other settings.

Sushi on a plate
Haru sushi! So pretty and yummy! I got the tempura shrimp roll.

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41 Responses
  1. maria pandremmenou

    i totally understand you , cos i’ve been in your position. 3 years ago, we went to our seaside house and the moment i opened the front door, the place was ruined. there was many mice that had chewed almost everything. beds, doors, tables, etc. we were shocked. we closed the door and stayed at the front yard speechless. after a while we called a specialist to clean the mess. we bought new utilities and staff , but it’s a trauma for us every time we go there , the time we open the front door, we stand still and just watch inside that everything is in order!!!

  2. Shannon

    We live in a smallish town and our “cottage” came with a mouse. Its fav thing to do is chew on the cardboard boxes AT 2 AM! So I feel ypur pain. Have yet to catch the sweet lil darling (heavy on the sarcasm)

  3. Shelli Bender

    I totally adore this picture Brooke snapped of the two of you. The love is so there and you can feel it!! I respect your decision but will miss your cooking. I generally use your recipes then mix em around to my/my family taste buds. My husband is picky about veggies and will not touch a fruit. Yes, I have learned to be really sneaky.
    You are a huge inspiration to me.
    I love and adore your family!
    I will never stop following your post on any social media until you quit. *laughs* Thanks for all the smiles!

  4. Natalie Jensen

    Neither are my favorite, but if I had to choose I would rather face spiders then mice. Mice move fasted and I can kill a spider with enough spray from a safe distance. Ha!

  5. Sue

    I love the picture of you and Gordon!! Definitely a look of love (or maybe he wants a piece of your special chocolate pie!)

  6. Beki J.

    Lauren, you remember that horrible house that used to be on Rosa road a few years back? After it got torn down we got some kind of rodents in the attic. Oh it was horrid!! The orkin guys got rid of them for us. So glad that mess got cleaned up. Miss you out here in Portland, but love reading about your big city adventures.

  7. Glenda Tavenner

    Love reading This week at the Brennan’s. I died laughing the first time I read about your mouse situation and laughed again as I read it again. Great picture of you two! You deserve a cape with a huge S on it for being a super mom!

  8. Molly

    I sympathize about the mouse!!! We had an issue in our house this spring. I’m STILL recovering. And considering moving. Because we have allergies here and can’t have a cat, moving makes total sense! Hahahahaha!
    Love reading all of your posts!

  9. Marilyn Brennan

    Hey I have a mouse story too (actually a few, but this one I want to share)! We lived in the white house in Hood River, I was in the kitchen and saw a mouse scurry out from behind the refrigerator and I screamed (pretty vehemently) and jumped on the nearest chair and would not come down. I could not help but think of the stereotype elephant being frightened of little mice and felt so silly standing on a chair with my heart beating so rapidly. I did wonder WHY the reaction, but it was what it was. I do not remember what happened. Pretty sure John was there or came to rescue my somehow.

  10. Gabbie

    I kind of feel like you wouldn’t last long living here. I’ve had countless huntsman spiders and mice in my house over the years, luckily all while I was living with my parents though! We’ve also had rats living in our roof, and possums. My dad had a rat (yes, RAT) in his house only a couple of years ago, and he lives in the definition of suburbia. As part of my job, I drive a small bus and take kids to and from school, and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had huntsman spiders in and on the bus – don’t get me wrong though, it’s not a fun time. I’ve also almost run my own car off the road on more than one occasion because of those little suckers. Basically, don’t ever move to Australia if you can’t handle big spiders and rodents! 😉

  11. Cassie

    I’d take a mouse any day over a big spider…,..Or any spider. Eeeeek!
    Yes, get a cat. Nothing better than a pretty orange cat.

    1. Jules in Oz

      I agree with all of Cassie’s comments! (And it’s BRENNANS’ Lauren) (I’m confident one day you will fix it 🙂 )

  12. Amy Nielson

    Very entertaining post! I’m sorry about the mouse – very distressing. We had a mouse in our house once and I about died. I cleaned every square inch of my kitchen TWICE with spray bleach. Blech! Consider the cat – I was super anti cat but long story short, we have one now and it’s not so bad (but don’t tell my kiddos). Wink wink.

  13. deb

    Spiders i capture and release outdoors. They don’t bother me. I had mice in my old apartment. No biggie. Those things really don’t bother me. I have swept snakes out of the garage. The 1000’s of ants that i found in an apartment cupboard was gross. The HUGE basketball size Yellow Jacket nest we found in our bathroom ceiling, attic, basement, garage, trees over the years bug me alot! Those things are HUGE and the 100’s of wasps, bees, etc freak me out the most! But thankfully – exterminators take care of those!

  14. Jan Grundtner

    Sounds like all your holes are plugged by your super but was going to suggest before he does it, put steel wool in the holes. Mice hate this, they can’t chew it cause it cuts their mouths up. I swear by this. Also, sticky traps!

  15. Sandy H

    Get some Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Traps and keep them on hand. This traps, kills and contains. A little flag pops up when there is a mouse inside, you can’t see a thing. I used one with peanut butter, which is a must, and the problem was done in less than 10 minutes.

    1. deb

      PB is amazing! We set up trap in our apartment when we were newlyweds. Turned off light and boom. 30 seconds we hear the trap snap. Hubby tosses out mouse sets up trap again just in case there was another. Lights out. Boom. 2nd mouse in 30 seconds. Did a third one. Boom. Caught 3 in under 2 minutes with Peanut butter!

  16. Deb Wacker

    That is an awesome pic of you two–exudes love! Mice are everywhere, not just in the city. I am a farmer and even though we have cats around, they still show up. Creepy.

  17. Joanna

    I used to live in Boston (live just outside of Boston now) and I lived in an apartment in college with literally hundreds of mice. Somehow I was fine with it? But it was definitely the norm to have at least a mouse or two. I would take that over bugs any day. My husband and I moved to a different apartment in Somerville (still very city-ish) and we had a SQUIRREL in our house. That was awful. I feel your pain.

  18. Caryn Lance

    You are by NO stretch of the imagination a “middle aged couple”!!!! You have years before you get there.! 🙂

  19. Laura

    Happy you got rid of the nouse. I had one once in my desk drawer. I opened the drawer and this mouse jumped out and ran across my lap, talk about screaming and running down the hall. Thank goodness my boss was gone that week and i stayed in his office all week until that gross thing was caught. 🙂

  20. Lori

    Mice do not bother me, we had them as pets when we were kids. We have had a few through the years, I catch them in no kill traps and take them to the park and release, husband thinks I’m nuts, says flush them, I cannot do that. Now spiders, I have no trouble whacking them LOL

  21. Lisa

    You do need a cat! They are great pets—sort of independent, but loving at the same time— and good for kids to learn responsibility for others. Did I mention I’m fostering one who would do great as an only cat? And that she could mouse for you, too? ;). Seriously, even though I would probably drive 4 hours to deliver her, the shelters in NYC are full and you could find a little soul who needs your family as much as you need her. Good luck!

  22. Courtney

    I am with you, EWW to mice. City living or not. I’m glad Gordon was able to come kill it for you. When I don’t know what to do that is the first thing I do, call my husband, then ask Google. How is the Laundry service going by your new place? I hear you about school. We still have one more week after this too. Next year they are starting after Labor day with no “Teacher professional days” mixed in. Plus all the snow days they had this year made the year 5 days longer. Which when its this close to summer seems like forever. I still have to look into that scrub, I am in the market for a new one. The one I have now came from Bath & body works.

  23. Mary Marcella

    Having a mouse in your living space is unsettling to say the least. We had a few in our apartment when we lived in Colorado… Now in Portland pnw friend! Now we have cats and i neeever worry about it! They’re great pets for kids too… Not a mess to take care of and they’re independent and chill. I swear that rodents can smell that you have a cat and won’t even come in. We see mice and a few rats(bleh) outside from time to time but they never come in. Joy! Good luck!

  24. Bobbie West

    Getting a cat is an excellent idea.Not that ANY of mine will do much more than POINT at where a mouse might be hiding…I’m ok with that because we love to snuggle our cats and the thought of doing that after one had killed or God forbid EATEN a mouse…oi vey…..pointing is JUST fine!

    1. Midge

      I had a year when mice happened to be everywhere. One day I was on my way to the gym and while I was driving a mouse ran over my foot and then under the dash. I absolutely lost it and pulled over as soon as I could. While I got out of the car to cancel my gym appointment the little sucker ran out yet again. I drove home hoping not to see him again. Later in the week after leaving the grocery store and as I’m driving down the road what do I see but the mouse running across the outside of my windshield. I never saw him again after that. However the people at the gym had a ball with it. I was tormented with wind up mice and stuffed mice for weeks and they all loved the reactions. I’ve never had one in the house but this is the second time in one of my cars. One died in the ventilation system and we couldn’t use the car til it was taken care of.