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This Week at the Brennans

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Lauren and Eddie walking on the sidewalk

(For those who will ask, the dress I’m wearing is a maternity dress and it is so darn dreamy. I wore it when I was pregnant with Eddie and refuse to get rid of it. I tried to find it online at Target, but they aren’t selling it anymore BUT I did find a really similar style here. My shoes are the tried and true always comfortable Converse Chuck Taylors which I’ve had forever and a vest from Stitch Fix, similar here.)

A busy week for us!!

Here’s what happened this past week:

Eddie has started giving us all heart attacks, especially Blake, by climbing from his bottom bunk onto the air conditioning unit in the window and up onto Blake’s bunk. The boys share a room and their bunk beds fits perfectly in this little rectangular space in their bedroom that happens to block the entrance and exit for Eddie’s bed but also happens to be by the window. The past few times he’s done this, Blake has called out in horror because that poor boy just wants to go to bed. But the last few times, Blake has been asleep when Eddie has made the switch. He has even started bringing stuffed animals and his two blankies WITH HIM as he’s climbing. I have no idea how he is able to do this, but man oh man is it freaky. Normally we hear nothing, but will see Blake’s flashlight shining through the small rectangular window above their door. At first we were like “that’s weird” but now it’s like “oh no, Eddie is back in Blake’s bunk again.” What are we going to do with this kid?

I went on a 3 mile run this week and that was a bit of a bust. My knees now hurt and I have no motivation to do any more exercise ever. Still trying to figure out when to schedule it into my schedule. Why does it have to be so hard?

I found the library and took the boys to read one morning and then got caught in the stupid rain. So we popped into a nearby cafe/deli for some lunch and tried to wait out the rain. We lasted about 45 minutes before the boys were too rambunctious for my liking so we ran the few blocks home in the rain and I was reminded why I don’t usually style my hair anymore.ย 

There was no school Friday, (yes, we’re still in school over here!) and so I took all three of my kids, plus one of Brooke’s friends to see The Incredibles 2 which was so good! Lots of twists and turns my kids didn’t see coming. I totally guessed who the villain was, but they were so surprised and thrilled with the movie. Eddie fell asleep in the last 30 minutes so it was so sweet being able to snuggle a baby. Havent been able to do that for years ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday night, I went out with some girlfriends to Trattoria Dell’Arte (across the street from Carnegie Hall) for some amazing food! I’d highly recommend the Watermelon Carpaccio Salad, the Chicken Pepperoni Parmesan and the Lemon Pie. I’m going to try and recreate the lemon pie soon, though I fear I’ll eat it all. All the food was quite tasty, but would only recommend those three dishes. I’m also going to try and make that watermelon salad better than they made it. It was quite delicious, but think I could make it more to my taste….and I’d assume your taste since you continue to use my recipes. After dinner, we went to see Oceans 8 and it was pretty good too! I was pleasantly surprised.

Father’s Day was this weekend and since Gordon bought his gifts a few weeks prior, we made him breakfast in bed and some cute cards from all of us. The kids wrote out reasons they loved him and mine started out with “roses are red, violets are blue, you’re my favorite person, and you have big guns too.” Totally nailing this romance stuff. HAHA! I love you Gordon!

Eddie on the top bunk

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

I’m getting my hair cut and colored! FINALLY! I’m thinking something like thisย – shorter and blonder than my current situation. Thoughts?

Also trying to squeak a visit into my dermatologists office. Cross your fingers!

This week is the last full week of school. Brooke is done next Tuesday. WILL IT EVER END?

I’m looking into little sports camps and swim lessons for the kids, but haven’t decided on anything yet. If you live in the city, where do your kids go to camp?

That’s it ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful day!

And don’t forget to find me on Instagram Stories for more NYC fun in real time.

A close up of a plate of pizza

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    Left a comment on CHOCOLATE CAKE EXTREME. Very excited for it & that Target gift card ๐Ÿ˜‰. Thank You!!!

  2. Lindsey Wilhelm

    Left a comment on the pasta e fagioli soup post! Love your weekly this week post so fun to read and relate to as a mom of 3 ( one being a yoodler like Eddie) ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Rachel

    Yes it makes sense my friend! Iโ€™m so excited for this giveaway eeeee! I left a comment on 30 dinners in 30 minutes and checked the heart! Thanks for wooing us with your adorable family and fancy cash!

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    I commented on your rice pudding post ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a maternity pair of shorts that I refuse to let go of too lol. Stretchy waistband? Yes, please.

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    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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    Left my comment and cannot wait to try out the pesto stuffed shells!! You always inspire me to try new recipes and my family thanks you!

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    Left a comment on your 6/11 week at Brennanโ€™s post. I love all of your recipes and family posts. You are just so honest and down to earth.

  9. Deb

    Yes! Get a shorter angled bob – blunt cut, chin length and platinum blond for summer ! Itโ€™s only hair! It will grow back ! You will love it. Fun and NYC chic !!!