This Week at the Brennans

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Brennan family sitting in a grassy field
Impromptu family photo session from Friday night, right after we ate our pizza!

Finally coming up to the end of the school year! I swear, June is like the month that never ends!

Here’s what happened this past week:

Blake got invited back to preschool graduation at his old school!! Even though we have moved, a lot of Blake’s friends were happy to see him!  I rushed to drop him off the day before the actual graduation so he could practice with (Eddie in toe too!) and spent the day in our old neighborhood, but Gordon took him on the actual day of the performance. It was just so sweet that he got to participate 🙂

I finally got my hair cut and colored! Me ends were terrible and have been for quite some time, so hooray for getting 4 inches chopped off! I was hoping for more blonde in my hair, but the girl took it easy on me. Womp womp. I’d like it way more blonde, especially at the bottom of my hair, but am not sure if I have to wait a little longer to re-dye it again?! Thoughts anyone? It looks good now, just basically the same as it did before but slightly lighter. Shucks.

I did yoga in Times Square this past week! Apparently that’s a thing on the night of the summer solstice and I got a ticket to attend with some friends. It was interesting and the tourists were clicking away which got awkward when everyone was going downward dog. But anyways, it’s an annual thing that was super cool! I’m glad I did it!

Lauren doing yoga in Times Square

This week in particular, I’ve noticed that Eddie is making progress with his talking! We’re noticing an upward trend in the number of words he’s willing to try to say and while he can’t really say anything perfectly yet, the quantity of words is starting to pick up! He’s realizing that he can express himself verbally instead of just screams, so it’s about time! I’ve been waiting for this for a while!

Brooke had her 3rd grade picnic celebration with her class in central park on Wednesday. It was fun to talk to some of the parents since I’m the newer parent and to see Brooke’s teacher in a different setting. She seems unimpressed all the time, and this picnic was no exception, but she did seem to be a little happier! Pretty sure she is counting the hours until the end of the school year.

Eddie had his little mini joy school graduation with some friends this week as well! I put together a few gold stars on ribbons and some certificates for everyone and it turned out super cute!! He probably didn’t know what was happening but oh well! It was fun to put together.

I gave Eddie a haircut (I think on Thursday) in preparation for summer and my husband’s family reunion. That boy sweats so much, so it’s nice to make him a little more comfortable. I’m tempted to buzz it, but I feel like he wouldn’t look like my kid anymore. Eventually we will cut it short for ease, but maybe once we get to that road, he’ll have an opinion? Right now it’s just “ahhhh!!!”

Gordon and I started playing card games at night with each other instead of laying in bed looking at our separate phones and not talking. I mean we talk, but are more likely to talk when we’re playing together and actually facing each other. Have you ever tried to play golf? It’s a card game…look it up if you’ve never heard of it! He always wins and yet I keep playing.

Over the weekend, I booked our hotel and tickets for Disneyland! Since we are going to California for a family reunion and Disney is right there, we are popping in for a quick 36 hours. It’ll be crazy, but worth it! Tell me all your tips and tricks and favorite foods in Disneyland!

Our family time this week was so so fun! Gordon got some sports equipment and we started playing soccer and football with the kids on the Great Lawn in Central Park. Our kids prefer soccer and get a little too invested, so after a while we switch over to practice football. Against each other, we’re pretty even, but I bet we’d be pretty good if we were working together. Anyone want to play us?

Lauren and Blake

Coming up this week

Lots of preparations for the family reunion! We fly out next Monday and there is so much to do! I ordered a new suitcase because our last one broke. Cracking out the packing cubes and starting to pack already! I love love love packing cubes so much! It helps keep everyone organized and when you unzip that suitcase when you arrive, your clothes stay put!

I bought a few extra clothing items for my kids too because you can never have too many summer clothes in California! Plus, I need to still get disney shirts and some last minute items.

Brooke’s last day of school is tomorrow! Woot woot!

Gordon and I have a date coming up on Wednesday and I get to finally see the dermatologist tomorrow. She’s my favorite!!

Anyways, that’s it for now! Have a great week, friends!

Brennan family sitting in the grass
Eddie: pretending not to know us since 2016.

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17 Responses
  1. Lacee Harris

    Steph from Six Sisters Stuff has a full blog post AND Instagram highlight section all dedicated to Disney! You should definitely check it out. 🙂

  2. Jan W

    Word of caution about playing golf……there are different rules out there. We live in Alabama and sometimes play with friends in Houston and their golf rules are totally different!!!! Eeeek! But it’s a fun game to play whether it’s 2 people, 6 or more.

  3. Gina B

    You are good looking family. Happy to hear that Eddie is improving on his speech. Have great time at Disneyland. Try to stay and stay cool.

  4. Jessica

    Yes! Golf! When we were first married, we decided to not get cable tv and instead play games. My husband and I used to play that game together everynight! I’ve never known anyone else who has ever played that game. Such a great card game for 2 players. Glad to know someone else plays it too!

  5. Christeen

    There is a fun water play area at California Adventure. Its a great place for kids to cool down and have some fun. Bring water shoes and a bathing suit if you can. The bathroom is near to change their clothes. And the corn dogs are yummy.

  6. Allie K

    I second the fast pass suggestion! Seriously so worth it! Also you have to get the pineapple icee thing…SO refreshing!! Have a safe trip!

  7. Vicki Mednick

    The food there is really good. Better than DW. Monte Cristo and beignets at Cafe Orleans were amazing. If you can’t go, there is a walk up window for beignets somewhere and the quick service attached to it was good also. The grilled cheese and tomato soup at Jolly Holiday Bakery is delicious. And their Matterhorn coconut macaroon!! Corn dogs , but only at the Little Red Wagon. We loved California Adventure. The soups in bread bowls at Pacific Wharf are great. The bread everywhere is delicious.

  8. Donna Brennan

    Can’t wait to hear Eddie!!! Yoga looked like fun, never knew about this. Have a great week, see you soon!!!

  9. Sheryl Wight

    In Disneyland, definitely make use of the “Fastpass” at many of the more popular rides. It’ll save you hours of waiting! Plus, if you want to save money, pack your own lunch and snacks. The food is incredibly expensive there. Some of the food is good, but way overpriced.

  10. Hayley

    Yay for Eddie! I love hearing his words on the Insta stories 😉 have fun in California! Also, Gordon’s post about NYC living was so real and sweet. You have been a warrior, Lauren! 💜