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This Week at the Brennans

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A pizza sitting on top of a table

A little late because we were traveling all day yesterday. Hooray for the last day of school!

Here’s what happened this past week:

Finally FINALLY we reached the last day of school! Yes, Brooke! Her report card was nearly perfect and we already have some playdates set up with friends through the summer. So school ended on Tuesday and we’ve already been to 4 different splash pads this week. MAMA TIRED. New York certainly has a lot of fun places to go with kids, but man does that heat really exhaust me. So, we’ll see how the rest of the summer goes. HA! All of these photos are from us going out for pizza on the last day of school.

Eddie continued climbing up to Blake’s bunk this week and thanks to some of you wonderful readers, you told me about the mesh you can zip tie to banister railings! So I amazon primed one of those to block it off and eureka, it worked! He now can’t climb onto the air conditioner and wake Blake up in the middle of night. It has actually helped him fall asleep quicker since he has nothing else to do but lay down and fall asleep. 

I ran nearly 4 miles Saturday morning…in 94 degree weather. I was a sweaty hot mess and I was surprised at how many people were out running. Crazies! I barely made it but I made it! I would like to have more stamina and endurance with my running, but it takes some time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go 5 miles by the end of the summer. 

We got amazing cherries in the mail from the Pacific Northwest and I’ve never been happier. See this cherry dip I just posted 🙂

Brooke sitting at a table

Gordon and I went to Playa Betty’s for date night and their queso dip and the Totchos are highly highly addicting. It’s a must try when you’re in the city. Everything else was fine, but those two items were amazing! 

I saw the dermatologist this week. Chemical peels are legit. I feel like they have evened out my skin tone SO much because I had some dark spots that were leftover remnants from adult acne. But after 4 of them since last October, plus a great daily regiment, I am super happy with my results. At my appointment, she even told me how even my skin has been looking and it was the biggest compliment she could have given me…except it was like a compliment for her. She fixed my skin. 

I also packed and packed because we are in California for the 4th of July at my husband’s family reunion. We are so excited!

Blake sitting at a table

Coming up this next week:

California dreaming! 4th of July! Disneyland! Wheee! Happy summer 🙂

Have a great day, friends!

Eddie laughing at a table

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8 Responses
    1. Laura-Lee

      Yes, please tell us more about the peels! I have some of the same issues (uneven skin tone, but the dark spots appeared when I was pregnant).

  1. Kathi ONeil

    Yaaay, your in my home town, Newport Beach!!! Have a fabulous time with your loved ones here and Happy 4th of July, Lauren!!!

  2. Michelle Rios

    I’m sure y’all will have a wonderful time at your husbands family reunion and at Disneyland. The picture of Eddie laughing is so cute! Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸