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This Week at the Brennan’s

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Lauren and Brooke sitting at a table

Getting back to business as usual after our vacation!

Here’s what happened this past week:

We were home from our vacation but still struggled getting used to the correct time zones again. Going from the east coast to the west coast is fiiiiiiine for us. But coming back is a little tougher. Much easier said than done. Thank goodness it’s summer! My kids slept in until 9:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings! That has never ever happened before in the past 9 years that I’ve been a mother. Sooooo, basically I’ve never been happier.

We were home bodies a lot of the week, getting everything put back in its place and just trying to beat the heat. Brooke has created her own smoothie recipe and has been making one for her and the boys each day for lunch, with accompanying cheese and crackers on the side. Her basic recipe is “a few handfuls of frozen berries, a scoop of chocolate powder (Bob’s Red Mill protein…great for kids!), a frozen banana, milk to cover it all and a spoon of chocolate chips.”  I figure it’s quite a healthy and filling  lunch, even with the addition of a tablespoon of chocolate chips. Plus, she gets to spend a little extra time with mama because it’s in the kitchen. I’m trying to get her to add in two or three pieces of frozen broccoli but she won’t do it. I SWEAR you can’t taste it.

Gordon and Blake sitting at a table

A city with tall buildings in the background

Eddie sitting at a table eating food

Eddie continues to copy my sounds…not very well, but at least he’s trying!! He used to refuse to repeat ANY WORD and now he can repeat several easy words and most of the time he can say one syllable easily, but adding several syllables together is where he struggles. I started getting him to repeat a dinner prayer on Wednesday and he did it just fine! We couldn’t understand most of it, but we did understand the short and more simple words like “dear” (dee) “thee” (dee) “for” (for) “our” (aw) “food” (foo) “please” (peas) “help” (hap) “me” (me) “to” (to) “in” (in) “the” (duh) “name” (may) “of” (of)  “Jesus” (dees….us). Is there anything cuter than hearing a little voice try to say big boy words? I submit that there is not.

By the end of the week, we were hitting up several parks because we were bored and because we had nothing better to do. Brooke is over going from park to park because to her it’s all the same, but my boys can’t get enough. Maybe next year I’ll find a camp for her to attend? I tried to get her to go to one this summer, but she refused.

I found out about some local dinner groups and signed up to become part of the fun! Every person (or in my case, family) is assigned a portion of the meal and then one day, we gather and eat together! Our first day doing this is this coming Sunday, and Gordon can actually make it!! I’m kind of super excited about it. Food is my jam.

I recently hurt my back somehow and I’m been taking some Ibuprofen for it for the past three days, while my husband has been working and not coming home. I’m only 32 and I feel like I’m falling apart. I also have a canker sore in my mouth. What is going on?

After church on Sunday, we took the bus home (so hot!!) and we had an amazon package waiting for us at the bottom of our stairs. I had our church bag and Eddie, and Brooke was already up the stairs with the keys, so I asked Blake “buddy, could you grab that package and bring it up the stairs? Do you think you can do it? Do you need help?” and he fumbled with the box for a few seconds (because it was big and awkward) but then got ahold of it and as he was coming up the stairs, slowly, one stair at a time called up to me and said “I got it! No worries.” It was the cutest thing ever. Gosh, I love that boy! He’s starting to become a little more mature these days and I love it. He is going to THRIVE in kindergarten. I just know it 🙂

Brooke and Blake swinging

Blake swinging

Here’s what’s coming up this coming week:

I am SO looking forward to posting the lemon meringue cheesecake recipe for you all!! It is so so tasty! Also, some enchiladas are coming your way too…and I’m working on a perfect cannoli recipe for next week! It’s going to be a delicious 🙂

Hoping to see a little more of my husband this week. I feel out of sync and disconnected when we are not ‘connected’ or as close as we usually are. So whether he likes it or not, he’s got a whole lot of Lauren time coming his way.

A few playdates for my kids this week are coming up, hallelujah.

And we got the green light from our landlord to make a few modifications to our apartment! Mainly in the kitchen, but also in regard to our living room as well. You’ll see in the near future just what we have up our sleeves, but for the time being, you’re just have to wait in suspense. Haha! But we have a few planning meetings this week about it.

Eddie swinging

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12 Responses
  1. ellen patton

    I’m curious about your kitchen changes. 🙂 I’m getting ready to update my kitchen in my condo in Boston. I can’t wait!

  2. Joann Hippel

    If Brooke is bored going to the parks, here is a suggestion that I passed on to my kids (from my generation) and they found it fascinating: Going to the park it requires a mostly sunny Summer day, yet with quite a few broken clouds passing in the sky. Have Brooke lie on the grass, study the sky to see if she can find any figures of “things” she can recognize. It takes some time, but it is amazing at times. I remember one time my daughter saw an actual heart-shaped cloud, another time a side-view of a face of a child with a nose, chin and curly hair. It doesn’t happen every time you look into the sky, but so worthwhile and fun when you see something like this. Nature at its best!

  3. Jane

    Big cheers to Brooke for taking charge of the smoothies! She might want to try a big handful of spinach as an add in. I add a bunch in with the milk (or other liquid) , blend for a few seconds, then add the rest of the ingredients. You really CANNOT taste the spinach at all! I HATE veggies and this is one of the ways that I work them into my diet. It does change the color of the smoothie a bit, but i don’t mind that at all. Worth a try!

  4. Judy DeLacy

    It looks like Brooke is pouting in the first picture. Check out her bottom lip. 🙂 However, you’re smiling at her, so things probably weren’t too bad.

    The dinner group sounds like fun. What are you assigned to make?

    Gordon and Lauren sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Have fun with the hubs next week. ♥

  5. Cindy Denison

    The smoothie sounds pretty good! For some reason I used to get canker sores a lot, they are a pain! I started putting a chamomile tea bag on the sore as soon as it popped up. It works better than anything I have ever used. It totally takes the soreness out and stops it from getting any bigger. I usually leave it in place for about an hour while I am watching TV or reading.

  6. Courtney

    Good Luck with the changes your going to be making, I hope it makes it feel more like home. YAY for Brook for making smoothies, maybe she’ll take after he mama?? I love when kids are interesting in cooking for themselves, My 14 year old stepdaughter does it all the time. Don’t you love it when kids sleep in? I used to, but now its like ok its almost 11 time to get up 🙂 teenagers!! Hope you get back into the swing of summer and enjoy all the sunshine. Maybe a paint night in the park for Brooke on pizza Fridays? GO Blake, I love it when they are old enough to carry things, you don’t realize how much you used to carry. Have a great week.

  7. MaryLou

    Look up Geocaching.com I bet in NYC there are a lot of treasures to be found to keep Brooke and Blake interested, and it is free. Yay for Brooke for making the smoothies, they sound wonderful. Back pains are the worst, I usually do stretching yoga sometimes it helps.

  8. Emily

    I love that your Brooke is in the kitchen making smoothies! My favorite memories with my mom and grandma are in the kitchen and those are the memories I plan on making with my kiddos 🙂
    Also you really can’t taste the broccoli or spinach or kale in smoothies!